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Plato was a vegetarian Greek philosopher

Lived: approximately 423 BC to 348 BC
Birth place: Athens, Greece

Plato was a Classical Greek philosopher and a student of the renowned Socrates. Socrates once said, "Know thy self to be true." Plato's student was Aristotle, another renowned philosopher. Together, the three men laid the foundation for western philosophy. Their works are read in university philosophy courses.


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I had read a translated work by Plato in college for a western philophy course. Really interesting stuff. I remembered that I really liked him, and his teacher Socrates. What I can recall is that Plato said that people who have true knowlege and understanding are like people who, once in a cave, has come out of the cave and seen some light. Or like when someone sees fire for the first time, their perspective/thinking becomes changed forever. An "a-ha" awakening, if you will. That's all I remember.

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