Vegan Friendly B&Bs Travel Guide

Book a vegan or vegetarian accommodation for your vacation or trip. From a romantic getaway and yoga retreat to outdoor adventures and sightseeing tours, our global guide features vegan and vegetarian bed & breakfast (B&B), guesthouses, eco resorts, spas, and health retreats.

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Other B&Bs in Taiwan

Alpha Villa 阿爾法

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B&B located within the Hengchun Peninsula. Serves all-vegetarian meals to guests. Has 7 ensuite rooms, each with its own design theme.

Hengchun, Taiwan

Azure Taiwan

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A veg-friendly homestay/bed and breakfast in the countryside (峨眉鄉), accessible by train and then taxi or bus. Offers the experience of rustic countryside lifestyle and simple, healthy food along with traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Nearby is the famous Maitreya garden with the giant Buddha statue. Owner speaks Mandarin and English.

Hsinchu, Taiwan

City Home Hostel

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Loving Hut affiliated guesthouse offers individual rooms for rent. Provides vegan breakfast brought in from the nearby Loving Hut restaurant. Room bookings phone 0921-651293. Address: 970 花蓮縣花蓮市大同街30號.

Hualien, Taiwan

Loving Hut Paradise Island

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Bed and breakfast with 6 guest rooms. Dining service is all vegan.

Penghu, Taiwan

MèngXiǎng Chéng Zhēn - Dream Come True

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夢想成真 at 三星鄉上將路一段368號 is a guesthouse with restaurant that serves vegetarian meals, including hotpots, pasta, local rice and noodle dishes.

Sanxing, Taiwan

Origin Yoga & Wellness

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Retreat center in Baishawan offering weekend yoga retreat packages, Ayurveda treatments, and vegetarian meals. Makes kombucha tea, which is available for order online or by phone for delivery.

New Taipei City, Taiwan

RìGuāng Xiǎo Zhèn 日光小鎮 - Sunnylands Farm

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Provides farmstay and vegetarian food for guests. The manor is surrounded by fields with crops planted according to season, the crops also provide baking ingredients for the bakery. Offers high tea sets, coffee and tea.

Yilan, Taiwan

Sanyu Health Education Center 三育健康教育中心

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Health resort and center on a 52 hectares campus. Guests are served 3 vegan meals each day. Offers healthy cooking classes and other wellness services.

Yuchi, Taiwan

Xù Yáng Yáng MínSù 煦陽陽民宿

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B&B providing breakfast which contains no animal products except for breads may contain milk. Call if you would like to book a room.

Penghu, Taiwan