9 grams of saturated fats and 258 mg of cholesterol gone in just one breakfast

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So you decided to seek a more plant-based diet by going dairy free and egg free, and possibly even meat free. In the case of allergies this decision can be involuntary, and other times it is a conscious choice from internal belief systems or a decision towards better health. No matter the path that got you there – vegan, vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, paleo, health concerns or otherwise – you likely found out pretty quickly that breakfast was your new challenge. What is there possibly left to eat?

Breakfast has long been touted as instrumental in good overall health, and our breakfast-eating habits often trace back to grade school. We have been told by our health professionals, parents, and other experts to always eat a balanced breakfast – which meant getting your fill of calcium and protein while minimizing saturated fat and cholesterol. Breakfast kick-starts your brain and metabolism, so here at GO Veggie! we wanted to show you how to find those nutrients that you thought might be lacking in plant-based foods while removing some of the “bad stuff.”

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Traditional breakfasts can consist of a variety of items such as bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes, pancakes, buttered toast, cereal, oatmeal, yogurt or fruit. I think we can all agree to keep the fruits and real fruit juices – be sure to make sure there are little to no added sugars. See some of the items you can remove and swap for a dairy free, egg free and meat free morning:

Dairy Cheese(1 slice / 28g) 25% Saturated Fat GO Veggie! Shreds (1/3 cup / 28g) 3% Saturated Fat
7g Protein 1g Protein
29% Calcium 25% Calcium
19% Sodium 9% Sodium
9% Cholesterol 0% Cholesterol
Dairy Cream Cheese(1 oz / 28g) 25% Saturated (Animal) Fat GO Veggie! Cream Cheese(2 Tbsp / 30g) 23% Saturated (Plant-Based) Fat
10% Cholesterol 0% Cholesterol
Bacon(1 slice) 16% Saturated Fat Gardein Breakfast Patties (1 patty) 0% Saturated Fat
11g Protein 9g Protein
10% Cholesterol 0% Cholesterol
Eggs (1 egg) 8% Saturated Fat Tofu (1/2 cup) 4% Saturated Fat
6g Protein 10g Protein
2% Calcium 43% Calcium
3% Iron 36% Iron
62% Cholesterol 0% Cholesterol
Dairy Milk(1 cup of 1%) 8% Saturated Fat Silk  Original Soy Milk (1 cup) 3% Saturated Fat
8g Protein 6g Protein
29% Calcium 45% Calcium
5% Cholesterol 0% Cholesterol
Dairy Yogurt (170g) 1% Saturated Fat Whole Soy & Co. Plain Yogurt(6 oz /170 g) 2% Saturated Fat
17g Protein 8g Protein
18% Calcium 35% Calcium
3% Cholesterol 0% Cholesterol

*Daily Value Statistics based on serving size as provided on product nutritional panels


Disclaimer: This article is written for marketing purposes only. For health advice, GO Veggie! strongly urges you to seek the guidance of your health practitioner and/or registered dietitian for your specific health needs and goals.

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