Tom Morello is a vegetarian Political Activist and Guitarist of Rage Against The Machine

Birthday: May 30, 1964
Birth Place: Harlem, New York

An American guitarist of Rage Against the Machine, and newer band, Street Sweeper Social Club. Also the co-founder of the non-profit political activist organization Axis of Justice.



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Posted on 19 Oct 2009

I loved Rage Against the Machine. They made awesome music, too bad they split.

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Posted on 01 Sep 2008

Hello to everyone!I have a friend who is a musician in Bulgaria and I wanted to make a gift for him and I asked him: "Who is favorite musician, who inspires you most?" And he said:"Tom Morello - he is the best for me!" So I decided to find a t-shirt with his image and make it as a gift.I have never heard of Morello before that moment and I am really happy that my whish to make a gift for someone gave me the chance to get to know something for someone like Morello!I opened Wikipedia to find out more about him and reading this material about him really inspired me thinking of how can someone do so much in such a short period of time and also there aremany things that make you think WOW...Its really inspiring...and after some more searches I found this page saying that he is, on top of all, a vegetarian :) Always good to hear that one more person on this earth is not filling his stomach with dead animals..
Thanks to all for reading this..
And I thank you people for being here! :)
I am also happy to be here!:)


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