Vegan Friendly B&Bs Travel Guide

Book a vegan or vegetarian accommodation for your vacation or trip. From a romantic getaway and yoga retreat to outdoor adventures and sightseeing tours, our global guide features vegan and vegetarian bed & breakfast (B&B), guesthouses, eco resorts, spas, and health retreats.

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Other B&Bs in Puerto-rico

Casa Bianca

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Vegan B&B vacation rental in the Puntas neighborhood. The owners also run a vegan wine business supplying to local restaurants.

Rincon, Puerto Rico

Casa Clementina

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Small B&B offering vegan breakfast, packed lunches for the beach, baked goods, and paletas.

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Casa Grande Mountain Retreat

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Fully vegan resort with a vegan kitchen and market. Has scenic views of Utuado. Accommodation and resort are for adults only.

Utuado, Puerto Rico

Finca Victoria

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Boutique vegan hotel offering a daily vegan breakfast, pastries, and grab-and-go meals. Breakfast is at 10:00am. Also has Friday night vegan dinners for non-guests, call ahead for reservations. Breakfast/brunch is served from 9:30-11am.

Vieques, Puerto Rico

La Botanica Hotel

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Mostly vegan hotel that includes a daily vegan ayurvedic breakfast. Please note that food is vegan, but drinks or infusions might include honey - ask to clarify.

San Juan, Puerto Rico


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Rincon and Las Marias Puerto Rico (2 locations) accommodation with veg dinners available.

Las Marias, Puerto Rico

The Dreamcatcher

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Vegetarian guesthouse offering a 3-course breakfast plus activities for guests.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Vibrate Higher Wellness Vacation

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Offer retreats. Same operator as Eco-Rican catering.

Luquillo, Puerto Rico