Kevin Eubanks is a vegetarian musician

Birthday: November 15, 1957
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rumored to be a pescetarian, but recently announced thru PETA that he's a vegetarian.

Kevin Eubanks is an African American musician who plays the guitar/bass on the US late night television show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

In 2007, Eubanks was awarded by PETA as the "Sexist Male Vegetarian Alive" and received his award live on television. It was an smart and deliberate effort on the part of PETA to highlight the plight of vegetarianism.

Kevin once made a joke in December 2006 to Tobey Maguire and Jay Leno that he's "practicing" vegetarianism (because he eats fish). He does promote the vegetarian diet as healthy. Leno commonly mentions this on the show when jokes involve vegetables (such as in typos on supermarket flyers during the "Headlines" segment).



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Posted on 14 Jul 2008

Anyone who eats fish is not a vegetarian.
Fish are animals too.

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Posted on 13 Feb 2008

How is Kevin in the rumored vegetarian section? He is a very well known practicer, in whatever form he chooses.

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