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Unity – Not The Same, But Equal

Unity – Not The Same, But Equal

Shaun Monson, the creative mind behind the acclaimed production “Earthlings”, brings out the much anticipated “sequel” “Unity”, a documentary about the unifying power of consciousness that exists in us all. At the core of the movie is a powerful message, namely that there is hope for man to evolve from his primal mindset to a spiritual, enlightened state of mind where he is able to understand and have empathy for…

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Animal Rights/ Environment/ Video

Cowspiracy – The Sustainability Secret (must see trailer)

Cowspiracy - The Sustainability Secret (must see trailer)

If there was a modern day David & Goliath battle worth taking note of it would be the Cowspiracy movie. In this case David could use all the support he can get! There is one single movement destroying the planet more than any other… but no one wants to talk about it. The time has come to put the record straight. It’s time for the world to open it’s heart…

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Animal Rights/ Stories/ Video

The Ghosts In Our Machine – Inspirational Documentary

Those of us who’ve ever seen images of the twisted and thwarted world of factory farming (or animals in captivity), have often wondered how an openhearted person finds the strength to go in and capture such heart wrenching footage. I’ve long since imagined what it must be like be that person who cares so profoundly, so deeply, to be willing to witness these acts, time and time again. These people…

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Environment/ General

Living Web Films – Regenerative Agriculture

ABOUT THE FILM:Many advanced civilizations vanished because they did not take care of their soil. This film is about a new, progressive, and advanced practice of agriculture, that will regenerate the soil. With Regenerative Agriculture we create healthier food, build communities, and most importantly increase the top soil. Top soil, the skin of the earth, is where the life of the plant exists, and that is where our food comes…

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