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Blossom – New York

Blossom Restaurant has two locations in New York — one in Chelsea and one on the Upper West Side. We have visited the Chelsea twice!

It is ‘ just around the corner’ from the beautiful High Line Park, which is truly a beautiful site! After a walk through the park, where I really really enjoyed all the beautiful flowers (very good job done by Piet Oudolf, the Dutch designer of the garden), we stumbled upon Blossom Restaurant by accident. We recognized the name while driving by in a yellow cab. So we asked the driver to stop and we went in for lunch. Not knowing the size of the portions, we ordered an entree. But after seeing the size of the salad we knew that we had ordered way too much! It was a very nice salad and the main course was even better. I had a wonderful portobello burger which I truly enjoyed.

There is an easy going vibe at Blossom Restaurant and the menu is entirely vegan.

For cautious carnivores, Blossom Restaurant offers one big surprise: all the eggless pastas and mock meats actually taste pretty good! For those who miss the taste of meat (I am not one of them) try the seitan scallopini or pan-seared seitan cutlets (tender wheat gluten served with truffle mashed potatoes in a white-wine caper sauce and sautéed kale). There are several dishes with fake meat, like the savory seitan, bacon cheeseburger or taro root purée (with roasted taro root, morel mushrooms, fava beans, port wine & shallot & ginger reduction). My sister ordered the taro root purée—it really tasted and looked like meat. I am more a fan of everything that does not resemble any kind of meat, so you can give me the portobello Bbrger anytime and I will enjoy it!

(image via Blossom’s Facebook page)

This time we left some room for dessert and we finished our dinner with a vegan tiramisu.

(image via Blossom’s Facebook page)

The restaurant was almost fully booked and it was great to see all those people enjoying their vegan dishes and enjoying each other’s company.

So whenever you have the chance, please take a walk through High Line Park and have lunch and/or dinner at Blossom Restaurant!


About the author: Mariëlle van de Kerkhof — happy urban gardener who loves to travel and eat great vegan food! www.mariellevandekerkhof.com

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