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Bob Marley

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Bob Marley is has been rumored to be a vegetarian musician - reggae legend

Birth place: Jamaica
From "Bob ate meat (Cindy Breakspeare, the mother of Bob's youngest son Damian, has said in several interviews that Bob occasionally ate liver for strength) and many different kinds of fish, but he refrained from eating pork, which is specifically condemned by Rastas, as it is by Jews and Muslims."
(we still love you Bob!)

Bob Marley is best known as the Father of Reggae. He is famous for his music and his advocacy of the Rastafarian lifestyle where smoking marijuana is a daily ritual. Marley has many descendents, including Ziggy Marley, also a Reggae musician. Bob Marley has produced many albums in his lifetime. Popular songs include: One Love, Lively Up Yourself, No Woman No Cry, I Shot the Sheriff. He has influenced all the reggae musicians that came after as well as non-reggae musicians.


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Who doesn't love Bob Marley?! I first heard his songs in high school but didn't really explore it much until college days in the late 1990s. Wow, I had so much fun listening and dancing to Bob Marley songs. And smoking marijuana... though not always at the same times the songs are playing, hahaha. I even bought his guitar lyrics book and tried to sing along and strum along. Lots of fun. Oh! I think it was in 2003 I had attended a Ziggy Marley concert (Bob's son) where I was so mesmerized by the sound-alike between father and son. Ziggy Marley played original songs as well as a few favorite Bob Marley songs, and I swore the son sounded just like the father. It was incredible and awesome. Great show.

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