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Aristotle was a vegetarian Greek philosopher

Lived: 384-322 BCE
Birth place: Athens, Greece

Aristotle was a 4th century BCE Greek philosopher whose books have become a integral part of university curriculum on western philosophy. Aristotle was a disciple of Plato, also a Greek philosopher. Aristotle has written books that expounded on his philosophies. One of his more known concepts was the idea of classifying human beings as "social rational animals" - ie. that humans are intelligent/thinking social animals who need to be in a community with other human animals in order to be well.


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I disagree. There is no proof for Aristotle being a vegetarian, and i think this page is misleading to those who know less. If you google, 'the works of aristotle' and read 'of the stomach' that is the proof of aristotle 'not' being a vegetarian. Here is an excerpt from the page: Why is it unwholesome to stay long for one dish after another and to eat of divers kinds of meat? Because the first begins to digest when the first is eaten and so the digestion is not equally made, and therefore the meat digested beginneth to corrupt. But yet this rule is to be noted touching the order of meat, that if there be any dishes, whereof some are light of digestion, as chickens, kid, veal, soft eggs, and such like, these meats should be first eaten; but gross meats, as venison, bacon, beef, roast pork, hard eggs, and fried eggs, should be eaten last.

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