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Ungargasse 57, Vienna, Austria, 1030

Vegetarian Chinese restaurant turned all vegan in 2015 (per report). Offers mock meats, tofu, and vegetable dishes. Has a lunch buffet. Menu is mostly vegan. Ask for the English menu. Non-smoking. Directions: U3 to Landstrasse station go Landstasse to Invalidenstarsse to Ungargasse then take street car down Ungargasse. Tue-Sun 11:30am-3:30pm, Tue-Sun 5:00pm-8:00pm

Category: Vegan, Chinese, Buffet, Take-out, Taiwanese

Reviews (36)

First Review by kamikazekid

great vegan buffet - Edit

We went here and got the lunch buffet which was €12.50 each. It's quite expensive but so are most places in Vienna. You can eat as much as you want and there's a good selection of food. I really liked the soup and and some of the noodles. They even had sushi! I asked if everything was vegan and the server told me everything but the sweets, there were some gummy bears that he said weren't vegan. I thought that was a bit odd, why not get vegan ones or just forget the sweets altogether? It also made me worry other things might not be vegan and he forgot to tell me. The atmosphere wasn't as good as other vegan places in town and I felt a bit awkward and uneasy asking questions to the staff. Overall it was good.

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mixed feelings about food and service - Edit

While the interior looks tidy and modern I don't find it comfortable. I always feel a bit uneasy there. Whenever possible I take a seat outside in the Schanigarten, located in a quiet side street. The all you can eat lunch buffet is a great offer. Many dishes from starters to deserts. Even vegan sushi is included which is rare in Vienna. Interesting specialties on the menu like steaks made of mushrooms and creative fake meat dishes. Some of them don't really differ from the usual "Chinese" stuff and are therefore overpriced, I think. If you eat (and drink) a la carte be prepared to spend 20 € minimum per person. Why it took them so long to become entirely vegan is beyond me. I mean who goes like "Hey we absolutely must eat at vegetasia cause they put eggs in their soup!"?? In general the staff is friendly and helpful. On one occasion they forgot about my order. I was really hungry and really pissed. Oddly, they didn't seem to care about me being the only person at the table not being served anything. I needed to inquire for my order and they didn't make any effort to compensate me for 80 minutes of desperate waiting for food. On an other instance, when I was going for the all you can eat buffet, I needed to get a new plate because I had spilled some of my drink over it. When I asked the waitress for a new plate she said if I got a new plate I would have to pay another 12,50 buffet charge. Are you serious? Are they so short of plates? Another day I had a really hard time to explain the waiter that I wanted a rice brandy but both his english and his german were quite poor. However, it's a decent restaurant with a fascinating menu and i'll go there again. But dare you let me starve again!!

Pros: great buffet , rare specialties , outside seating

Cons: a la carte is expensive, service quality not consistent , varying food quality

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Restaurant hours were incorrect - Edit

We arrived at 7:00 pm. The restaurant's website stated that they were open until 10:30 pm. When we entered the restaurant, we were told by a staff person that it is closed and then that person told us that it closes at 8:00 pm. We pointed out that it was just a little after 7:00 pm. The staff person, who was unfortunately not very friendly, said that even though it was almost an hour until closing, they weren't cooking any more that evening.

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great lunch buffet - Edit

I went to Vegetasia for lunch and I was surprised by the huge vegan buffet. I tried the vegan sushi, the spring rolls and some noodles and fake meat dishes. They were all very good and not too heavy.There was also a vegan pudding as dessert and fruit. The buffet price is around 12 euro per person, which is a very good price for an all-you-can-eat buffet. It is not too far from Belvedere so it is the perfect place to go for lunch if you are visiting the palaces and museums there.

Pros: vegan buffet for lunch, good price

Cons: none

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great value! - Edit

Ate here a few days ago, I had the lunch set menu which is 5 courses for €9.90! Absolute bargain! Very tasty food and was so full I had to take the final course back to my hotel room

Would absolutely recommend to any vegan or non-vegan visiting Vienna!

