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Serves meat, vegan options available. Small restaurant where it is customary to share a number of dishes and drinks as a group. Vegan dishes are not listed but around half of the dishes are composed of mushrooms, seaweed, rare vegetables and sometimes vegan cheese. Owner is able to veganize some dishes such as the okonomiyaki by using yam instead of egg and carrot flakes instead of fish flakes. Vegan cheesecake available for dessert. Open Mon-Sun 6:00pm-11:00pm.

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First Review by BenoitGran


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17 Nov 2023


Variedad, sabores, lugar, atenci贸n, es una experiencia redonda que nadie debe perderse. Y si, se come vegano y de extrema calidas

Pros: Comida, Trato , Ubicaci贸n



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11 Nov 2023

Special Place

The sweet folks that operate this restaurant are two in a billion.
They made our honeymoon extra special with decorative candles in their vegan okonomiyaki.
Don鈥檛 miss this!

Pros: Atmosphere, Food, Friends


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06 Nov 2023


When we came there first time it was not working for some reason. Second time when we came there it seemed that the owner was not happy to see us, we felt unwelocomed and he rushed us to order as fast as possible. The food was mediocre and expensive what I liked the most was potato salads. The restaurant itself is unique so all in all worth visiting but have in mind to reserve the table first.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-06

Pros: Unique atmosphere

Cons: May not work when you come, Expensive, The food is mediocre


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28 Aug 2023

An unforgettable experience

From the get-go the place is very unique! The owners really accomodate to the customers from the beginning toast to waving goodbye outside the restaurant. The place has a very cozy atmosphere and the restaurant is decorated with all kinds of trinkets. We had the vegan okonomiyaki and some non-alcoholic yuzu drinks. Everything was super delicious! We spent 2 hours here and it was a great experience, will definitely come back again to taste some other vegan dishes on menu!

Pros: It is an experience you wont forget, Vegan okonomiyaki!!, Good service

Cons: Wasn鈥檛 open the first time I tried to go


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21 Jul 2023

Insanely Good Restaurant

Quirky decor, great food and unique welcoming owners. An amazing experience and one I鈥檇 love to repeat.


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05 Jul 2023

Fun and delicious evening (but hedgehog!)

The summary here says vegan dishes are not marked, but they are clearly marked on the menu, about half of the dishes are vegan or can be vegan. We sat at the bar and we were able to see all the food being made which was fun (but unfortunately this also meant we saw non vegan food being prepared). Genki and his wife were so friendly and took time to talk to all of their guests. They came round for the kitchen to ask about us and have a drink with us. They came outside to also see us off. A very memorable experience! Prices were reasonable, but there's a cover charge per person, one drink minimum per person, plus a 10% added charge. For a free appetiser, 4 dishes, beer, juice, and sake, it came to less than 10000yen/ 拢50 for two people. One thing that perhaps is not vegan-friendly, is that they have a hedgehog in a cage, it had very little enrichment and water. The potato salad was delicious, strawberry okonomiyaki was nice too. The vegan cheese wrap was nice but plain, but wasn't keen on the mushroom dish we had (too slimy!)


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10 Jun 2023

Great food and experience!

From the moment you arrive the owner/chef offers a wonderful experience. The food is great. Everything is prepared on the spot, so don鈥檛 go if you鈥檙e in a rush. Reservation is a must, the restaurant doesn鈥檛 have a lot of seats. Have the potato salad and the okonomiyaki (vegan)馃槃


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08 Jun 2023

Good vibes

We really enjoyed eating at Genki. We ordered the potato salad and the okonomiyaki with shiitake mushrooms. It was a bit on the pricier side- there is a 500 yen sitting charge per person and everyone must order at least one drink. Our bill for two people, two drinks, and the food mentioned above was about 5800 yen. We really liked the vibes of the izakaya and the potato salad was a standout. FYI, the izakaya entrance is on the 鈥渁lley鈥 side of the building. There is another entrance for non-izakaya seating, but it鈥檚 for reservations only.


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29 Apr 2023

An amazing Japanese experience

We had a great time at Genki. If you visit wall through the giraffes and the little door in the left to enter. The owners are super friendly and hospitable. This place is 100% worth the visit. The food and drinks were great too!


