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Pepples Donut Farm: A Plant-Based Gastro Adventure

Donut Farm: A Plant-Based Gastro AdventureAt first glance, the interior of PepplesDonut Farm is a kitschy café meets rocker with a rustic twist. The vintage jukebox against the back wall punctuates the ambiance.

Diving into the entirely plant-based menu, another contradiction in itself. I imagined seeing a rebellious vegan about ready to throw a tomato teasingly, “are you ready to get served?”

Owner Josh gave me “Free Range” on the menu. The first think to touch my palate was a plate of Spicy Jack Fruit Tacos garnished with avocado and cilantro. If you have never had Jack Fruit, its got a hint of sweetness like a pineapple combined with the texture of an artichoke, which gives it this feeling of “pulled pork”. The tanginess of the Jackfruit danced with the heat of the salsa and cooled with a hint of avocado.

Donut Farm: A Plant-Based Gastro Adventure

Lost in a surreal voyage of flavors, I journeyed into the donut hole vortex with WTF…Whiskey Tangerine Fig, Earl Grey Lavender, and my personal favorite Salted Carmel. I nibbled a Candy cap donut that I flavored with special syrup made from the Candy cap mushroom, while Josh delighted in my pleasure with a Cheshire cat-like grin.

Donut Farm: A Plant-Based Gastro Adventure

I met the Willy Wonka of donuts and after reaching the Emerald Palace, I will never look at a donut in the same way.

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