Pros: tasty , great value for money , friendly staff

Cons: a lot of the options were fried, not great if you'

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favourite place in vienna! - Edit

i LOVE vegetasia! there's hardly any place in vienna that beats the service, taste and variety of food. I usually come here for the buffet whenever i'm in town.
the main courses usually change while the starters & soups stay the same. there's also great sushi (with mock salmon that looks ridiculously real!) and your usual spring rolls etc.
i love how the food is seasoned and that there's always something new to experience. the soup isn't vegan (contains egg) but will be prepared vegan upon request! the service is outstanding! i love their fried peanut-balls. they once weren't included in the buffet (as said, it changes) so i told the lady how much i love them and can't wait for the next time eating here so i hopefully would be able to taste them again. she went off and brought us a portion of them complimentary for our table (each of us - 4 people - were able to have one).
price might not be the cheapest but the variety & taste of food is worth every cent!
location might be a little out of your way, depending where exactly you're at but it's only a short walk from the underground and the tram is pretty much in front of the door.

Pros: taste, variety, service

Cons: location, price (but worth it)

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Disappointing - Edit

The restaurant has a very clean, angular vibe but it is not inviting or cozy. We received limited assistance translating the menu. Had we been more persistent we could have asked for additional choices but clearly the waiter was anxious to move on. He was nice enough but of limited help. The food was fair. The flavors were average, nothing memorable. Either be a German speaker or translate the menu items before coming in order to have choices. Cash is preferred.

Cons: Average food, Not an inviting venue

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lots of fried food, expensive buffet, - Edit

After a while I decided to have lunch with a friend at Vegetasia as I had on mind buffet is good value. I honestly didn't check the price before and it took me by surprise they are charging 12,50€ for Buffet and 0,60€ for a glass of water!!!!
If they had all fresh delicious healthy food Id understand the price but not for mainly fried greasy dishes! The non fried options were rarely available and I was just wondering why they have such a bad offer...
I know they can cook good dishes but the buffet is bad quality, deep fried unhealthy dishes and way too expensive!!!!
I'm not returning as there are plenty of yummy good value places and places where I like to spend more money for quality!!!! Sry for the review but you get served what you deserved that's my way of thinking!

Pros: Nice atmosphere, cruelty free cuisine

Cons: too expensive, lots of fried food, they charge for tap water!!!

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Vegetasia - Modern flavours of Asia - Edit

Taiwanese and other Asian dishes in a modern fashionable restaurant. Good food and friendly professional service. I had the tofu balls in a mango salsa sauce - the mixture of mango and lemongrass was totally delicious and a new taste sensation for me.

Nice atmosphere and recommended.

Pros: Great relaxed modern decor, Well cooked food - great range of choice, Good service

Cons: Maybe a tiny bit pricey for the food alo

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Nice atmosphere and nice food - Edit

I had dinner at Vegetasia two days ago. When I entered I was welcomed by a waitress who didn't speak English (actually, I must admit that I cannot speak German at all, so it's my fault in the first place!), thus she sent for the waitress who did speak English! She was very kind and at the end I ate a mock-meat dish with the least amount of fried things I could find in the menu. Yes, the menu is chocked full of fried stuff (mockmeat, mostly, like soy "chicken").

Then at the end I asked for the strawberry and coconut pudding and it was a work of art. Basically, I felt guilty for eating it, it was gorgeous! And good taste too. As for beverages, I had water.

The English-speaking waitress checked a couple of times if everything was fine, and it was. I enjoyed eating at Vegetasia, and I normally avoid Chinese and Taiwanese restaurants (mostly because I avoid fried stuff as much as possible).

I paid 20EUR, which I guess it's reasonable (at lunchime they have a much less expensive buffet).

I think this should be a 5 cows review, although if you want to avoid mockmeat and fried stuff then maybe scale it to 4!

Pros: Rich portions, Kind staff

Cons: Too much fried stuff in the menu...

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Very different experience to others! - Edit

I felt compelled to write a review as our experience was so different to those below. Maybe we went at a good time (Sunday evening) or maybe they have new staff, but the service was great, really friendly and helpful (and English speaking, fortunately for me and my rubbish German!). I found it impossible to choose from the mouthwatering menu so we went for the set menu and I wasn't disappointed!

I can't recommend this place highly enough. My only slight complaint was that it was a bit hard to tell from the menu what was vegan, although again the staff were really helpful with that.

