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The V Spot Cafe

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156 5th Ave (at Park Slope), Brooklyn, New York, USA, 11217

Latin food cafe in Brooklyn Park Slope area since 2007. Offers a varied range of dishes from burritos and chips to spaghetti and salads, faux chicken cutlets and empanadas. Hosts comedy nights. Brunch on weekends. Open Mon 5:00pm-10:00pm, Tue-Thu 12:00pm-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm, Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Delivery, Take-out, Mexican, Latin American

Reviews (28)

First Review by captown

Delicious, filling, and really friendly - Edit

This is one of my go to spots in NYC. The food is really well done (pro tip: the salsa is ridiculously addicting - throw it on everything). I haven't found something on the menu yet that I don't like, but my favorites are the empanadas and the VSpot burrito. The burrito especially is pretty stuffed and I always leave with a serious food baby. The coffee and mixed drinks are also pretty underrated here (they do an awesome michelada) and balance out the food coma a good bit.

The staff is always super friendly and accommodating too which is a big plus in my book. Last Thursday of the month they do comedy night MC'd by one of the owners, and surprisingly pull in some pretty funny comedians. (Edit: I think this has recently been moved to a weekly event at the East Village location)

Definitely worth checking out.

Updated from previous review on 2016-09-14

Pros: Amazing food, Friendly staff, Not crazy expensive

Cons: Cash only

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delish - Edit

Really loved everything I had!! we ordered the black bean empanadas, kale tostadas, kale chickpeas salad, arepa garbanzo? and avocado fries.. all delish, but my favourite was the kale tostadas..

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Amazing Empanadas but CASH ONLY restaurant! - Edit

I really really really love V Spots empanadas, they keep me coming back despite some of the short comings. The Brooklyn location is sadly not anywhere near as nice ambiance wise as the Manhattan location, unfortunately. The menu is a bit pricey, although portions are large and could be shared between two people. I'm always slightly confused by V Spot's menu being latin yet they serve lasagne and buffalo chicken strips along with other items that just don't fit. I really wish they would 1. Lower their ludicrously high prices and 2. Streamline their menu to focus on the amazing latin dishes they are known for. I'm sure I'll come back to V Spot, probably for the empanadas, but I can't saw I'll be there regularly until they fix some things including the outdated cash only policy.

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Good effort, but... - Edit

Staff is friendly and they try to do something different, but in my opinion the results are not brilliant. the quesadilla had a cheese that was too firm, the empanada was too small, the burrito and the arepas are a big no-no.

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Empanadas are amazing - Edit

I had the philly empanada... It was great! I read a previous review saying they're too oily but I didn't think so at all. I got the tacos which I found incredibly spicy... I'm surprised they don't denote that on the menu, next time I'll see if they can tone down the spice or just order something else. My husband got the V spot burrito and loved it. Also the V spot sundae was so good! Warm brownie, ice cream and oreos, what's not to like. Very friendly staff as well. Would recommend to anyone.

Pros: empanadas

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Really oily/greasy food, but tastes good - Edit

When we told people we were going to Brooklyn for a month, everyone said, "You have to eat at The V Spot!" So, we did...

Well, I'm not sure what our friends were thinking. Everything we got was so oily that I felt really sick (I only ate 1/2 of an empanada, but I have a sensitivity to oily foods). I thought it tasted good. My daughter, who usually loves these types of things, couldn't get through a whole meal, either (she didn't like how anything tasted). We ended up throwing out our leftovers a few days later, and we didn't go back.

If I were to go again, I would look for something NOT fried. We only went with what our friends had recommended. They all thought we'd be eating here every other day.

Cons: Very oily

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good food, not great service - Edit

V spot has a very enticing menu, offering unique options and a *gasp* vegan brunch. As we were there on Sunday, we opted for the brunch. I had the tacos and my boyfriend had the "steak" breakfast. I'd give the food four stars. The waitress forget our milkshake a couple of times, and then forgot the check three times. Service deserves two stars. All in all, okay if you're in the neighborhood and friending for a vegan burrito, but don't go out of your way to come here.

Pros: vegan brunch, larger menu, vegan milkshakes

Cons: service

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So amazing, hope to go back soon - Edit

This places is just amazing. We really hope to go back sometime, hopefully soon.

I had the mixed plate, and I definitely recommend that. You get a little bit of many dishes, so you can try more things. It was all vegan versions of traditional Colombian dishes, and the flavors were great.

My girlfriend had a Philly cheesesteak, and it was the best one she's ever had (I agree), and we shared some empanadas, which were also great.

This place is doing everything right.

