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Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler is has been rumored to be a vegetarian infamous dictator

Most likely he was never a vegetarian. Also, according to the references above, it appears that he never stopped eating meat completely for any significant length of time, although there is evidence that he reduced the amount of meat in his diet. "Another aspect to consider here is that HappyCow's list is of celebrities & 'famous people', not 'infamous' ones. We only have any mention at all here because if we didn't, we'd have a continuous flow of messages asking for us to list him.


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I don't know where I read this, but it makes sense. I read that Hitler's doctor advised him to switch to a vegetarian diet. He claimed to have adopted it, for PR reasons, but never really did.

I also heard that Hitler ate vegetarian due to doctor's order, and that he did for a couple years. Whatever. Just because you eat plant food doesn't mean you are a saint. Non-vegetarians, stop giving vegheads grief about Hitler! Even mad and evil people do good things once in a while, like eating something healthy for their life's sake. Eh?

In her book "Living Among Meat Eaters", Carol J. Adams says "...Hitler's 'vegetarianism' was actually part of a Nazi public relations campaign to portray him as ascetic and 'pure.'" (see pgs. 107-108)

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I heard he did it for reasons of indigestion or flatulence.

In the early 90's a New York newspaper investigated at great length whether Hitler was really vegetarian or not. They looked into his war medical records and indeed found that he was placed on a veg diet due to his poor health. Also declaring Hitler as a vegetarian during the war, proved a Nazi propaganda success to show traits of "kindness" and "purity" towards animals and people of the fatherland. (What a joke!) However the truth was finally revealed when Hitler's original servants and staff, now aged and retired, admitted to preparing and serving meat regularly in his household, confirming that his favourite meals had been Bavarian sausage and stuffed wood pigeon, proving once and for all that Hitler was definitely NOT vegetarian.

The minister of propaganda appointed by Hitler to be his PR person was Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels composed a public image for Hitler to make him seem beyond human in his morals. The four most notable of which were these: -the fuhrer did not smoke -the fuhrer did not drink -the fuhrer did not engage in extramarital relationships -the fuhrer did not consume meat These claims were fabricated of course, because there is evidence refuting all of them except the one about smoking. He really didn't smoke. He did, however, have a mistress to whom he was not married, Eva Braun, he did drink alcohol, and, a French chef who worked at a hotel (I forgot which) during the occupation of France described how Hitler ordered the same thing at every visit. It was a dish comprising meat. The vegetarian myth about Hitler is an enduring one, which shows that Goebbels did his job well. Goebbels designed this rumor after another inspiring humanitarian figure, Ghandi, in order to project the association with Ghandi's vegetarianism as a practice of fellowship, compassion, and health onto Hitler.

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