• Yīyè Cáng 一葉藏

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Vegetarian eatery across the street from Taichung Veteran's General Hospital. Serves mostly drinks and desserts like waffles, soft serve, soft serve floats, smoothies, coffee, tofu pudding, soy milk, and tea. Food options include pumpkin congee, veggie burgers, hot pot, rice and noodle dishes. Open Mon-Tue 8:30am-7:30pm, Thu-Sun 8:30am-7:30pm.

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16 Jun 2020

Good option!

Not many veg*n places are near Donghai University/Taichung Veterans General Hospital, so it’s nice to have this one open up. It’s more of a drink/dessert place though. Try out their delicious soft serve in various flavors. Only two are available each day, so you’ll need to ask them what they’re dishing out when you get there.

The pumpkin congee was okay, but I’m also not the biggest congee fan. The truffle burger smelled better when I was sitting across from it vs. when I had it in my mouth. And it was weird that they put a slice of apple in it. But the mayo is good, and the patty tasted like the ones made by Vveat (i.e., the vegan burger patties you can but in the frozen section at Costco).

My favorite thing we tried was the mango soft serve soy milk float. They use aiwen mangoes to make the soft serve, which is silky smooth. The soy milk was a bit odd to me, and it was supposedly mango-flavored, but I couldn’t taste that. I’ll probably go with the soft serve in a cone next time.

Limited seating is available, and there are no restrooms for customers. Only disposable utensils, so bring your own to cut down on trash.

Pros: all vegan, great soft serve flavors

Cons: no toilets, limited seating, very few savory dishes

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