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Serves meat, vegan options available. Guacamole, salsas (including all the ones at the lunch service salsa bar), rice, and beans are vegan. For any menu item where you can choose the filling (e.g., tacos, tostadas, burrito), you can choose from three vegan options: chile rojo (firm tofu simmered in slightly spicy red sauce), sautéed vegetables (onions, peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms), and jackfruit barbacoa (jackfruit simmered in chile sauce). If ordering the torta, make sure to ask for no mayo or cheese. Located across from Press Club. Open Mon-Wed 10:00am-10:00pm, Thu-Fri 10:00am-10:30pm, Sat 11:00am-10:30pm, Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by taiwanesetexan


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28 Sep 2023

Decent Mexican food but slightly overpriced

Not sure if it's not rather 4 stars. I enjoyed the food a lot but apparently I'm a sucker for Mexican food now. I loved their spicy rice, good black beans, but honestly, 18 bucks for that plate is a little hmpf. Basically just 2 tacos. But good.

Pros: Good Mexican food

Cons: Pricey



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26 Mar 2023

Good vegan tacos

Wasn't expecting much but got the 2 taco combo and it was really excellent Mexican food. Non veggie friends loved it too.

Pros: Good to go with non-veggies, Great food

Cons: Expensive


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24 Dec 2022

Pass on the Overpriced Mexican

Their menu is what you'd expect from most Mexican restaurants. I asked about their Veggie Torta and the staff informed me that the bread contained eggs... a bummer.

Instead, I went with their Tofu Burrito which they assured to me was vegan friendly. It was a standard burrito with rice, beans of choice, salsa, lettuce, and what I had thought to be a side of guac included. The tofu inside was mashed to resemble chorizo and was seasoned as such.

Food was okay when I got back to my hotel, but my issue came later when I was looking over what I was charged.

My burrito was charged $10.25, which was expected. Then there was a $2 "extra charge" for my burrito as well as $1.50 for three extra salsas. Was this for the chips? I then realized that they charged me $8 for what I thought was a 'side of guac.' When I got to my hotel and saw the laughable amount of guac, I just sighed.

What was supposed to have been a fairly inexpensive meal ended up costing nearly $30. I'm of course partly to blame for not questioning it at first, thinking these were simply high SF prices. Even if it's a crowded lunch hour, make sure your order is to your understanding before paying.

Cons: Pricing was not clear, Limited vegan options


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07 Nov 2022

Great experience

I had a great meal there. I asked what i could have that was vegan and he instantly pointed to the enchiladas, potato tofu and the jackfruit. The waiter confirmed the rice and beans didn't have animal lard or stock in them. I chose the jackfruit enchiladas. I was a little worried at the end as he seemed very quick with answers without even changing his look. Usually I get some confusion, some running back and forth to the kitchen. Once he finished the order I said, no dairy, he said no dairy back to me and my meal came without dairy, no issues. It was great, easy ordering, no problems. He was very attentive, frequently seeing how we were and it was very busy. Our water was never less than half full. I had a great experience. $19 for a plate full of food. People are putting pricey as a con but it was San Francisco and only a few dollars more than local eateries where I'm usually having to flag wait staff down to get a refill on my drink.

Pros: There were two vegan enchilada options. , Very attentive.


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29 Feb 2020

Not very vegan-friendly

Everything comes drenched in cheese even when not listed on the menu. Be sure to make clear you want dairy-free.


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20 Dec 2019

Excellent service, delicious food

Went for dinner there and a few of us were vegetarian. The food we had was excellent and most definitely vegetarian friendly. We had Tacos, Flautas, Tamales and Margaritas which were all amazing! The service was friendly and super fast.

Pros: Delicious food & cocktails, Nice atmosphere, Friendly staff & fast service

Cons: Busy, Noisy, Expensive


Points +120

13 Dec 2019

Food was good

This place is crazy busy and hard to find seating (at least at lunch time). You order and pay at a counter then go find a place to sit with a tabletop number assigned to you so they know where to bring your order. You get your own drinks, silverware, and salsa then they bring you chips (maybe, but you may have to ask and even then they may be delivered to the table next to you instead... ). I ordered the combination plate with 2 enchiladas (1 with tofu and potatoes and the other with jackfruit), also came with rice and beans; I asked for them vegan of course and they arrived covered in cheese. Mistakes happen, but the server seemed to have trouble understanding what the issue was which surprised me since they have vegan clearly marked on their menu, though after a couple minutes he did take it back for me. Once it came back out it was delicious! The jackfruit was especially good! Maybe try this place when it is less busy for a better overall experience?

Pros: Jackfruit! Good food and makes vegan options.

Cons: Very busy, disorganized, cheese on vegan order


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02 Dec 2019

Surprisingly vegan friendly

At first glance, the dinner menu looks like it has nothing to offer. Scan down to the bottom to find the tasty vegan options. The tofu enchilada was my fave!

Pros: Tasty vegan options, Good portion size

Cons: No vegan cheese, crema substitute , Expensive guac!


Points +351

25 Nov 2019

Vegan tacos

Great spot to go with non-vegans.

Pros: Generous with beans & rice , Tasty salsas and margs, Ambience

Cons: Not a lot of options


Points +113

14 Nov 2019

Authentic Mexican food

Authentic Mexican food with vegan options! This place is quick and delicious in a great location downtown. It’s very comforting that they have vegan options on the menu and are knowledgeable in what ‘vegan’ means.


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10 Aug 2019

Yummy vegan options

Any menu item where you can choose the filling (e.g., tacos, plates, tortas) is potentially a veg*n option. (See listing description for details.) Plus, the aguas frescas and horchata are vegan. Their ingredients always taste fresh, including the salsa bar available during lunch. It does get pretty busy during the weekday lunch rush, so I highly recommend arriving before noon to avoid a longer wait. If it's a nice day out, you can always order take-out and enjoy your meal at the Yerba Buena Gardens to the south. If it's between May and October, you may even be able to watch a live music performance there as part of the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival! Check out their happy hour and dinner service, too.

Pros: fresh ingredients, good location, salsa bar at lunch

Cons: busy peak hours, a bit pricey

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