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Not an easy review to write - Edit

I visited this restaurant back in June 2014. Let me start off by saying that the food here is AMAZING! Seriously, it's and incredible vegan experience. Everything we tasted - was great. But... I must admit the service here was questionable, to say the least. The restaurant closes at 23:00 and on both times we attended Vegetasia - we were literally kicked out by 22:59. Now, I understand that we could have arrived earlier but there's a very disturbing feeling you get when someone wracks up all of the tables and chairs around you and shuts off the lights (!) while you're still eating. Also, the second time we were there, we didn't receive one of the dishes we ordered - it wasn't on the final bill but I cant help but wonder, if this was dropped due to the closing of the kitchen...perhaps they thought we ordered enough and ignored the dish? I would have given them a full 5 stars but I being kicked out was just too much for me... too bad, really.
Oh, also - very poor English skills, even-though they offer an English menu.

Pros: good food, nice decor

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Pretty good - Edit

My boyfriend and I came here on our first night in Vienna. The food was tasty but nothing particularly special if you're used to mock meats etc. My biggest complaint would be the service. It was a public holiday and they seemed pretty slammed so maybe it was a one-off but our service was SO SLOW it was a bit ridiculous. The waitstaff were not on top of things at all and it got to the point where the waitress just flat-out ignored me because she was obviously too busy to serve us. We waited for half an hour just to order dessert. Part of it was that the waitstaff were obviously busy, but it was annoying because some tables got really fast services and I noticed others like us who were kept waiting a long time. I wanted to just go but my boyfriend insisted on staying. Either way I'd skip the desserts they were nothing special. It was pretty expensive too.

Pros: Lots of variety

Cons: Slow service, Expensive

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Great food - but unfriendly owner - Edit

First of all the food was really good! We chose the spicy Chicken Nuggets, the 8 Treasures and an assorted Platter with crispy salty Chicken. It was delicious and great to see such a place in Europe, I only know Vegi Asians from the US.

The only downfall was the girl who seems to be the owner. We were served by a nice guy and when we ordered dessert, we also asked for another glass of wine. When the server brought the dessert, he seemed to forgot the wine so we just ordered again (without any complaint or so). When we finished the dessert we still had to wait for about 15 minutes more before the girl brought us the wine. Since we had some further plans for the evening, we ordered the check. She then got really mad and said, that they are really busy and asked if we didn't want to finish our drinks first before bothering her.

The food at Vegetasia is really great, so please go and try it and i just hope, the girl will have a better mood, the restaurant is really nice.

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Excellent food and service - Edit

I'm very surprised by the critical comments in some of the reviews here. There were 4 of us for dinner and all dishes were excellent. There were 3 waiters on staff and all 3 were super-friendly as well as attentive to detail. It is true that it's not in the center of town, but it's super-easy to reach by tram and definitely worth it.

Highly recommended.

Pros: Great food, Great prices, Terrific service

Cons: Not in the center of town

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Decent but not amazing - Edit

All veggie Asian spot with many vegan options. Ask for an English menu, they do have them particularly as wait staff does not speak a lot of English. The soup was a bit of a disappointment, but overall the meal was decent. It is definitely out of the way, a bit of a walk from the Belvedere and a hike back to the city center, but tram does run nearby if you prefer.

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Very disappointing - Edit

My husband and I got take out from here, and were very disappointed. While everything was indeed vegan, it was very bad—nothing tasted fresh or flavorful, just like something I would get from a crappy, cheap Chinese restaurant. It was also REALLY expensive: €34 (about $50) for take out for two. Don't bother.

I'm put out HappyCow won't let me give it one star; 2 is way too many.

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Unique amongst Chinese Buddhist restaurants - Edit

I came to Vienna not wanting my vegetarian experience to be limited to the standard Chinese Buddhist offerings. Was I ever happy that this restaurant happened to be the closest veg place to my hotel! I can state with confidence that this was the best Asian vegetarian restaurant I’ve ever eaten at, and I have eaten at such places all over the world. The décor, ambiance, and design were what you might expect at an upscale Viennese restaurant. The price was unbelievable – two of us had a set menu for E35 total, which included soup, four mini-spring rolls, four main courses, and dessert. The food was exceptional. All too often, Chinese Buddhist restaurants present a long list of exotic sounding dishes – giving the illusion of great choice – when in reality, many of the dishes taste pretty similar. Vegetasia was different. Every dish we had was prepared with care and thought. The corn in the sweet corn soup was fresh. The spring rolls were not resurrected from a frozen, industrial batch. Vegetasia 1 was a most pleasant surprise, and is highly recommended.

