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The Vegan Sex Shop

It's not always at a restaurant where you're forced to wonder and ask - is this cruelty free? Am I sure it's suitable for a vegan like me? Shoes, alcohol, food - all of these pose a question mark. And thanks to a small group of activist, we've now got an answer to a very intimate question - where can a vegan go for a sex toy?…

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Going vegan is an informed choice, but not an easy one

Typically it's thought that vegan's take stock of our personal choices - that we want to contribute to a more sustainable future, that we don't want to avoid the cruel treatment of animals, that we want to improve our health, to eat better. But to look at it realistically - we're influenced more by our friends, family, celebrities and society than we are by our own thoughts. It's human nature to…

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A vegan diet is a license for becoming more adventurous with your food

Limiting what you eat, by only sticking with what you know, can be problematic for your health. To ensure you’re getting the right mix of vitamins and minerals you need to ensure you’re getting the right mix of food. Going vegan is a license for becoming more adventurous with your food. For anyone new to the vegan lifestyle, being open to new things, helps ease the conversion and stops you…

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Substitute with confidence

So often when we're looking to try something new in the kitchen we'll get a recipe - from a magazine, from the Internet, from a friend - and we'll stick to it. Lacking the confidence to substitute you’ll go out and buy up obscure ingredients because the recipe calls for it. People often have a hard time just relaxing in the kitchen, by why sweat it? Make a mistake today, learn…

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Soybeans and the environment

It seems carnivores want to make us, vegetarians and vegans, out to be the environmental bad guys. As the Brazilian rainforest is being destroyed by illegal soybean plantations the finger is being pointed at us the biggest culprit. Except, of course, that according to Worldwatch Institute nearly 80 per cent of global soybean harvest is used to feed livestock.…

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