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Pepples Donut Farm

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6037 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, California, USA, 94608

All vegan bakery making donuts from organic ingredients. Also serves coffee and lunch food plus vegan brunch on weekends which features an assortment of pancakes. Previously named People's Donuts. Open Tue-Fri 7:30am-3:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-2:30pm.

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Reviews (29)

First Review by xsamx

Amazing flavors! - Edit

I just loooove their lemon poppyseed donut! Their other flavors are also very good. Their winter specials include poutine, which is really nice to find outside of Canada. It isn't complete though, you have to order it with Daiya to get the whole poutine experience. The biscuits and gravy are wonderful as well!

Pros: Delicious , Good portions

Cons: Long wait

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Good comfort food - Edit

Delicious take out brunch. Excellent chickn & waffles smothered in a smooth onion mushroom gravy, though syrup was also offered. My thinking - savory comfort food. The donuts for later will take care of the sweet side, and they did!
Lightly battered tender chickn cutlets served over tasty waffles. Well seasoned gravy, just a bit salty for me, yet still good and I'd order it again.
Can't comment on inside, yet, since I've not been in. Was busy on the street with available parking couple blocks away, & my toddler grandson fell asleep in the car. Not wanting to wake him, I pulled into loading zone, called inside, explained my situation & asked if I could place takeout order, have someone bring it out to me & I'd pay cash. Very friendly, helpful young man named Ryan said "sure," and suggested what was good, which it was.
Will update review when I can eat Pepples food again.
Went back to dine in! Adding this to my list of places to dine regularly when visiting Cali Bay Area. The Pepples scramble is very good, as are chicken & waffles with syrup according to my dining partner. Small, yet accommodating interior. Cute, clean. Very knowledgeable, friendly staff.

Updated from previous review on 2016-10-12

Pros: 100% vegan comfort food, Friendly knowledgable staff, Moderate prices

Cons: On street parking in busy area

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Eat what you like - Edit

The neon VEGAN sign in window is bigger than the Donut Farm sign...says it all...eat what you like w/ no worries. I like that.

We just had take out donuts for a party, so commenting only on that. The eat-in crowd seemed happy and well fed at a glance.

Staff was really nice and helpful. The mohawk gentleman tolerated my mom asking if she could touch his mohawk...he was very kind to her. I appreciated that.

Donut flavors are wide and varied. It seemed like the flavor was mostly in the sugar glaze vs. in the cake donut itself. The heavy glaze made them cloyingly sweet, which is a bit much for me. I chipped a lot of it off and lost much of the flavor. Seems like a missed opportunity to deliver flavor in the cake component.

They also have the raised type donuts, banana fritters, cinnamon rolls and twists, plain. Didn't try those but looked fab!

Pros: No-worries eating, Variety of donuts

Cons: Too heavy glazing

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Do yall NOT know how to answer your phone??? - Edit

I can't tell you how many times I've called to see if I left something there. Absolutely ridiculous. Also, and not to be a douche, but the smaller white chick has a stuck up attitude and can hardly smile while working. Every time I go there she doesn't seem happy. She also had a bad attitude when we had an order of hashbrows that almost didn't get paid for, thanks to her kinder coworker who didnt put put the order of hashbrowns where it belonged on the recipt. Not good for overall customer satisfaction. Donuts and food are good, but her lack of positive personality and respect REEKS in that joint. All 4 of my friends highly agree that that chick needs to reevaluate how she comes off to people. Where's the boss at??

Pros: At least the chef whips up some good food. I wish

Cons: not the most friendly employees

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My Go-to Eat Place - Edit

Pepples is it for me. From my first visit a year or so ago I felt it was fantastic. Menu selection is fair and there used to be specials but haven't noticed lately. In the year I'm going i haven't grown tired. Donuts are adventurous flavors. What i like best: all vegan. No stressing on what to order. Coconut creamer with yo coffee. Waitstaff works for me. Atmosphere as well. Its low key and I like. I don't think I fit in with the demographic but always feel welcome. Which is more than I can say for the other vegan place on that starts with P. Pepples is also on my side of town. My best vegan eats.
Updated from previous review on Sunday November 02, 2014

Updated from previous review on Wednesday February 03, 2016

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cool but bad - Edit

the doughnut is now the new cupcake, here's another place taking advantage of it. the doughnuts aren't special like what I've had in NY @Doughnut Plant

Pros: all vegan

Cons: lower quality with the perception of gourmet

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Vegan treasure , home sweet sweet home!!! - Edit

I am so happy to find this place!!! It is a rare treasure in the Bay Area. It reminds me of places in Oregon and Washington...vegan comfort food with a punk-rock edge, nice people and sugary treats. I am at Home!

