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Chill Vibes And Vegan Rolled Ice Cream

Matcha Rolled Ice Cream and a Black Rose Tea Latte at Tippi Teas

El Paso, Texas is home to a growing selection of little coffee and tea shops with big personalities. My personal favorite is Tippi Teas, a cozy space where happy eaters can chill out over warm tea lattes and cool vegan rolled ice cream. I visited their Kern location during my stay in the Lone Star State to take a taste. Located at the heart of University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)’s campus and directly across the street from Casa de Yoga homegrown studio/boutique, Tippi Teas is a perfect plant-based space to take a mindful and tea-licious study break.

Tippi Teas offers a wide variety of sweet treats

Tippi Teas offers up instant comfort upon arrival into its floral and appetizing aromas of tea, its indie-electro background tunes, its surrounding selection of craft holistic gifts, and its Native American-inspired artistic décor. Guests can choose to pull up a seat at the shop’s spacious, laptop-friendly high tables, to gather with friends around the warm-colored mosaic-embellished fireplace, or to visit tea room’s signature backdoor bench with a lush tapestry background for an obligatory Instagram shot.

Craft holistic gifts that adorn the walls of Tippi Teas

As if choosing a favorite cozy corner of the tea room weren’t difficult enough, the true challenge comes in selecting from a long list of teas and sweet treats. Tippi Teas serves up over 70 varieties of natural, loose-leaf or matcha teas that can be savored steaming hot, sipped icy cold, or saved for later by buying a home supply in bulk. And as if the myriad of tea tastes weren’t sufficient, Tippi Teas also offers homemade fresh-pressed juices and super food smoothies.

Cacao Matcha Latte and a Vegan Berry Scone

How does one choose from this mouth-watering selection of tastes? Friendly staff is always on hand to advise and provide free smells of their fragrant varietals. My winning recommendations are the dark floral-noted Black Rose Tea Latte or the smoothly bittersweet Cacao Matcha Latte, both made with steamed almond milk.

Vegan berry scones at Tippi Teas

What better way to compliment your plant-based beverage of choice than with a bite of vegan dessert? The sweet, soft, and silk-sheened Vegan Berry Scones are an absolute must to accompany a tea latte for an afternoon treat. Or for those craving something cool and creamy, vegan Rolled Matcha Ice Cream is a true essential. Foodies and sweet-tooth enthusiasts will be mesmerized by the artistic spreading, flattening, and chiseling of ice cream into fine, delicate spheres that the method of Tippi Teas’ ice cream design entails. And lucky for us, we can have a first-row view of the creative process when we hungrily order our trendy and tasteful treat.

The signature Instagram seat at Tippi Teas

Tippi Teas is a space where lovingly-made cool ice cream rolls coexist in harmony with a wide diversity of warm teas, and where chill vibes intermingle in symphony with a warm, friendly ambiance. Indulge in this plant-based, tea-liciousness to taste for yourself.


About the author: Lacey Gibson is a global health researcher, a food writer, and a Vinyasa yoga teacher. She recently graduated with a Masters of Science in Global Health Population from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Here, she also served as a Food Literacy Project Fellow, coordinating community events to inspire education of the food system. Prior to her Masters, she graduated in 2015 with a BA/BS in French and Physiology from Southern Illinois University, where she also competed as an NCAA DI track/cross country runner. Throughout her career, Lacey’s work has been published in academic journals, such as the Journal of Wine Research and the International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities. She is also a regular contributor to writings for a wider wellness-interested audience, such as UNDO OrdinaryI Am Woman Project, and Skin In The Game. For a full taste of her writing style, keep up with her here.  

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