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Ellen Degeneres

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Ellen Degeneres is a vegetarian comedian, actress, TV personality

Birthday: January 26, 1958
Birth Place: Metairie, Louisiana


Ellen is an eleven-time Emmy Award-winner and hosts the talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She's been a spokesperson for veganism, but admits to still eating eggs.


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Ellen was reported to have become a vegan in 2008 after she read "The Skinny Bitch" book. She and her wife hosted an all-vegan wedding (food and cake) and contributes to many animal protection charities like The Humane Society of the United States.

i don't think so. Cover Girl is made by Proctor and Gamble--a company that conducts animal testing. maybe she is not aware of this, or maybe the Cover Girl department doesn't test on animals. that's a conundrum, especially since P & G bought out Tom's of Maine, yet Tom's still refuses to test on animals and their products contain no animal ingredients.

I am a vegetrain because of the skinny bitch book. I am working now after three years vegetrain to become vegan. I have kids that would starve if I did completly vegan though lol. I too had question about the cover girl thing as well. I hope she considers this issue in the future. She is an amazing person I refuse to believe that she would promote animal testing knowingly.

According to Wiki, both Ellen and Portia de Rossi are no longer vegans, they've stopped becoming vegan for 1 or 2 years ago. Ellen, is still using leather products and still a spokesperson of CoverGirl, using animals testing.

Ellen is a big phony who only cares about money. She has plenty of money yet charges for things like her apps instead of donating the money to charity. Her advertisers are the ones helping all the people she takes credit for helping. Going vegan was a phase for her. I no longer support her in any way and that includes watching her show

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