Pros: All vegan, Amazing food flavors

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Yum! - Edit

I've been here a couple of times, and the food is always amazing. Yesterday we got the Colombian empanadas as an appetizer. So crispy and delicious! Fried, but not greasy. I had the seitan chipotle burrito after that, and my date had the Bandeja Paisa, which is a delicious combo platter that includes arepa, rice and beans, carne molida, plaintains, avocado, and tofu. Everything was awesome. Would definitely recommend!

Updated from previous review on Sunday December 22, 2013

Went back for more empanadas. Also ordered the chicken parmesan sandwich, which was really amazing. It was crispy and cheesy, much like the real thing. And not junky or overly fried. I've had vegan chicken parm sandwiches at other restaurants, but I'd have to say this was the best vegan chicken parm I've had yet.

The cacao shake was absolutely delicious. Sweet, chocolatey, almond-milky, and refreshing.

Pros: Latin Food, Ab Fab, Good Portions

Cons: Cash only

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Nicely done - Edit

This is a relatively small place and teeming with Brooklyn hipsters. Even so, the good is pretty damned good. I had the Seitan Chipotle Burrito and was quite pleased. I'll go again when I'm in the area.

Pros: reasonable prices, very tasty

Cons: wait staff was a little inexperienced

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Happy joyful vegans! - Edit

V-Spot is like going home and discovering that your family went vegan. They have pretty much everything a vegan could want (hemp protein for my smoothie!) - latin and kosher just begins to describe it; they list "vegan" repeatedly on the menu probably just to flatter us over and over (it worked). The vegan sign outside is the first sign of safety and then inside, it's cozy, clean, and comfortable. I don't live near Brooklyn so am just planning to make everything on their menu thinking that even non-vegans will like it.

Pros: Creative, Tasty, Kosher

Cons: A little pricey

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Nice! Empañadas, yum - Edit

I was in town last weekend for the Mermaid Parade with some friends and we went to V-spot for dinner on Saturday (June 22, 2013) and we enjoyed it. My friends got the Bandeja Paisa, which they said was excellent and we split 2 of the empañadas (Columbian and Jamaican Jerk), which we liked (the Jamaican Jerk especially had nice spices; the Columbian was good, but less spicey). I wanted greens for entree to get my energy up after a long day of walking around, so I got the Quinoa & Curried Kale and it delivered. The spices were subtle but nice; kale and chickpeas were cooked just right (the tofu was a little bland, but nice texture and went well with the rest); the quinoa was dry and spiced, maybe a little overly salty but good. I also got the Maduro (cooked plaintains w/ sauce) as a side dish which was a nice blend of sweet & savory.

I liked the vibe of the place - it's a bit small, but relaxing - we were out on the back patio and got to see some lightning bugs. The waitress did forget to bring our napkins/silverware and my juice until we asked (after our appetizers arrived), but other than that I thought the service was OK. They do not have beer or wine here, but you can bring your own (and shops nearby carry it), so that's nice. All our food arrived at the expected temperature (warm or hot) and was tasty.

I saw some other people called this "expensive" but I guess I have different expectations - their entrees range from 12-16$ and I know that running a vegan restaurant is expensive (I have some friends who had one), especially as ingredients are not heavily subsidized like meat and dairy are. You can check their website for options/prices here: www.spreadvegan.com (menu is a little hard to read in my browser, but with good eyesight you can make it out)

Pros: delicious food, nice atmosphere

Cons: service so-so

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Sad, sad place - Edit

I guess this is just not what I expected it to be. We went there some day before X-Mas, as a part of a romantic date. I heard a lot about the place and though it was one of stylish and tasty vegan restaurants in Brooklyn. Alas, it wasn't. The menu was very short and basic, yet certanly overpriced. WE had lasagna and some kale and chickpeas side dish. Kale was way too salty, couldn't finish it. Lasagna serving was very small, especially for its price. The choice of drinks also left much to be desired. The only bright thing was their home-made salsa, but it wasn't what we came there for. Won't be back, sorry, V-Spot.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday February 06, 2013

Cons: Small portions, Too basic, Overpriced

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Great place failing from neglect. - Edit

Two words: Bandeja Paisa! Yum!
And then most everything else is good too, if you enjoy cold food.
The brunch is delicious. Tofu scramble is better than mine! Pancakes are good.
The owner is a sweetheart, but is around less and less - maybe that explains how this place has gone so far downhill since they opened.
Problems: often the food will arrive barely warm or cold so you know it was sitting in the window of the kitchen for awhile...waiting for some other part of the order or the waiter. It's just lazy. In my many visits to this place, the servers were always able to heat up the food, but never well (burnt edges, one thing still cold, etc.), and never with any apology.
Good organic vegan beer and wine selection.
I used to like this place and recommend it. Now I specifically advise against it. The service is bad, without shame. The "main" server, who's been there I think since they opened, will take your order, not write anything down, forget half of it, spend most of his time talking on his cellphone. Once, when I asked for the check, I waited ten minutes, then followed him outside the restaurant onto the sidewalk to ask again. Shameless.
I hope somebody starts caring about the way this place is run, and they get their act together.

