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Nationwide supermarket chain founded 1916 with its first market in Rochester NY. Stocks mostly conventional foodstuff and products. Has sections for organic and health food. The deli, prepared foods, salad and hot food bar has vegan options. Open Mon-Sun 6:00am-12:00am.

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First Review by chrismeer


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05 Jul 2022

Wow, Wegman's!

I haven't been to Wegman's in a while. It's not the most convenient store for me and I have ordered via their site. With that said, seeing all the new items and options, I am impressed. Even the Just Eggs and Kite Hill products are $1 cheaper than my other stores. I am also thrilled that they have vegan options of Quorn (I LOVE QUORN)!

Today, I picked up a beet poke bowl (yum) and a kombucha.

Pros: Lots of expanded vegan options, Cheaper cost than other specialty stores



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22 Feb 2020

Enjoy a vegan meal BEFORE shopping for groceries!

I've been pretty much strictly vegan for the last 2 months, and with the help of HappyCow have been able to find some great vegan restaurants whilst travelling. Wegmans in Frederick, MD is great for food shopping, but for me it's a bad idea to shop for food whilst experiencing hunger pangs. The Market Cafe in Wegmans has a decent vegan selection. If my wife is with me, she can pick her own selection. The store has a magnificent selection of vegetarian and vegan foodstuffs. This place is invariably crowded, and it's no wonder why!

Pros: Vegan foods in the Market Cafe, Fresh

Cons: Relatively costly

Alysoun Mahoney

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28 May 2018

Great overall, but beware re bakery goods

I feel fortunate that Wegmans is my nearest supermarket since I moved to a new house in spring 2017. Of all the "mainstream" grocery chains, Wegmans has the best selection of vegan goods from veggie burgers to soy milk to nut-based cheeses.

I have been disappointed by Wegmans bakery section, however - both because they needlessly add honey to products that are otherwise vegan, and because the staff with whom I discussed the matter didn't know that honey wasn't vegan.

When I first began shopping at this store, I asked the bakery staff about their bagel ingredients, and was told at the time that any bagel created from their plain base was vegan. Last month, on a day when they happened to be out of all the bagel varieties I understood to be vegan, I asked about the ingredients of a few other flavors still on the shelf - and the staff told me that ALL their bagels are made with honey. "I didn't know vegans don't eat honey," the staffer said! To confirm, I wrote to corporate headquarters for a written list of ingredients - and sure enough, every single bagel has honey!

I have also had difficulty finding vegan bread products at this store. Though they sell dozens of sandwich breads and buns with ingredients listed on the label, some days I can't find any that are vegan, and other days just one or two.

Pros: Good selection of vegan products, Good prices

Cons: Few vegan bakery products , Bakery staff don't understand vegan


11 Feb 2024

I've had this same conversation in the past. I believe they've recently changed the recipe to remove honey from some of the bagels now. I got everything bagels last month from the bakery and there was no longer honey listed on the ingredients.


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24 Jun 2016

excellent selection and prices and buffet!

Wegman's is one of my favorites for the selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free products. They are priced well below those "specialty sections" in other supermarkets. Wegman's got a reputation for high prices but they were rated as the lowest prices by Consumer Reports.the reason for public reputation is because of their phenomenal selection of specialty items like cheeses from around the world to truffles (under lock and key).
Their buffet has a vegan table, vegetarian table and every other food. All are specifically labeled with option info.
I LOVE this store.

Pros: every product known to man! great prices on vegan/

Cons: hard to get out of there without rewarding yoursel

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