Plant-based fusion menu of big and small bites plus kombucha, coffee, medicinal tea, and tonics. Est. 2017. Open Wed-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm, Sun 11:00am-4:00pm.

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12 Oct 2023

We love this place

Friendly, fast service and delicious food! Honestly we need one of these in every city!
Moth burger is our fav!

Pros: All vegan, Friendly, Fast service



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31 Aug 2023

You have to go here!

I really loved this place unfortunately my non vegan friends didn't enjoy it as much but my food was lovely!

Pros: Price, Sweet treats


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20 Aug 2023

Dessert, Yes Please

The Ambiance of a Café, Pothos hanging inside, Clematis Out. I opted for the GF Keylime Cheesecake. (They were sold out of the Tiramisu) One of the best cheesecakes I've had. (But is there a bad cheesecake) Recommend

Pros: Food, Decor, Light Music


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10 Jul 2023

amazing food and vibe

the staff here are so friendly! i loved the food (so so so yummy) and the overall ambience is great. some of the best vegan brunch i’ve had! I brought my omni friend and he loved it as well!

Pros: Fully vegan , Nice interior


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10 Jun 2023

Nice upscale plant based cafe

It’s summer, so the doors are open to the sunshine and fresh breeze. Dishes are well prepared. It’s not just fast food and fried things. I had the crabcakes Benedict made from jackfruit, which is very tasty along with the berry cheesecake. There are green plants growing from the ceiling and it’s a very nice atmosphere.

Pros: Lots of indoor plant life, Tasty dishes not just fried or fast food


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26 Mar 2023

It’s a vibe

Very hippy chic. Delicious and healthy food and beverages. Unique flavours.

Pros: Vegan, Unique

Cons: Expensive


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25 Mar 2023


Have been coming here for a while now. Food, drinks, and vibes are always fantastic.

Pros: All vegan, Good portions

Cons: On the pricier side


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14 Dec 2022

Holy desserts!!

This place is solid. Talk about a stunning interior! It is a lovely place to hang out with friends or to sit and do work for a while. They have some dishes I wasn't crazy about (Purple Yam Ginger Pancakes and Pad Thai), and then some that were AMAZING (Lemongrass Vermicelli Bowl and Moth Spaghetti). I think where this place really shines is in the lattes and desserts. HOLY Banana Cream Pie are they ever good, plus the Tiramisu, and Key Lime Cheesecake?? Oh my gosh. Seriously incredible. I think it's safe to say that the desserts here never fail 😋

Pros: Amazing desserts, Stunning interior, High quality


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Non Veg
29 Sep 2022

The little Cafe

Great atmosphere, and delicious food. Parking can be a little odd as it is not the best location. But overall friendly staff with great eats, but comes at a bit of a price. Still a nice place to go for an evening or afternoon out. This and it’s sister cafe are some of the best places for dessert 🍮.


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21 Sep 2022

Excellent food and atmosphere

A bit out of the way and hard to get to, but that’s the only negative for a wonderful vegan restaurant. The food is exceptional with an all day breakfast option. Nice decor and a good selection of drinks. I had the mushroom (wings) appetizer and spicy vermicelli bowl. Perfect healthy and enjoyable meal for a business trip.

Pros: Good selection , Nice decor , Really delicious

Cons: Not easily accessible , A bit pricey


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15 Aug 2022

Cozy cafe with tasty food!

I got the coconut lime laksa. It was pretty good! Looking forward to trying more of the menu items especially the burrito!


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16 Jul 2022

Fantastic nachos

Everything tasted great, maybe a bit bigger serving size would be my only suggestion.

Pros: All vegan , Outside patio, Nice location


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03 Jul 2022


Where to even start, i'm so happy i found this place through the happy cow and a facebook group. As me and my boyfriend where starting our roadtrip in Canada, we where very nervous to see if we would find enough to eat. But boy, I was lucky enough to stay a couple of days in Edmonton, so i could enjoy dinner and brunch in the moth cafe.
I cannot recommend it more.


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12 Nov 2021

Love the moth!

The moth cafe is awesome, fully vegan, great staff, yummy food!!!! I love the chickpea curry bowl!

Pros: All vegan!


