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Serves meat, vegan options available. Italian restaurant offering build-your-own pizza with labeled vegan options including cheese, fuax meats, vegetables and a selection of different style crusts. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by Itsmethematt


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07 Aug 2023


$6 for vegan cheese substitution is alittle ridiculous! And when I received my pizza, very little cheese was sprinkled on top! I did appreciate they added plenty of veggies, but can’t get over the cheese thing.

Pros: Expensive



Points +153

03 Aug 2022

Expensive but so good

I'm torn because it's so close and delicious. But holy smokes is it FREAKING EXPENSIVE! Vegan cheese and meats but we hardly go because it's so expensive.

Pros: Vegan cheese, Vegan meat, Delicious pizza

Cons: Expensive AF, Serves meat, Seriously $$$$$$$


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21 Jul 2022

Pizza for everyone

I like thin crust pizza, and they have it. They also have thick crust. But most importantly they have vegan options including vegan cheese. It’s a clean shop, well maintained and they turn out nice tasty pizzas.

Pros: Vegan cheese , Good ingredients , Clean, quick and friendly

Cons: Not entirely vegan


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20 Feb 2022

Expensive AF for decent pizza

First the positives. Clearly labeled vegan crusts, sauces, cheese, and faux meats. In this region that is huge. The vegan cheese, vegan chicken, and vegan pepperoni are all decent. That gives you the ability to make just about any kind of vegan pizza you want. Pizza was done on time, it was correctly prepared, staff was friendly enough, and I was able to order online. Everything we ordered was decent tasting. It cuts 22 minutes off my roundtrip p/u time compared to my goto vegan pizza place in Brunswick.

Now the negatives. This place is seriously almost twice as expensive as my normal pizza place Ohio Pie Co (Brunswick) for the same pizzas. Since vegan pizzas at Ohio Pie are already expensive I was expecting to be blown away - I wasn't. The tomato sauce is meh. While the cheese is decent, I've had better. The American Pan crust was unusual and much more like focaccia bread than any pizza crust I've had before. The crust type dictates the size of the pizza and most of them are equivalent to a medium. The pizza especially cheese and crust were better when I reheated it making me think it may have been under baked.

If this pizza was half the cost I'd probably go back as vegan pizza is hard to find and it was decent, but at these prices I'm gonna keep making the drive for great pizza.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Crazy expensive, Sizes dictated by crust type


01 Mar 2022

💯 agree … way to expensive and I would not even say “good” ..


Points +279

12 Sep 2021


Yummy pizza, “meats” a little bleh, but sauce is delicious and Detroit style was a good choice.

Pros: Vegan cheese, Vegan meats , Vegan crust

Cons: Expensive


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Non Veg
24 Jul 2021

Used to Work Here

If we’re going based off the vegan pizzas alone, I would recommend going somewhere else. The vegan cheese is a weird creamy consistency but tastes nothing like real cheese and when a few vegan customers would choose just to eat the pizza with no cheese of any kind. The vegan chicken is pretty tasty I won’t lie and you do get a ton of toppings, at a steep price though. Lastly, a majority of employees don’t wear gloves and don’t wipe off blades or anything so if you’re strict about like grease of meat getting on your food or tiny pieces of meat stuck to peoples’ hands or gloves transferring to your food; steer clear of this place.

Pros: Large amount of toppings, Serves an alternative for cheese as well as meat, No pork products whatsoever (Muslim friendly)

Cons: Vegan products are cross-contaminated, Weird cheese


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31 Jul 2020

So good!

I've been looking for good vegan pizza for months and I finally found it right down the street from my house! So amazing! And tons of options 🖤🤤 I will definitely be back


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26 Jul 2020

Vegan Cheese & Meat Pizza Options

In my search for vegan pizza last week, I came across Upper Crust. I love that they offer more than just a vegan crust & cheese. Four "meats" to choose from and your typical veggie toppings. I loved the Detroit crust!! The pizzas tasted pretty good overall. The vegan "steak" was great but I wasn't the biggest fan of the vegan "pepperoni" or "chicken" they used. Next time, I think I will stick to a simple detroit style with roasted red peppers! The two veganized pizzas cost $40 before the tip.

Pros: Four different vegan meat options, Vegan cheese, Detroit crust

Cons: Pricey, $3 to add vegan cheese


Points +176

11 May 2020

Vegan Pizza

All crust are vegan and has the vegan options of cheese, pepperoni, sausage, chicken & steak. I thought the cheese was super tasty and the staff was helpful and nice 🙂

Cons: Pricey but you get quality pizza


Points +67

09 Feb 2020

Vegan pizza!

Lots of vegan options to create one heck of a pizza. Very impressed with what I got. They put vegan cheese on top of the sauce, vegan pepperoni, then a sprinkling of more vegan cheese! Couldn’t be happier.

Pros: Lots of vegan crust and toppings, Close to Akron

Cons: No coupons so a bit pricey

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