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25 Apr 2023

Hidden jam

The vibe, friendly owners/chefs and delicious food. Everything was literally beyond my imagination. My colleagues and I absolutely loved this place. Would love to come back here to try more dishes.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-25

Pros: Vegan dishes, desserts and bread available


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02 Mar 2023


My boyfriend and I had the absolute best experience at this restaurant.
The owners are incredibly sweet and thoughtful and spoke really good English.
We ate here for dinner and then came back the next day for bread. Both 10/10 experiences. The owners treated us with such kindness and care and made our visit to Japan unforgettable.
The way the chef cooks the lotus root is so delicious, and the potato salad is like a better Japanese version of what you might have at Thanksgiving.
Their bread is also really unique and yummy. They had a roll filled with vegan soy meat that absolutely blew our minds. The lemon roll was also outstanding!
Can't wait to come back here!

Pros: Lotus Root, Ambiance, Great Value

Cons: n/a, n/a, n/a


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20 Feb 2023

An Amazing Hidden Gem

It was a little difficult to find down a side alley (Genki on Google Maps) but just look for the giraffes, and there is a sign outside saying they offer vegan and vegetarian food.
There is a whole menu that is mostly vegan. The eggplant with soy and ginger is fantastic with so much flavour, and the potato salad was amazing. The chef is clearly knowledgeable about vegetarian and vegan food, and will cook everything separately. They are so friendly, and the place is very small and cosy, with fantastically quirky decor. The chef even came to have a drink with us! Very highly recommended, would definitely visit again!

Pros: Amazing vegan food, Quirky decor

Cons: Also serves meat and fish


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04 Dec 2022

Wonderfully quirky!

What a hidden gem!
So much on the menu for vegetarian or vegan people. And it鈥檚 delicious. You absolutely must try the potato salad!!!

Pros: Loads of vegan options, Great atmosphere, Welcoming hosts

Cons: No cons!


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22 Oct 2022

Not so good..

Had seen really good reviews on this izakaya, unfortunately we just didn鈥檛 enjoy the food. We had seen many people recommend to just let the chef decide the dishes, so we tried that. For drinks we had a homemade ( i think?) cranberry soda and a yuzu soda, they where way too sour and just not enjoyable. We had the vegan potato salad, which was the highlight of the food that we got, it was really good. Then we had a mushroom dish with 2 types of mushroom, they were just slimy and chewy, not good. For last we had the strawberry okonomiyaki, which was just not good. The strawberry and the savoriness just didn鈥檛 go together, there was way too much going on flavor wise. However I think we were just unlucky with the food we got, seems that they had many other great options!
The service was really good! The owners were really sweet and friendly, even came out to do a cheers with us and other tables. The place is very cozy and homely decorated and the vibe was great.
Would definitely recommend going to experience the great atmosphere and food!
Has English menu. Vegan options are clearly marked on the menu and owners are knowledgeable about vegan items.
Owners speak good English.
Price was a little expensive. Would recommend booking in advance.

Pros: Really good potato salad, Friendly service , Extensive vegan menu

Cons: Food was not so good, expensive


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29 Sep 2022

Hidden gem near Otemachi station

Found this place via Google when I wanted to arrange a casual dinner with a non-veg*n colleague from work. Basically an 鈥渋zakaya鈥 that has a large amount of vegan options, non-vegan options are also available. My colleague also stuck to vegan options for the evening and we shared a number of dishes, all of which were good. Vegan okonomiyaki were delicious. House wine was very nice, portions of the wine were generous as well. Still a lot of items on the menu I wasn鈥檛 able to try yet, but want to. I鈥檒l be back!

Pros: Tasty food, Good portions


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18 Nov 2019

Fun little izakaya

A cute little izakaya hidden on a small side street. The owner was fluent in English and very welcoming. We ordered umeshu that was really lovely and then told him to recommend some food.
The first dish was two types of mushrooms that he fried in some sauce. Second dish was potato salad made with blue potato. Third dish was okra and white asparagus and the forth dish was okonomiyaki made with avocado.
The food was delicious, but the best dish was without hesitation the okonomiyaki, it isn't like the ones I tried before but his own version of it and it was very nice. One of the best places I've been to during my trip in Japan!


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14 Nov 2019

Cozy and arty

This place has such interesting decor. It is very cozy and the food is very tasty. We asked the chef to surprise us with vegan food and the dishes were very varied and delicious.


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06 Nov 2019

An authentic experience

The place is really unique, as is the chef. His cuisine is quite original as well - you won't find strawberry okonomiyakis anywhere else, I bet.

We had an enjoyable experience, it's definitely worth a visit!

