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Moby – the Disco Lies video – chicken’s revenge !

Official video for ‘Disco Lies’ by Moby – sung by Shayna Steele.
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“The music video for the song premiered on February 14, 2008. The video follows the story of a baby chick who at a young age escapes from a chicken farm, witnessing the slaughtering of his friends and kin. The video then shows ten years later when the chicken has grown up and is out for vengeance for the killing of his friends. Dressed as a pimp, the chicken enters into an “MFC” fast food restaurant (a reference to the real life KFC), and seeks out the owner of the franchise, a man dressed in white with a beard and cowboy hat (a clear reference of KFC’s Colonel Sanders). After disposing of the owner’s two bodyguards, the chicken chases the owner until he eventually corners him in the slaughterhouse his friends were killed in and beheads the owner with the same knife used to kill his kin. The video is likely the product of Moby’s veganism and strong animal rights activism, as it makes a strong statement against the meat industry.”
“Disco Lies” is the second music video from Moby’s forthcoming dance album “Last Night”, “a love letter to dance music in New York City”. The track is simply hot, recalling Moby’s seminal “Everything is Wrong” album. The blaxploitation-style video expresses Moby’s long-time stance as an animal activist, depicting a baby chick who grows up to exact revenge on Colonel Sanders, seen as the embodiment of the fast food industry.

Who wants to bet that that’s actually Moby in the chicken suit?

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