Pros: Badeja Paisa, Food, Drinks

Cons: Service, Attitude, Cold food

2 Responses

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slithers 24 Jun 2013 - I don't understand this - you gave them the worst possible rating (2), yet you say you've been there many times and the bandeja paisa & brunch are delicious? I think you should give a vegan place with decent food a break - maybe a 3 (fair) would match better with your words?

I'll be writing a review shortly and although the service wasn't awesome, my experience was otherwise very good.

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changoamable 25 Jun 2013 - They opened years ago. Over time, I enjoyed the dishes mentioned, and suffered okay to just offensively bad service. Giving many chances. Eating too much cold food. Suffering much bad service. Over time. Boring, and after awhile, unforgivable. Cutting breaks doesn't go very very far if the owners and workers just don't care. And they don't.

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They have Brunch! - Edit

Finding a place that serves a vegan brunch is a rare treat in my book. V-spot serves brunch from 11a to 4pm on the weekends. Vegan pancakes, tofu scramble, tofu ranchero, breakfast empanadas, tempeh bacon, veggie sausage. Good selection of juices and smoothies to go with it.

Free wifi. They also have a free comedy show every other Thurs night at 8:30. It's cash only now but there's an ATM inside.

The bad - they're not open M,T or W.

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Go for the wings - Edit

The buffalo wings were fantastic. They came on a stick and pulled off in tender bits. The serving was quite large and the price was very reasonable. The chick'n cutlet sandwich was a straight forward chick'n cutlet sandwich.

Pros: cheap, good food

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so far, so good - Edit

i have been to v-spot a half dozen times and every time i have enjoyed my meal. the california buger was tasty as well as the vegan chicken cutlet sandwich. i really liked the seitan wrap. nice atmosphere and they have an outdoor space in the back which is not too shabby. if i lived in PS i would definitly be at atlas on a regular basis.

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just okay... - Edit

went to V-Spot last night for dinner with friends- it's a cute place, simple, and has a nice coney island lager on tap. the service is pretty bad though- everyone is really nice, it just seems like they're disorganized and maybe short on servers. We had to beg for water refills and our drinks took forever- we shared three appetizers: nachos, summer rolls, and buffalo chicken. the nachos were not very exciting and didn't have nearly enough sour cream or guacamole, and the chips were really oily, the summer rolls were awesome, and the buffalo chicken tasted sooo much like chicken and everyone loved it- the only bad thing was that we didn't realize that there were wooden skewers inside each "chicken" wing and they weren't visible until you took a big bite- so my husband nearly choked on his first bite!
My main course was the quesadillas- very yummy and filling!
everyone enjoyed their entrees, but when we left we all had stomach aches...I think it's due to the fact that most of the dishes are prepared using a lot of processed soy products. My husband and I are vegan so we can usually handle a lot of soy, but this was a bit too much I guess.
Overall, we had a nice time, but am I excited to go back? No, not really...

Pros: nice staff, good beer

Cons: processed soy overload, slow service

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Great Weekend Brunch - Edit

Bit of attitude from the hostess, but our super-nice waiter and other staff made up for it. Delicious food: soup of the day (butternut squash), and the breakfast burrito. Will definitely go back...

Pros: Diverse menu, Fair Prices, Good food

Cons: Unfriendly hostess, Juice machine not working

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Not amazed but pleased - Edit

V Spot is def. not the most amazing Vegan food I've ever had but then, I don't think it aspires to be. It's not like going to Gobo or Candle or Blossom where you expect the best of the best. V Spot is more like Vegan comfort food and in that regard I think they do that very well. I can honestly say I they make the best Vegan chicken parm I've gotton anywhere, definitely better than Red Bamboo's. The service has always been prompt and friendly and with a lot of the vegan places in Brooklyn being clustered in Willamsburg it was exciting when this place opened in Park Slope. Thank goodness POM doesn't test on animals anymore but when POM did V Spot took it off their menu. They have the Great Squash Cook Off. And they hang art from local artists. I do think though their prices are a bit steep. The sandwiches they produce should not be $9. On the other hand it's great that they have Blue Sky sodas when a lot of other Vegan places still don't seem to make the company policies and possiblity health considerations connection and still rely on Coke and Pepsi.

Pros: satisfying, friendly

Cons: expensive

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pretty good - Edit

The food was good, the atmosphere was pretty good, but the serving sizes were a little small for the price. They have very good desserts and milkshakes. All and all it is worth checking out.

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