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Serves meat, vegan options available. Sports bar and restaurant chain with a variety of vegan items including vegan buffalo wings, orange Gardein chickn, burger with vegan cheese, and more. Menu may vary by location and some items may need to be modified to make a dish vegan. Possibility that deep fryers, cookware and grills are shared with meat products.

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First Review by valleys and sea


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15 Jul 2022

i work here

if the server doesn’t know what’s going on just say dairy and egg allergy do not mention vegan because allergies get the managers attention vegan doesn’t. servers will often ask managers what to offer if they have allergies rather than what they see vegan as which is just a diet preference. yard house actually has really amazing options but note the jasmine rice is no longer vegan it has butter so swap for spicy rice if you get orange chicken!! this depends on each location. all of the wings sauces are vegan. anything that is breaded like the nashville chicken and chicken tenders have butter even if you swap for gardein chicken. so not vegan but is vegetarian. also the nacho sauces have butter mixed into the green and red sauce. so for vegan nachos order no chicken, no sauces, sub vegan cheese, and no sour cream. ask for a side of cholula and extra jalapeños if you want like the spice.

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26 Feb 2019

gardein section with vegan options

they have a whole gardein section with a few vegan options! just make sure to read each menu item and remove some of the dairy products they put on them.

items i’ve had:

gardein chicken sandwich (no cheese and no sauce). - super good. probably my usual item.

gardein chicken strips - were really realistic tasting! but very oily, i was burping it up all day lol.

spicy edamames - a good start! and they come with a lot.

Pros: vegan options , great service and knowledgeable staff, gardein products

Cons: possible cross contamination


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29 Jan 2017

A Few Vegan Items

They have quite a bit of different vegetarian options. A whole menu section dedicated to them, in fact. Some of them on there are vegan with modifications like no cheese, no ranch dressing, etc. They even have a vegan burger, which is very good. The last time I went I tried the Gardein chicken strips with no ranch dressing. Since it wasn't busy the manager was helping us and he seemed very knowledgeable on what was vegan and what wasn't, but warned me about cross contamination. The food was good, and I would come back. Service was amazing. Our drinks were refilled without us having to ask and food came out soon after we ordered with no mistakes. I was blown away by how delicious the vegan burger was! I would definitely recommend this place for somewhere to eat with non-vegan friends.

Pros: vegetarian section of menu, some can be made vegan, good service

Cons: modification required for vegan, cross contamination possible


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10 Jul 2014

Food Options

I have been to a couple of different yard houses and I've been told that anything cooked is cross contaminated (I.e.: cooked on the same surfaces as meats). For this reason, I typically get the soy citrus salad with no croutons add avocado, and humus with no pita. I add veggie sticks instead. The pita is not vegan.

Tofu Girl

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20 Jan 2014

Had potential

Be careful what you eat here if you are vegan. A lot of the staff does not know, some will say it is vegan, then at another visit you find out it is not. Not sure why you would take a vegan item (gardein products are all vegan)and make it not vegan, like the buffalo wings.


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08 Jan 2013

Buffalo Wings

Extensive Gardein menu, including Jamaica wings. But this one is for the Buffalo Wings. The Gardein seems to be in a larger size. Buffalo sauce is obviously made with butter. But I'm Vegetarian Lacto Ovo so I'm fine with that. The wings themselves are amazing, crisp, crunchy, tasty, a work of art. 5 stars. There are many menu items. I love it when a totally random chain of restaurant supports vegetarianism.

Pros: Extensive, Gardein-based, Menu

Cons: Staff, arenot, Vegans

valleys and sea

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06 Aug 2012

why is this listed on happy cow?

I ate here a while ago. My impression was that the waitress was very unknowledgeable about vegan options (saying something along the lines of, 'oh, yeah, my sister's vegetarian...' this is never a good sign. maybe focus less on smalltalk and more on learning different eating habits that might come through your door...) in the end i ordered a salad. I've been vegan for 13 years now, definitely focusing on nutrition, and this is the only occasion in those 13 years i've ever ordered a salad when eating out. this was for a lack of any other options.

i walked out with the overall impression that i would never be eating here again.

so it's kinda surprising to see that someone has listed this on happycow.

anyway, id suggest studying up beforehand, maybe this place is vegan / vegetarian-friendy and i just had a bad server. otherwise, there are way better veg options, and also way better non-veg restaurants that have an item of two for the veggies.

Pros: unfortunately, can't think of any

Cons: my overall experience

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