Pros: price, food quality, ambiance

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Not vegan friendly - Edit

It's a shame: this restaurant looks nice, food is most times awesome, but when you ask what is vegan, they tell you "everything" (at the buffet), which is not true.
Same with desserts, they gave me something with milk and told me afterwards, when I complained.

As long as this policy stays intact, I can not recommend this restaurant, as long as you are not with a friend that already knows it.

Don't try the Very hot authentic thai soup. Coming directly from Thailand this was a mock, completely tasteless :( Another authentic Chinese dish the same.

A word to the buffet: soaked in fat, not crispy, partial cold and many things empty. For the buffet I would only give 1 star, never again!

Pros: Many dishes, Mostly awesome quality, very nice restaurant

Cons: They sell vegatarian as vegan!, Buffet is not good, the fake fish tastes fake

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Amazing! So good, not expensive,close to train stn - Edit

I went here twice for the lunch buffet (12-3pm during the week I believe). It was something like 7€ and was great. The food ranged from "ok", typical tawainese vegetarian/mock-meat stuff to quite delicious dishes that were not usual run-of-the mill. Nothing I had was bad and some things were great. There are a pretty good number of dishes, though not all are vegan (hot and sour soup has egg, cookies I doubt are vegan etc.) Most of the uncertain ones (deep-fried pineapple, vanilla pudding) were labelled as vegan if they were. What can I say, it's delicious and the price is right, definitely one of the better places I found in Vienna and I will hit here again for sure the next time I am back.

The have a nice terrace out front and they have some sushi too included on the buffet (and dessert, as mentioned above). Also, they carry Dammann teas (like "damn man, this is tasty"). Vanilla Rooibos is highly recommended.

Pros: Good value, Tasty

Cons: Dishes could be a little more inspired

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okay buffet, terrifyingly real-looking mock fish - Edit

Went there for lunch with some friends. The buffet was okay, not breathtaking, but good. We had to take care since nothing was labelled as vegetarian or vegan, and there was egg rice and pudding containing dairy. A friend had some salmon sushi that looked so much like real salmon I didn't dare taste it myself. Apparently it was great (and vegan).

Pros: mock fish,if you like that sort of thing

Cons: vegetarian/vegan dishes not labelled

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Bland, tasteless, generic Chinese restaurant - Edit

We came on the recommendation of a friend. Won't be going back.

We ordered 2 different dishes (crispy duck with 'vegetables', and the 'various meat varieties with vegetables and cashew nuts') and the 'vegetables' were exactly the same in each dish: overcooked frozen-like vegetables in a sticky starchy goopy sauce, like in an ordinary cheap Chinese restaurant.

Thoughtless, unappetizing, poorly presented, expensive.

Pros: all vegetarian, good service

Cons: the food

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Classy - Edit

Very nice replica meat vegan dishes. Would have liked to see more dishes which weren't meat imitations but they were all very convincing and tasty.

Set menus for two cost about 35 Euro. English menus available and staff spoke good english.

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Taiwanese treat - Edit

The menu - available in English - was very varied and entirely vegetarian, vegan, in fact, except for optional egg in one or two dishes). Initially the menu looked deceptively meaty (aaghh) but there is an index at the front which describes the actual vegetarian ingredients used in creating the many meat-substitute dishes.
We visited twice in a 5-night stay in Vienna and both times all the food was exceptionally tasty and interesting. The Mango "chicken" curry was gorgeous. All dishes were well-presented and the staff were very helpul - most spoke a reasonable amount of English. The interior was understated chic - not at all pretentious. If you stay at the Renaissance Riding Stables Hotel on Ungargasse it is 100 yards away! But it is also on one of the main tram routes. Apart from the odd mosquito it is one of the best vegan/vegetarian restuarants I have ever eaten in and I can't recommend it highly enough. It was child friendly, which is not universal in Vienna, and has a small number of seats outside. It is reasonably priced too.

Pros: Varied, tasy menu , friendly staff, Non-smoking inside

Cons: Mostly "meat substitute dishes.

