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Chinese name 香积世界(原极乐斋), address 南岗区东大直街5号.

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First Review by Pitaya


Points +20

03 Apr 2018


As a student studying abroad in China, I looked for health conscious restaurants and a friend brought me here. It was so delicious that I had to return. The atmosphere is spacious and calm, and they play soothing music while you eat. 5/5 the food is very filling. Two people can share one course and be well nourished.

Pros: Price, Atmosphere , Wifi


W. Susan

Points +32

20 Jan 2015

Tasty food, friendly staff

We were a bit skittish to go look for this place as the reviews on Happy Cow said the address was debatable. We gave our taxi driver the name of the temple and the "no 5" address and he was sure there was no way we could have dinner there, but he turned out to be wrong, to his own surprise! The restaurant is at the back (or side? It was dark) of the temple, on the first floor. There was one waiter who spoke a tiny bit of English, and we speak some Mandarin so it worked out fine. The waiter also had some paper notes with English / Mandarin translations (not the whole menu, just some ingredients and dishes): very thoughtful. We ordered the sweet and sour "pork" and as we like spicy food the waiter recommended a dish with "sausage" and beansprout. We also ordered some dumplings. The "pork" was really tasty, crunchy on the outside and with a lovely sauce. The beansprout dish was lovely too: we loved the spices! The dumplings were okay. Some plain rice and 2 alcohol free beers made a great dinner. I would recommend you try this place!

Pros: tasty food, affordable, friendly staff

Cons: no english menu, might be a little bit hard to find


Points +185

31 May 2013

Food is okay, but very greasy

We got to the restaurant at about 7:20pm, the first floor was completely dark. Luckily, someone was cleaning up and told us that the restaurant was upstairs and was still open. We went upstairs to find only one table occupied. The wait staff informed us that they close at 8pm. The waitress who was taking our order was really nice. We were hungry so we sat down and ordered a few dishes. Since the food in that part of China tend to be greasy and salty, we asked for light salt and light oil. The food came relatively quickly. We got dumplings, a tofu dish, stir fried mixed vegetables, and the spicy eggplant. The vegetable dishes were really greasy (especially the eggplant). The sauce for the tofu was really salty. I could only eat the top part that's not drenched in sauce. The dumplings were good. Flavor-wise the food was decent. But it was too salty and oily for my taste.

Pros: Friendly service

Cons: food is too salty and greasy


Points +1175

04 Jan 2013

Restaurant just beside the Kek lok si Temple

We were looking for this restaurant in Dong Da Zhi Street 5, but could not find any restaurant in number 5 (or in other parts of the street either). When we asked people at the entrance of Kek Lok Si Temple they guided us to the second floor of white two-storied building just beside the Kek lok si Temple. This building is Dong Da Zhi Street 11. And it is as close to the temple as possible.

We did not see any name of the vegetarian restaurant outside of the building, but inside in 1st floor they were selling some vegetarian food items (noodles, fake meat products) and in 2nd floor there was a vegetarian restaurant. We ate very tasty vegetarian meal there: spicy eggplant, tofu in red sauce and broccoli with Chinese mushrooms. Everything was really tasty. They do not have English language menu or pictures in the menu, just names of the dishes in Chinese characters, but the service was friendly and you can trust that everything is vegetarian as it is a Buddhist restaurant. They have also fake-meat dishes.

On the walls of the restaurant they have nice Buddhist themed images that show kindness towards animals.

Pros: Tasty food, Nice Buddhist themes, Very close to the Kek lok si temple

Cons: Difficult to find the right building, No English menu

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