Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options like vegan pork belly, crispy vegan salad, vegan orange chicken, spring rolls, hot & sour sou and much more. Instagram @v_revolution80113 Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Feegan_the_vegan


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23 Sep 2023

Quality Asian-Fusion QSR in the Heart of Englewood

Fast casual Asian-fusion joint FTW. I readily vouch for the Kung Pao chicken. Sriracha was added to kick it up a bit and next time I may ask if heat level can be customized.

Also looking forward to trying more of the menu, when I'm in the neighborhood. I've got my eye on that hot and sour soup for one thing 🧐🤤

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05 Aug 2023

Delicious as always!

After a 3day fast. I decided I would breakfast at one of my favorite places V Revolution. The Lady working the front desk is always nice and knowledgeable. We live an hour away and it’s always worth the drive. We arrived shortly after it open. Everything was Delicious! I just wish it was closer to the house. Definitely going back!!

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Pros: Service is quick! , Dining area and bathroom is spotless!, Awesome spices! Great Food! Sweet change up


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05 May 2023

Great Chinese food!

Tons of options, great service, great food. Always have to get the tofu Thai fries and hot and sour soup when it’s available. I haven’t had a meal I didn’t like from here! Vegan and vegetarian options available, make sure to look for the vegan symbol!


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17 Apr 2023

Excellent Asian Fusion!

V Revolution has a huge menu and nearly all of it is vegan or can be made vegan. I had the Vegan Orange Chickin’ Bao and my husband had the Drunken Noodles with tofu. Both were excellent! I can’t wait to return and try more of their dishes!

Pros: Large menu and most of it is vegan, Friendly staff


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14 Apr 2023

Best Asian Fusion in Denver

This place is so amazing...and almost all vegan. It's hard to try everything on the large menu because it's all so delicious and some dishes you just can't say no to. You could live off of just the appetizers...crab cheese wontons, gyoza, and sesame balls, to name a few. And the Pad Thai, Mongolian Beef, and BBQ Pork Fried Rice are stellar!


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Mostly Veg
19 Mar 2023

The Brussel Sprouts!

First stop while in Denver: I’ve always liked brussel sprouts but this place takes it to another level! Love all the Asian fusion vegan foods. #vegan #flexitarian #plantbasedfoodie #plantbasedfoodies

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18 Mar 2023

Large menu

Large menu of primarily Asian-influence, the food seems to be somewhat hit or miss with some menu options being delicious and others being somewhat bland. The rice bowls tend to be on the bland side, everything else is consistently good.

Would be 5 stars if the restraunt was entirely vegan, maybe one day.

Pros: Large menu

Cons: Not entirely vegan


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20 Feb 2023

So good!

The food was so good! Best vegan food from any restaurant I’ve been to in the Denver area. We tried the mushroom bao, Katsu bao, and orange chick’n bao, Brussels sprouts, vegan fries, kung pao chick’n, and Dan Dan noodles. Though the portions seem small, they were filling and very delicious!

Pros: So many delicious vegan options!


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28 Jan 2023

HUGE menu!

Such friendly, genuine customer service. The layout and vibe has so much potential but they’re falling a lil flat there. Otherwise, I absolutely love all the options and, though I’m not personally a fan, love their mock meat offerings. You can bring anyone here!! I am also particularly thrilled with their drink selection.


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18 Dec 2022

Decent Food but not 100% Vegan as advertised on website

I would LOVE if this plce was ALL VEGAN!
it's so close... just a few items that contain egg.
I really liked the wontons.
The Pho & The Salt and Pepper Tofu Rice were decent. Good but not Great.
I will definitely go again to try some other items.

Pros: Mostly Vegan, Good Atmoshpere with good amt of seating, Kind Staff

Cons: Not All Vegan, Advertised as 100% Vegan but not, Slightly Bland


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15 Dec 2022

I’ll be back to try everything!

First time here, immediate impression of a clean and healthy space. The vushrooms aren’t to be missed. Their “chickin” is unique- great texture and seasoning. Plus huge selection of delicious drinks!


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30 Nov 2022

Easily 5 stars

I wish there were more places like this. Low cost, mostly all vegan, and not a fast food place!

Everything we got here was genuinely delicious and far exceeded my expectations for the price.

Pros: Mostly all vegan, Large portions , Delicious yet inexpensive


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19 Nov 2022

Almost all vegan

Large menu almost all vegan. Just a few things have a mock meat that's vegetarian but not vegan. Food is good, staff are nice, space is modern and airy. The one negative is that everything is served in disposable containers, disposable utensils, disposable cups, even when eating in. That's the one thing that keeps me from going more often.

Pros: Mostly vegan, Friendly staff, Vegan wontons

Cons: All disposable even when dining in


30 Dec 2022

All faux meats are now vegan. Sadly they still use egg in a few of their items.


