London’s First Vegan Footwear and Accessory Shop Opens

Bourgeois Boheme opens London’s First Vegan Footwear and Accessory Shop

2008-04-17 17:49:50 – Bourgeois Boheme, a UK-based animal-friendly fashion company who have made a name for themselves retailing vegan footwear, accessories and cosmetics online, is now opening London’s first vegan fashion retail location.
Bourgeois Boheme, one of the UK’s most well-known online and animal-friendly fashion companies is opening London’s very first animal-friendly footwear and accessories retail outlet.

Based at their offices in Richmond, London the shop doors officially open on the 17th May 2008, just ahead of UK National Vegetarian Week.

On May 17th 2008, just a couple of days ahead of UK National Vegetarian Week, Bourgeois Boheme will celebrate the official opening with an open day at the shop in Richmond, London.

Known for its quality and stylish vegan footwear and accessories, Bourgeois Boheme is responding to customer requests for a physical retail location. Bourgeois Boheme founder and Director, Alicia Lai and has found that 90% of returns from online sales relate to shoe-fitting issues.

Alicia says, ‘Unless you shop online, vegetarian footwear is difficult to find: it’s a dismal choice of either low-quality, cheap and environmentally-challenging shoes or Stella McCartney – gorgeous fashion no doubt, but very much beyond the pocket of many a style-conscious vegetarian/vegan.’

Its an environment that has served online sales well and, having already built up a dedicated and growing following of online and mail order customers, Bourgeois Boheme is giving shoppers what New York and other fashion capitals around the world gave their consumers years ago – a stylish home for animal-friendly fashion.

Bruce Friedrich, Vice President at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) says, ‘All of us at PETA welcome the news of a Bourgeois Boheme storefront. We enjoy ordering from BoBo online, but we’ll be even more delighted to have a place where we can try on the shoes, examine the bags, and have a compassionate shopping experience.’

Visitors will be able to buy Bourgeois-Boheme’s exclusive labelled styles as well as ethically sourced products from other companies; not only footwear, but also bags, wallets and belts for women and men, and cosmetics.

Alicia says, ‘Our shop is an extension within our office premises, it’s a humble start but it’s a first step towards our greater dream of having lush and exclusive Bourgeois Boheme boutiques in the world’s fashion capitals’

Now customers can find a perfect fit in every sense- true to their size, philosophy, style and ethics.

Shop open day: Saturday 17th May, 1pm – 4pm.
Refreshments and appetisers will be served.
Please RSVP by Friday May 2nd May, [email protected] /0208 8788 388
Press discounts are available upon request at the shop open day.

Address: Hydrex House, Garden Road, Richmond TW9 4NR
Shop hours: Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm; Sat 10am – 2pm; by appointment.

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