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08 Oct 2021

The most cosy restaurant in town

What an awesome restaurant from the inside. A lot of plants (not all of them to eat), bright colors and super friendly staff. We had crab cakes with a coconut cream and it was awesome, nice texture and great flavors. Also we had the Bagel with cream cheese and it was delicious. As a dessert we chose the Raspberry Cheese Cake and it was also great in taste. Maybe a little bit to much citrus in it.
The best is that almost the half of the menu is Gluten Free.

Pros: All Vegan , A lot is Gluten Free , Cosy restaurant


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27 Jun 2021

My go-to Vegan Heaven

This is without question, my favorite vegan restaurant that I've ever been to by-far. From the moment you walk in the door, your eyes are drawn to all of the beautiful decor & plants. A wonderful layout with enough room for a party, a humble outdoor patio and even a slightly more private, elevated table that overlooks the restaurant.
The service is usually really sweet and humble as well, making sure you have what you need, but also giving you so much breathing room to just take everything in & digest it all. (Pun intended)
The food is absolutely delicious. Always cooked to perfection. The drink menu is extensive and there is something for everyone on it. Their dessert menu is simply scrumptious, and they also have a lovely little selection of house made items packaged and ready to go for you to enjoy at home.
The owners and those who work there put all of their love into providing delicious and nourishing food & drinks, and it really shows.
The music there isn't obnoxious like some places, it's usually indie-esque.
And finally, their restrooms are always clean and stocked.

All of these reasons are why I continue to choose The Moth and I'm sure I could think of a million more little details, but by now I hope you'll consider this humble cafe without hesitation!

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-27

Pros: Whole menu is vegan, beautiful decor, clean, , nourishing, kind staff, great music,

Cons: On the pricey side, but it's completely, worth the investment in your health


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15 Apr 2021

Reasonable food

This is a cool atmosphere. I never find the service to be amazing nor the food out of this world. But I'll meet a freidn there and enjoy it.

Pros: All vegan , Gluten-free options

Cons: Poor service , Flavours aren't amazing


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15 Apr 2021

Delicious Vegan food

Love the Moth! Great vegan burgers, pasta, scrambles and desserts.


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30 Jan 2021


It's great to see more vegan places popping up. Takes courage and it sends a good message


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28 Sep 2020

Favorite Breakfast in Town

They have the best tofu scramble of anywhere I've ever been.


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18 Jun 2020

Trendy restaurant - OK food - Tasty Dessert

I've been here a couple times and the food is ok, but honestly i would rather eat some vegan thai curry from Syphay that is right next door.

If your just looking for dessert - The lemon cupcake I had was delicious.

Updated from previous review on 2020-06-18

Pros: Trendy , Yummy Dessert

Cons: Food isn't the best


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31 May 2020

Tasty vegan comfort

One of my favourite places in Edmonton.

Pros: Lots of great vegan food , Light airy atmosphere and incredible staff

Cons: Limited parking


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28 May 2020

Gin and Spaghetti

I've found this to be an okay place to go. Their spaghetti is really good and the gin is lovely. The rest is ok, but I wouldn't make a special trip to eat here. I have never had a terrible experience here, and they are one of the few that offer raw options. Every time we have had a dessert here, it's been stale, so we stay away from them.

The space itself is nice and open and sunny. It's a pleasant space to hang out in. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here, though.

Pros: Pleasant environment, Vegan alcoholic choices


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11 Jan 2020

Love it

Good food everytime

Pros: 💯 vegan

Richard Myers

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31 Dec 2019

More help needed

Have eaten at the Moth a number of times since they opened. It is great to have plant based food. However, whenever we have been at the restaurant, the service has been poor. This last occasion was particularly bad. There appeared to be two people working and the restaurant was packed. We did not get our food at the same time and spent what seemed like hours waiting for it to come.

Pros: Good food with varied menu, Pleasant atmosphere

Cons: Need to get organized about the required staff, Need to have one desert that is nut free


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24 Dec 2019

Love the aesthetic, food is yummy

Went here with a few of my friends and had their chickn burger. Delicious! Out of my way but will want to come another time to try more things!


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04 Nov 2019

Incredible dining experience

Absolutely blown away by this incredible place. Not only a beautiful space to be in, put together with such care and funk - the food was out of this world. Plant based at its finest with incredible attention to flavour and quality. It was so so hard to chose but basically you can’t go wrong. So yum!!! The gin tonics are divine in themselves, then when the food comes it’s just 😍😍😍😍!!! Go go go and you will be changed by the greatness!!

Pros: Everything , But srsly fine dining, quality food , atmosphère

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