So the donuts are really good. If you like that sort of thing. Today I ate 3,and will probably avoid this place for awhile because I don't have a lot of willpower here! I would recommend the blueberry and the earl grey lavender. Unfortunately the flavor is just in the frosting. The donuts all kinda seem the same.....pillowy cakey fried goodness! But yes they are gooooooood.
I also had the biscuits and gravy and it was delish. The portion was not huge but the gravy was good and I like that it came with greens. I also had the tempeh bacon which was also yummy, but for just a few pieces for $4 I probably wouldn't order it again.
YAYYYY for this place! I am excited to come back and try the other items for vegan brunch and I am pretty sure I will not be able to resist a donut!

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Delicious Donuts! - Edit

The place is very cute and friendly, and the staff is very kind and friendly as well. We got 4 donuts, all of which tasted very good. My favorite was the vanilla sprinkle. I would definitely come back for some awesome vegan donuts and maybe stop in for a meal as well.

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meh. great donuts but lousy brunch - Edit

Love the donuts but I don't usually get any of the other food. Brunch is really unimpressive. Lunch is a little better. Service is not fabulous. This place is a madhouse on weekends and people wait an hour for seats. Not worth the wait.

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go for breakfast - Edit

this is a place you might not visit if you were just driving by. the building is non-descript, or rather a bit unappealing to view from the outside. inside is a warm open space, with a showcase of donuts and a fine breakfast and lunch menu.

my daughter and i had the corn meal waffle and the pesto tofu scramble, both were delicious. the menu is creative and 100% vegan. the coffee was acidic and folgers-like. the donut bakers were cool and friendly and the young woman who served us and worked the counter was friendly and efficient. nothing inside the store struck me as hyper-clean, but it was easy to see where your food was coming from. the bathroom was very clean.

we took home a dozen donuts for $25. for that price you get 4 "top-shelf" donuts and 8 "bottom shelf" donuts. the donuts themselves were a 10 for creativity of flavor and for being vegan. the taste however, was on a lower scale: all the flavoring is in the icing, and those flavors were predominately sweet and sugary (i know its a donut, but why call it Earl Grey, or Lavender, or Orange and cream if it only tastes of sugar?) frosting would concentrate the flavors some, but probably add to the sweetness. the cake of the donut was good, but a little too cooking-oil tasting.

the vegan donut is a rarity, so Pepples stands pretty much alone there in the bay area. i would gladly take these donuts to a party or an event just to showcase how even a favorite treat can be made vegan, but would of course expect anyone there to compare it to a conventional donut. its not a fair comparison. its a hand made cruelty free cake of goodness, and therefore pepples wins, and i win with them.

Pros: easy to get to, young friendly staff, clean bathroom

Cons: moderately expensive, the signature food is just okay

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Yin+yang: Punk rock brunch, gourmet artisan donuts - Edit

Our first visit to Pepples was a study in complementary contrasts. The music was hardcore and the servers were gentle, helpful, and warm. The brunch plates we ordered were uber-healthy and the donuts are sweet indulgences.

But all the pieces come together: the kale balances the sugar, everything was very tasty, and the whole experience was great.

We're super impressed with the creativity in the kitchen. There are some donuts worth traveling from afar to try. And the jackfruit "carnitas" were exceptionally good.

So, don't let the "donut farm" moniker fool you: There's plenty of salubrious savory cuisine at Pepple's, and it does not disappoint. But, yeah, the donuts are awesome.

We'll certainly return.

Pros: very creative, mix of donuts and healthy savory food, all vegan

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Perfect Cozy Breakfast & Lunch Shop - Edit

Very friendly staff, DELICIOUS donuts (it has been ages, and theirs are incredibly creative) and a good sized lunch menu. It is a little hole in the wall that you would be doing yourself an injustice by not coming in!

Pros: Creative, Delicious, Friendly Staff

Cons: More Locations

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Delicious delicious. Oh, and delicious. - Edit

I've had their vegan donuts at the Ferry Building (guess what they were? Yeah, delicious). And I've been to vegan brunch on Sundays, chik'n and waffles? Yeah, delicious.

Donuts good. Food good. Service fun! Felt like a fun little diner for a good old greasy spoon but with a vegan twist!