Pros: Good location, Cute, Interesting food

Cons: A little cramped, Dusty, A bit expensive


06 Nov 2019


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20 Oct 2019

No english menu, but the quality is worth guessing

They have no english menu, but we told them that we would use the google translate camera app to figure out what we wanted. They did know enough english to double check that when i said vegan to not use any eggs or milk. The chef here really cares about vegetables and made some very unique and good dishes.


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01 Oct 2019

best izakaya in tokyo

(Would give 5 Stars but Happy Cow doesn't allow :)) My friend and I went there for dinner. The homemade rootbeer was one of the best drinks i've ever had. Once i've told the owner i was vegan he just started cooking and several small, delicious meals came one after another (perfect portion for me and my friend too). Cute interior with lots of turtle figurines.

The owner and his wife were such nice people too!

Pros: very nice owners , DELISHIOUS food and drinks, cool interiour

Cons: a bit pricey but would def. go again :)


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23 Aug 2019


Fantastic food, made specific to the most restricted persons dietary requirements (as it was shared plates) - characterful and interesting place - hilarious hosts.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Incredible hosts , Characterful place


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20 Aug 2019

Eclectic style, good food

This izakaya has a fun interior design and plenty of vegan options.

I made a reservation for me and a couple friends ahead of time and mentioned that I was vegan. After we were seated and they gave us the menu, they pointed out several vegan options. Maybe about half of the menu is vegan- plenty to choose from! They don't have an English menu, but the owner can speak English.

Before we ordered they gave us some eggplant to start with. We ordered 5 dishes in total to share amongst the three of us, all of which were tasty. If you order correctly (aka choose the bigger dishes), you could probably order just one dish per person if you want to save some money, although that is not the design of the izakaya and that would also prevent you from trying all the different vegan foods they have to offer!

After we finished and paid, the owners walked with us outside to say goodbye which was very nice. I'd come again if I found myself nearby, but I wouldn't go out of my way to come here since I'm not much of a fan of the general location.

Pros: eclectic interior, plenty of vegan options, owner speaks English


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25 May 2019

A must go to!

The place is run by Satoshi and his wife who are so very friendly! He will let you know that there is no English menu but if you say you are Veggie / Vegan and any other dietary requirements he will cater to them.

We had five courses; an eggplant appetizer, potato salad (which may have been my favourite), grilled baby corn, egg omelette, a cheese dish and okonomiyaki (with avocado) they were all so top notch! He is so nice to have a chat with and makes you feel so welcome, I really cannot sing their praises enough. Definitely try his homemade ginger beer as well it's delicious and his wife owns a bakery next door which I am sure is great too!

They shouted goodbye down the street after us, which really made us feel very welcome!

(I would give it 5 stars but Happy Cow doesn't let me)

Pros: The owners are amazing, The food was so good!, The atmosphere and decor was great

Cons: It's a small place so book a table!


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04 May 2019

Unique, delicious and cozy experience

We asked the owner to make a vegan menu for us which he easily did. We had 6 dishes and all was delicious and freshly made. I can highly recommend the homemade ginger ale too!

Pros: Fun and personal atmosphere and service.

Cons: They only accept cash.


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07 Apr 2019

Unique and delicious izakaya

Yasai is a cute and happy (鍏冩皸) Izakaya near Akihabara, Tokyo. There is no English menu, but the owner speaks English well and was very accommodating of our vegetarian diet. If you like sweet drinks, try the Umeshu! The horsetail & white asparagus salad was unique and delicious. The avocado okonomiyaki was the best veggie version of the dish I have had so far. I highly recommend this restaurant 馃グ


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31 Mar 2019

You must go here!

Our best experience in Tokyo so far! Such a special place, amazing Japanese food, the staff was super friendly and created a vegan menu for us. The chef also showed us how to make one of the dishes and was entertaining overall! Will recommend to anyone and everyone looking for a restaurant in Tokyo.

Pros: Created a vegan menu for us, Cosy atmosphere , Entertaining staff


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29 Mar 2019

Kooky little place

Really cool little place we ended up at by accident after our first choice was shut. Owner is nice and funny and understands what vegan means. We tried a variety of dishes, our favourites being the okonomiyaki and the potato salad. We did find it was a little pricey when paying and as there is no English menu it is hard to predict how much you will end up paying. But was still a really good experience and great atmosphere

Pros: Tasty, experimental vegan options , Understands what vegan is , Authentic Japanese experience

Cons: A bit pricey , No English menu - can鈥檛 predict price

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