Can We Heal the World by Creating New Vegetarians?


Are you ready to make a difference in this world? Well, you had better hurry. The world is in a race against time. Environmentalists have agreed our planet may not have much time to go if global warming continues at its pace. In addition, if global warming doesn’t kill us, we may kill ourselves long before the ozone is completely gone. Fighting and tension, wars and disagreements between nations, still remain a threat against all life on this planet. And our dietary choices are so unhealthy, we find millions of people dying each year from illnesses and diseases that could have been prevented with better food choices. Moreover, the global economic collapse is threatening the economics many people need to survive such as maintaining life’s basics: food, water, shelter and clothing.

Vegetarianism is a solution with many solid points. The vegetarian diet is scientifically proven to be the single most effective thing a person can do to affect climate change. One study suggested for everyone one that becomes a vegan, it’s the equivalent of taking approximately two gas guzzling vehicles off the road and replacing them with two hybrids. Spending extra money for environmentally friendly products like light bulbs and going green whenever you can is great, but spending a bit more on some high quality organic vegetarian food can go a lot further than you think.

Also, choosing a vegetarian diet creates less stress and tension in our physical and mental states. As we ingest animal flesh, we ingest a cascade of stress hormones present in the animal at the time of slaughter and these hormones have been proven to create stress and aggression in humans, and many scientists as well as spiritual leaders suggest killing animals contributes to violence on our planet. And our indifference to the plight of the animals, as they endure suffering, cruelty and murder, carries over to an indifference to the needs of our neighbors, whether they live next door, or across the globe, and further contributes to the lack of peaceful resolutions between fighting parties.

We also must understand that the amount of resources, such as water and land that is required to render one pound of hamburger flesh is the same amount that could render up to 17 pounds of grains or vegetable related foods. If we choose a vegetarian diet there would be enough resources left over to feed all the worlds starving populations as well as have food in such great supply that it would be incredibly inexpensive and greatly help our current economic struggles. And let us not forget how much more productive and prosperous societies will be when people are not sick and tired all the time, excessively overweight and in hospital beds with various forms of illnesses that could have been prevented with a high fiber, no cholesterol, plant based diet Think of how much less tax you’d be paying, and how much cheaper health insurance costs would be if we all adapted a vegetarian diet and made healthy lifestyle choices. It would relieve a tremendous burden on our current health care needs.

So what can we do? The world, as we see it, is held upside down with all these problem and held that way due to the 90% of the population that maintain a non-vegetarian diet. They are our brothers, our sisters, our mothers, our fathers, our friends, maybe you, and we love them and understand it is hard to break our old familiar habit patterns and past conditioning which is why VeggieBrothers created a unique product line for their delight as well as those already vegetarian. These products are high quality vegetarian versions of America’s favorite comfort food dishes, made in small batches by an award-winning vegan chef, quickly frozen in vacuum sealed boilable packaging that’s easy to reheat. The products can be ordered online and they ship anywhere in USA and Canada. They are especially meant to be shared with those who may not be aware that they can enjoy vegetarian replications of their favorite meat based products, without giving up anything except the bad karma and the bad breath. VeggieBrothers is proud to say they are famous for fooling an Italian wedding with their meatballs, and fooling a Jewish grandmother with their chicken noodle soup.

In order to turn this world right side up while there is still time requires more than just you becoming a vegetarian or a vegan, and doing all those healthy things that make everyone around you think your nuts. It requires you to touch, move and inspire others, such as the people you love to do the same, whether they are near or far away. You can do this by sharing these products, and providing them with educational resources as to why we should follow a healthy lifestyle and vegetarian diet. They may not wind up doing exactly as you do, but they may very likely will do better than they’ve done before, which may result in a completely improved diet, such as a flexitarian diet, and a better chance for this world and all its inhabitants to thrive once again.

On the testimonials page there is an extensive list of people who have benefitted from trying their products. From wives who had their husbands go vegan from trying their burgers, to a 15 year old boy who is glad that his mother doesn’t think her son is “eating rocks and grass” anymore. So many people who are already health conscious or vegan or vegetarian neglect to realize the value of providing a means for people who need help transitioning onto a plant based diet. Some even look down upon some mock meat alternatives because they are not up to snuff with their purist dietary choices. Michael Balducci, president and co-founder of VeggieBrothers, and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, will be the first to tell you that eating veggie burgers and veggie chicken nuggets morning noon and night is not going to get anybody healthy. However, eating real burgers and horrendous non nutritious dead animal products is exactly what most Americans are doing morning noon and night. “We have neglected that some people need help and the value of helping them transition has been overlooked.”

“I have seen this change happen with my own parents. They are now eating a lot less animal products. They even went turkey-less this past Thanksgiving. Now they shop in health food stores, go to the gym, all because I made them understand they didn’t have to give up their culture by choosing a more sensible diet. I gave them dishes they like, were familiar with, and it took any sense of discomfort away. I provided them with my own experiences, and I shared videos like Diet For a New America, by John Robins, A Diet for All Reasons, by Dr Michael Klaper, and a video we give out when people order from our site, produced by Action for Animals,” says Michael Balducci.

It is VeggieBrothers’ ultimate goal to help transition the world onto a plant-based diet, easily and effortlessly with foods most people already know, love and enjoy. To knock out the current meat based paradigm that holds the world upside down requires a “One-Two-Punch” of tasty food coupled with knowledge and information. And it is in that information that slowly takes a person on a journey to slowly giving up old habits, and start implementing new and better ones, from including more fruits, more veggies, both cooked and raw, diet, exercise, supplementation, sprouting and juicing, and hopefully a spiritual meditation practice.

Please consider the main point here. Nothing will change in this world if all the vegans remain vegan and all the non-vegetarians remain as they are. Only if we make an effort, and reach out to help others around us will we make a difference. For many, the mass produced, low quality machine made vegetarian food in the supermarkets frozen food and refrigerated aisles aren’t doing the trick. Although there may be one or two products a carnivore might say, “hey, this is not bad,” for the most part, it’s bland and tasteless and will not get anyone to consider the merits of a vegetarian diet. Still others believe their cooking is the greatest and healthiest thing anyone can think of. But if your cooking hasn’t done the trick with your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband, wife, parents, or other whom you love, consider giving a try, and let someone else do the cooking for a change. You may just find a new vegetarian in the making, and you will be giving this planet and the animals as well, a fighting chance to survive, thrive and be free once again.
Barbecued Soy Chicken Cutlet

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