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Large and well-stocked natural foods supermarket chain, acquired by Amazon.com in 2018. Offers selections in natural groceries and specialty foods, nutritional supplements and vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well home cleaning and natural body care products. Find vegan foods like tofu and soy products, plant milks, vegan ice cream, vegan cheese, frozen meals, vegan burger patties, cereals, nuts, and much more. Has deli and prepared foods department. Aug 2013 reported no longer hosting its "wellness club." Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-9:00pm. Open daily.

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First Review by FUZZYGUY828


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26 Jun 2020

Vegan's Nirvana

Yes, its expensive. Now that ive gotten that out of the way let's get on to the good stuff. Wholefoods definitely caters to the plant based crowd and they do it very well. They have the best salad bar in town, really good vegan soups, vegan pizza, an incredible "chicken" salad sandwich that must be tried, and sushi.

There is no place in the area that offers this much variety. The warm bar is blah..they could do so much better, but im not going to knock them a star for that or the prices bc i know what im getting when i walk through the door. My Vegan Nirvana!



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13 May 2019

Stay away

Ridiculously overpriced. Inconsistent stocking. Long lines. Hot food bar is bland.


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17 Sep 2018

Best Whole Foods

I often frequent other Whole Foods in the area. What makes this one the best is their wide variety of prepared food. They have three self-serve to-go bars and a huge counter of food sold by weight. We usually come here for their vegan general’s chicken... which is a favorite among my family of meat eaters. The vegan textured meats and tofu is just not the same at other Whole Foods. Also love their various dry bins.

Pros: Huge variety of prepped food

Cons: Pricey, Crowded, Not sure what is organic/isn’t for prepped food


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12 Mar 2018

Has vegan options

You can also eat there and there are other stores within walking distance.


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11 Jun 2015

Love our Whole Foods!

They stay well stocked typically and have the latest vegan products typically as well. Like another person had mentioned, their staff is pretty much clueless about vegan products, even if you call and speak with the people who stock the shelves, they never seen to have heard of the brands and it's a little surprising and frustrating, but the staff is always super nice and willing to help! Endless vegan options and even in the prepared foods area!


13 Jan 2019

Interesting. When I went at the beginning of Veganuary I wasn’t able to get help at first but the guy I was traded off to himself was a vegan! The second time was harder.


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12 Aug 2013

Vegans Rejoice, They Have a Wellness Club - CLOSED

After this review was written, the Wellness Club has closed. I will revise when/if the health starts here program gets going. For now, the prepared foods are quite lacking in healthy options and they got rid of many healthy store-made products altogether. :-(

The Whole Foods Market Princeton is the best Whole Foods I've been to outside of their flagship store in Austin, TX. Most people know what WF's is about so I'll focus on what makes this store unique: They have a Wellness Club. The Wellness Club is a plant-based cooking, health and wellness club -- almost like a mini-health club -- that resides in the center of the store. They offer amazing cooking classes that are 100% plant-based or vegan and focus on teaching people how to live and eat healthy whole foods. The foundation of the school stems from the "Health Stars Here" nutritional guidance of Esselstyn (Engine 2), Jeff Novick, Dr. Fuhrman. They teach the tremendous benefits of eating a balanced plent-strong, whole foods diet and cooking delicious food without any added oil or salt.
Additionally, they partner with dozens of local wellness businesses like yoga studios which offer fitness classes in-store. And members of the program get discounts on produce, healthy foods and partner programs.
Most importantly, the Wellness Club is truly a community of compassionate people who support one another on the journey to better health, plant-strong eating and healthy cooking. We are so lucky to have a Wellness Club in Princeton... to my knowledge it's one of the only programs like this in the country.
Updated from previous review on Sunday February 24, 2013

Pros: Wellness Club (CLOSED), Still many vegan salad bar options

Cons: Can be expensive but you pay for quality, Store gets busy at peak times, Many of the best healthy foods are gone


11 Aug 2013

Sorry to see the Wellness Club close. The Health Starts Here program just started up again, will classes in the new Culinary Center.


12 Aug 2013

Yes it is very unfortunate they decided to pull the plug. Many of the "Wellness Club" healthy whole food options are gone now too. I hope that they will soon bring back some of the healthy no-oil prepared foods. For weeks they've had very little or none. I was also sad that they stopped making the "Wellness Baguette" which was the only real whole grain sprouted wheat baguette they sold. The yummy store made no-oil hummus, gone. No-oil dressings, gone...I can't figure out what they are doing :-/ It's like they just left us in the dark. I still love the employees at Whole Foods but the store is quickly going downhill. I tend to shop there much less now. I sincerely hope they will bring back a lot more "Health Starts Here" options.


12 Aug 2013

They opened 5 Wellness Clubs around the country. Each closed early in 2013, or late 2012. It was a great idea, just not profitable enough to justify the salaries of the teams or the amount of retail space in a busy store that it occupied. I hope they can bring their HSH program to a level comparable to the Lamar store in Austin. They had amazing food. Good luck in your travels...it is hard to find no oil food.


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11 Aug 2013

Mixed Bag

Great place to shop, especially the produce area, their store brand products, and their frequent sales and promotions. Not always a great place to eat.


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05 Aug 2011

A GREAT whole foods

This is the best Whole foods I've been to. They do everything well here. They even listened to my complaint about stocking something gross in the otherwise magnificent produce section. The staff is usually very good, just keep an eye on the bagger if you don't do it yourself: I had some knucklehead put 28 oz cans of tomato sauce on top of fresh fragile berries, doh!

This is my favorite WF I have been to, and I have seen quite a few. There are back roads to it, so if you hate Rt 1 like I do, I can give you back road directions. They seem to try to do positive in a culture (central NJ) that strongly resists and almost resents it.

Those who know go here!!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday September 09, 2008

Pros: produce, bakery , deli


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21 Mar 2010


Whole Foods is a chain so, you get what you pay for.
Unfortunately, I find the knowledge of these people lacking. Most of them are not Vegans or Vegetarians. When asked recently if this product was 'VEGAN', I was told to read the label.
Also, since when is MILK PRODUCTS VEGAN? I guess you have to watch out when you read the label.
The staff here was 'wet behind the ears' and the prices seemed quite expensive.

Pros: Variety, Ease of check out

Cons: Staff not up to par, Expensive


22 Feb 2013

why did you ask if you already knew? You can't expect any worker to know the vegan-ability of every product they sell, can you, even if they are new? I know you try to hype your friends' place, but be real...

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