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24 Sep 2022

My favorite restaurant by far

It wouldn't take much to make them an all-vegan restaurant and I've talked with both Leslie and Howard about it. Then, I'd promote through the roof on social media. My favorite dish is and remains the orange chick'n!

Pros: orange chick'n is the bomb

Cons: Please go ALL vegan.


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16 Sep 2022

I Want to like it

The staff are friendly, and there are tons of options, but having been here twice now, there’s just been a bit of an offputting flavor / smell in the noodle dishes, which seems like an overuse of lemongrass or something. It unfortunately ruins the flavor because it smells a bit like a bathroom cleaner, which is not how I want my food to smell. Taste is marginally better. It’s not terrible and may not bother some people, but for me it’s a dealbreaker😒I don’t think I will be back. I want to like the food here, but unfortunately I just haven’t had the best experience with it. Obviously personal experience is a thing and there are many other dishes to try. If you’re curious it is still worth a visit, but I probably wont be back

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Pros: Tons of options , Friendly staff

Cons: Kind of expensive , Offputting flavor in some dishes


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06 Sep 2022

Try it

You gotta try it at least once. They have a large menu with a great choice for any preference!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Massive menu

Cons: Kinda wish it was fully vegan


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22 Aug 2022

Love this place!!

I’ve been here several times and it never disappoints!! Their cheez Rangoon is to die for! I order it every time I do there! Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Pros: All vegan, Fantastic food


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19 Aug 2022

Good Food Good Price

Food was great and staff was extremely generous, helpful, and knowledgeable when asked questions about items on the menu. I expected a little larger portions based off the pictures of the food on their website, but it was still enough to keep me full. If im in the area again I will definitely come here again.

Pros: Wide variety of vegan options, Staff is extremely nice and friendly, Clean and welcoming environment

Cons: Portions were smaller than expected


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24 Jul 2022

Lovely spacious place just off Hampden

It was really hard to get a feel for how big their menu was based on the online menu. As I was walking over here I saw a nearby Chinese restaurant and tried to stop in because I was really craving Asian food. Unfortunately they were closed on Sunday so I came to V Revolution instead. Imagine my delight when I saw they offered Pad Thai noodles, which were absolutely delicious and completely satisfied my Asian food cravings. I’ll definitely be coming back.

Pros: Cheap, Delicious

Cons: Water in this neighborhood is bad. Buy a drink!


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13 Jul 2022

Amazing vegan food!

We ordered take-out from V Revolution and enjoyed an amazing dinner! We tried the orange chickin’, the pork and rice bowl, the peanut tofu noodle bowl and the teriyaki tofu bowl. Make sure to try the V fries! Service was speedy and accurate.

Make sure to give V Revolution a try!

Pros: Fully vegetarian , Reasonably priced , Speedy and accurate service


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03 Jun 2022

Excellent vegan options

We stopped here on our way to a concert at Fiddler’s Green. The only thing that prevents 5 stars is there would be more gluten free options if they simple subbed Tamari.

Pros: Many options for vegans , Fresh and healthy

Cons: Only a few gluten free options


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11 May 2022

Fantastic array of tasty food

So many vegan options for foods I haven't had in years, and they're delicious

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Many uncommon vegan options, Tastes great!


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27 Feb 2022

Can’t wait to go back!!

It was difficult to order because I wanted to order everything but we tried the cream cheese wontons, orange chicken, drunken noodles and pepper mushrooms. All of them I would definitely order again but the mushrooms and wontons were my favorite.


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25 Feb 2022

Not a Fan

I'm sure it was just what I ordered, but I wasn't impressed.

The crispy brussels sprouts were tasty but they're not regular brussels sprouts - they're brussels chips. Just not what I was expecting. I bet this would taste great atop a loaded baked potato or something. The crispy sprouts by themselves was a bit unsatisfying; it felt like something was missing.

The V Kale Salad was just meh. Bland and boring. I definitely wouldn't order it again.

I'd give them another try when in Denver again. Perhaps I'll have better luck with some of their comfort food.


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17 Jan 2022

Vegan cream cheese wontons!

Crab cheese wontons used to be my favorite and I haven’t had them in about a decade. I was so excited to see these on the vegan menu and they were delicious! I also got the vegan bao trio (very good and very filling), sesame balls (amazing 🤤) and the Korean kimchi bowl with tofu and that was pretty spicy and awesome. My new favorite spot and I will be eating here a lot 🤤😍💸 #Veganuary

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Delicious food , Quick and easy


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16 Jan 2022

Not terrible, but could be a lot better.

The cleaner food is decent. Once you get a burger or anything with sauce, then it becomes super rich and kinda ruins it. I can't eat anything other than the kale salad without getting an upset stomach here. I have had more than half the vegan menu.

Pros: Decent Vegan options , Most of the staff members

Cons: Price, One of the staff members


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26 Nov 2021

Everything on menu is amazing.

No matter what I order always blows me away with the textures and flavors they get into the different dishes.

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