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Nice but not perfect - Edit

I went to try the buffet at Vegetasia once and even though I'm not that much into Asian food it was ok, there was a very big variety of food, soups, salads etc. Only I was a bit unsure about what was vegan and what not. There should be little signs or something indicating the vegan dishes, shouldn't be too hard to do.
The price was ok and I also enjoyed the atmosphere.

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Not vegan friendly - Edit

This restaurant isn't really vegan friendly. I was there for the lunch buffet today and asked what of the offers is vegan. They gave me the answer that everything on the buffet is vegan.

Starting to eat, I realized that there definitively was egg in the fried rice.

Giving wrong information on the ingrediants of the dishes is a no-go - and the worst mistake that could happen in a restaurant that is said to be "vegan-friendly".

Knowing that I can't trust the information I get there, eating there is really no fun, because you are suspicios with every bite. I also recognized honey on the buffet that was claimed to be completely vegan. In my eyes this is not a trustworthy place. A vegetarian restaurant that cares about the intrests of their coustomers would make sure that the staff dosn't give wrong information. If they even don't manage to organize their place in a way to solve this simple task, who knows what is going wrong there behind the sceens.

So I won't go there again, although the things I tried tasted ok. But - I certainly only want to spend my money where I can trust the information about the ingredients.

Pros: tasted ok, all you can eat buffet at lunchtime

Cons: indicated food as vegan that weren't, I couldn't trust them, Suspicious with every bite

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Very satisfying experience - Edit

So we got there before they opened for the evening, and grabbed a member of staff on her way out to check they would be opening, she seemed on the verge off offering to let us in because it was so cold, but my partner decided we were too emabarrased. we returned soon after (it felt like much longer in the freezing arctic temperatures) I ate a delicious crispy duck style dish and my partner had a pork dish, she feels it was pretty much the best cooked fake meat dish she had ever eaten. I also enjoyed mine a lot.

Pros: Tasty, good staff, stylish interior

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genuine taiwanese cuisine - Edit

as I've been to Taiwan twice (a great place for vegetarians/vegans to go!!!), I can tell you honestly this place serves the real thing. Some people say "greasy" or "mushrooms" but that's what this cuisine is about - I mean they do fry some things, but they also have great stirfries. So if you don't like fried food there's always an option! Great main courses (always with rice) and fantastic sorbet and red-bean&rice cookies! Tried the buffet the other day - also great - just 6,80Euro a person. Don't accept credit cards for the buffet though, we had a problem there :))

Pros: great food, many vegan dishes, your dog can join you!

Cons: smoking

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good value for money - Edit

We went for the luch buffet and were very satisfied.
Good variety of salty and sweet items, some salads and sushi. A lot of the offerings were deep fried which is nice occasionally but you couldn't eat like this every day. They also offer a reasonably priced lunch menu which I have not tried yet.

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Good food! - Edit

They had a menu in English and the waitress was able to communicate pretty well which was nice. We order some crispy potato pancakes (I think that's what they were called) and they were delicious! I order the Peking Duck which was a bit salty but still very enjoyable. The fried rice was good as well. The only real minus was the little mice running by (we were sitting outside) which was a bit unsettling but living in the country myself and having to deal with the same problem I don't believe it necessarily reflects on lack of cleanliness.

Pros: Extensive menu, Friendly Staff, Ambiance

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If you're really hungry - Edit

I have to admit I wasn't excited about some of the dishes because they were loaded with a couple of ingredients I don't really like (notably mushrooms). But overall they were pretty good. Watch out for the two/three items that are not vegan; ask and they will tell you. The little dim-sum type items were extremely greasy. Really to the point of not being worth eating at all. Couple of salads were nice too. It was so busy I don't know why some of the food seemed so soggy.

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Really good - Edit

Had a fantastic meal at Vegetasia - really nice surroundings (though be warned - as with everywhere in Vienna people think nothing of smoking in restaurants or having their dog accompany them!) and great food. Lots of choice though we struggled a bit in translating and sussing which items were vegan. My boyfriend thought the food was a bit too salty though I thought it was fine. I couldn't eat there every day but it's certainly a really good restaurant

Pros: Tasty food, Helpful staff

Cons: A bit smoky

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