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The Sassy Vegan Baker

A DOZEN CUPCAKES (Minus One)!  Hey, someone has to make sure they are good, right? LOL! Greetings Happy Cow’ers and a good Moo-Moo to you!! My name is Evelyn and this is my first blog for HC and it will be about… WAIT… yes, vegan baking!!  I love baking vivacious vegan baked goods!! Yummy & healthy for you, too!! Isn’t it great when people that aren’t vegans absolutely LOVE what you bake? You go to…

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Summer of Love Revisited – 1st “Annual?” Vegan Earth Day!!

Once upon a time… a long long time ago, there were humans known as hippies. Flowers in their long flowing hair. Women dressed in long flowing skirts. Music in their heads. On June 21, 2009 the hippies made a comeback… to Woodland Hills! I will set the scene for you:  Pierce College campus. Huge shade trees on a sunny day. Music by a myriad of bands (my favorite being The Luminaries…

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