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The Sassy Vegan Baker

A DOZEN CUPCAKES (Minus One)!  Hey, someone has to make sure they are good, right? LOL! Greetings Happy Cow’ers and a good Moo-Moo to you!! My name is Evelyn and this is my first blog for HC and it will be about… WAIT… yes, vegan baking!!  I love baking vivacious vegan baked goods!! Yummy & healthy for you, too!! Isn’t it great when people that aren’t vegans absolutely LOVE what you bake? You go to…

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5 Top Rated Vegan Bakeries in the US

We’ve come a long way baby. We’ve got vegan restaurants in every major city in the US . Now vegan bakeries are popping up showcasing that desserts and treats can be made vegan and taste exactly the same and better than their unhealthy animal-filled counterparts. So if you ever need a cake or desserts for a party order from these top rated vegan bakeries and don’t tell anyone it’s vegan.…

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Substitute with confidence

So often when we're looking to try something new in the kitchen we'll get a recipe - from a magazine, from the Internet, from a friend - and we'll stick to it. Lacking the confidence to substitute you’ll go out and buy up obscure ingredients because the recipe calls for it. People often have a hard time just relaxing in the kitchen, by why sweat it? Make a mistake today, learn…

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