No storefront. Local producer of cultured nut cheese. Flavors include classic, garlic and herb, smokey paprika, chilli flakes, ale and mustard, za'atar roule and soft macadamia. Production unit and office only; not open to the public. Available via online shop, local stockists and at market stalls. Open Mon 09:00-17:00, Tue 08:00-13:00, Wed 09:00-17:00, Thu 08:00-13:00, Fri 09:00-17:00.

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First Review by SaraFitz


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29 Sep 2023

Ethiopian Spice is such a delight

And then...there became hope.
Hope in vegan chease. Cashews made even more delicious than in their nutty form.

How is this possible?

Try a slice. See how long you can get the whole chease to last. It's freezable, yes, but so darned tasty.

I first tried Tyne Chease at a Vegan Festival. Since then I've had them at other vegan fests as well as at some delis (Leicester and North Tyneside). And of course from Alternative Stores.

A comfort food. A reassurance. A birthday delight. A festive wish.

Dairy has nothing on this.

Pros: So tasty you may eat a whole one

Cons: So tasty you may eat a whole one , I don't dare have them that often - so good!



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29 Sep 2023

Best vegan cheese !

Love TC so much I use it in everything (as well as just eating it on its own🤭)

As a dip
In pasta

My current favourite is the Black Scorpion 😍🌶️ chease with a kick !


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26 Jun 2022


Had the Garlic chease block for Yule. Not cheap but was really delicious. Will have again for a special occasion. They do last quite a while and are organic too.


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18 Aug 2019

Absolutely amazing

Could eat this all day every day!


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10 Jan 2019

It's Nuts

Small, local and independent hand made artisanal vegan cheese made from cultured cashew nuts and other natural ingredients. Having originally sampled and purchased their products at local vegan fairs in the early days I knew instantly this cheese was something very special indeed. They have since widened their range and availability. Yes, it can be a little pricey but I’d imagine a lot of work and dedication is involved in production so as a special treat it's definitely worth it. If you’re lucky you might pick up 3 for £20 at a vegan festival. My favourites are smoked, sun dried tomato and Ethiopian Spice but I’ve tried around 10 flavours and they’re all excellent. Vegan cheese has come a very long way since the Cheezly days. An added bonus is that you can also freeze it!

Pros: very tasty, large range of flavours, locally produced


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22 Dec 2018

My favourite vegan chease

This lovely stuff is worth splashing out on. A Christmas cheese board wouldn’t be complete without it. Can’t wait to tuck into my garlic block this Christmas

Pros: Lots of flavours, Creamed versions go great in pasta , Will impress vegans and non vegans alike

Cons: Expensive


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16 Sep 2018

Lovely Hand Made Cheese

I so love this vegan cheese. It tastes so good and the staff are fab.

Pros: very tasty, lots of flavours, healthy


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13 Sep 2018

Tasty artisan cultured cashew cheese!

I love their cashew cheeses - all natural, a lot of great flavours. The price tag would not allow me to have this too often (I understand the cashews are expensive), but it's definitely nice as an occasional treat.

Pros: Natural, Lots of flavours

Cons: Pricey


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26 Mar 2018

good stuff

A festival mainstay with an interesting concept. The cheese can be frozen for three months which is pretty good as normally cashew cheese has a couple of weeks.
Lots of interesting flavours and with looking out for.

Pros: choice, staff


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05 Jan 2018

Say chease

The cheese here is excellent and there are a variety of different flavours available. I tend to buy tyne chease at vegan food festivals or at Alt Stores and over the years my personal favourites would have to be the ale and mustard and chilli flakes cheases. You can also freeze the cheese, which is very handy. Due to the ingredients used, the cheese is not cheap but it is worthwhile in my opinion as you are getting a luxury cheese.

Pros: Amazing cheese, Great selection, Freezable

Cons: Expensive


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26 Jun 2016

sublime vegan cheese

This is the best vegan cheese I have ever tried. It is really exceptional, the quality and presentation are excellent and I have even found it to impress non vegan cheese connoisseurs. I tend to not buy it regularly because the price is quite high though it is worth every penny and is a must for special occasions.

Pros: amazing taste and texture

Cons: price is rather high


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01 Jun 2016

First vegan cheese I tried (and I'm glad!)

I'm originally from Glasgow and always heard people talking about this cheese whenever there were vegan festival in Scotland. Little did I realise that - now living in Newcastle - I had easy access to their cheese whenever I wanted!

It's a little pricey but absolutely delicious. Goes great on crackers but also made into a cheese sauce as it melts great. It's freezable too so great to portion out and get your money's worth as mine went out of date just a couple weeks after I bougt it (which is understandable considering the ingredients)

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