Eddie Vedder is a vegetarian singer of Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder rose to fame in the early 1990s with his band Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam was named after his grandmother. Their hit album was a self-titled album. Popular songs were "Jeremy" and "Evenflow."

Since, Vedder and his bandmates have garnered a large and loyal following for many years, and they toured extensively all over the world. They have also released more albums.

In the late 1990s, Vedder and Pearl Jam took on the concert ticket selling monopoly, Ticketmaster. He even appeared in courtrooms to protest the high prices Ticketmaster was gouging the fans.

Vedder is a progressive thinker and has supported Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, and other activists and leaders that promote democracy and peace. Vedder is pro-choice.

Vedder was once married to a long-time girfriend but later divorced.



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Posted on 27 Aug 2017

Makes me love him even more


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Posted on 23 Jun 2012

Eddie is one of my favorite "celebs" of all time. He is honest, from the heart, and veg. For what more can a girl ask?

Robin Tierney

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Posted on 09 Feb 2012

I was just listening to Into the Wild earlier today. One of the best albums of all time. Eddie Vedder is among the best-ever songwriters and performers ever. I didn't know he was veg, but...it makes total sense based on his clarity and physical fitness.

Linda H

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Posted on 16 Jan 2011

He's a cool guy!


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Posted on 06 Jan 2008

I haven't seen Pearl Jam performance, but I saw Eddie Vedder perform once, in 2000, for Ralph Nader's Green Party presidencial run. It was in Madison Square Garden NYC. Vedder sang solo and was lovely. Like the guy a lot.

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