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Animal Rights Conference 2011

“It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.” – Voltaire

In a country dominated by fast food restaurants, milk mustaches, and slaughterhouses, it can be quite isolating to live contrary to established norms.  Many times, the animal rights community is seen as idiosyncratic and eccentric, lacking the fundamental structure of analogous social justice movements.  Thus, it is paramount to provide a forum for reasoned discourse regarding the pervasive systemic abuse of non-human animals in today’s society.  The Animal Rights National Conference provides such an opportunity.

The conference employs an interdisciplinary approach to the issue at hand; hosting nearly 100 speakers, comprised of activists and professionals from academia, science, law, and medicine.  Incorporating individuals from over 60 animal rights organizations, presentations will range from the nature of social justice movements to the health benefits of adopting a plant based diet.

Accompanying workshops will also be provided to attendees, organized in three divergent, yet complementary tracks.  First, the issues track will expose the means by which animals are abused, while exploring the underlying issues in theory.  Second, the organizing track provides guidance to those seeking to expand their personal effectiveness and leadership abilities.   Finally, the remedies track counsels on collective planning and methodology strategies in targeting a mass audience.

Interspersed between presentations will be films, musical presentations, and networking opportunities for professional growth.  There will also be an awards banquet featuring great vegan food and a keynote address.

The motto of the conference is “exposing and challenging the daily terror against animals.”  Although standing as a sober reminder of the injustice at bay, one may take solace in reflecting on the many benefits of adopting a compassionate lifestyle.  I hope to see you there as a partner in championing the rights of animals.



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