Will be going back. Will be eating more donuts!


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Two out of three ain't bad! - Edit

I was told to check this place out on my last trip to San Francisco/Oakland area and so I heeded and was really excited.

I got 3 donuts, for the price of $10, which is a bit more than what I pay for my VooDoo Donuts in Portland, or even my tasty rings at Mighty O's in Seattle, but they are vegan and organic and I figured everything is more expensive in California, so they were actually probably quite reasonable. I ordered the salted caramel, lemon poppy, and the mango. The first two were fantastic- cakey and great, clear flavor (even a couple days later). The mango I wouldn't get again because it just didn't taste mango-y, but the texture was still spot on.

I was told by an employee that their weekend brunch is also pretty damn tasty, but I couldn't fit that into this trip.

Pepples in Oakland is the place to go to get your vegan, organic donuts! Yum!

Pros: tasty donuts, vegan, organic

Cons: cost, some donuts aren't as flavorful

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vegan donuts!!! - Edit

We stopped in for lunch on a Thursday before 1pm and there was no one else there. We had two friends join us too. We all ordered sandwiches and shared an order of sweet potato fries. Two of us have the BBQ tempeh sandwich which was good, but the tempeh reuben was better. Another had the tofu burger and inhaled it, so it must have been good too. The guys got shakes as well. They had blueberry banana and plain banana. The main reason we came was for the donuts. We got the Meyer lemon, Philz coffee and chocolate. Our non-vegan friends liked them and couldn't believe they were vegan. We thought they were good, but we prefer yeasted donuts to cake ones. Overall, we had a good experience, but I think I would return on a weekend in the future as they serve brunch and have more donuts and fritters available then.

Pros: vegan donuts, friendly staff

Cons: more options availble on weekend only

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magic vegan donuts, tasty brunch - Edit

i have to agree with the other reviewer, i lived in portland for eight years and yes pepples is better than voodoo donuts and even mighty o donuts in seattle. they are always trying new things and different flavors and the place is organic, so no gmo bullshit.
the brunch is also very tasty, i have taken a bunch of my meat-eating friends there and they have all enjoyed the brunch, even though the intial thought of eating vegan freaked them out.
how can you go wrong, nice staff, good coffee, organic, super tasty food aaaandd kickass vegan donuts .. all right here in oaktown...

Pros: great vegan donuts, tasty organic food, super nice staff

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Pepples Donut Farm - Edit

I liked the chocolate donuts the best. The salted carmel donuts were good too, but chocolate was my favorite by far. Another thing to note is that these are cake donuts, which are good (but it wouldn't hurt if the world was filled with Dunkin' Donut like vegan donuts in this world too).

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Better than Voodoo! - Edit

Having been vegan for 25 years, I've always liked the idea of having one of those big, fluffy, sugary donuts!

I found one last year - Voodoo in Portland and now in Eugene. I have to say that I can't understand why people wait in line for 30+ minutes at Voodoo in Portland. After all it's still just a donut?!

And then yesterday, I came across Pepples. And it was great! I got my big, fluffy, sugary donut and it was amazing! We arrived late in the day so I'm not sure that we saw everything that they had to offer but I was really impressed. It was even better than Voodoo. I don't know how they make them but they've certainly got it down - exactly the same as I remember this big donuts tasting! Well done! And no line!

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Peeples Rocks! - Edit

Go here and eat your donut heart out, make sure to try the salted caramel. They have awesome brunch too. A grungy atmosphere with mismatched mugs. But it's full of cool people and great coffee, check them out!

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Real deal holyfield! - Edit

This place rocks. The donuts. The scrambles. The peeps are so nice. I love "hole in the wall" breakfast spots! Man wish we had a place like this in San Francisco. Its not all greasy either. I don't eat sugar anymore or I'd be lining up for a raised glazed donut now! We ate 6 in like 10 minutes are first time there! Wowzers.

Pros: vegan raised donuts!, Yummy breakfast, Nice owner!!

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Vegan donuts! - Edit

This is not your average restaurant, even though they do serve a good brunch on the weekends. The donuts are delicious and the coffee was good too. Punk-run, so be prepared for that and bring cash, even though they were taking credit cards via Square (iPhone app). Overall though, great experience; food was delicious and donuts were incredible. It's now referred to as "Donut Farm" instead of Pepple's Donuts.

Pros: vegan donuts, organic, vegan brunch

Cons: slow service, drab seating

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