Serves meat, vegan options available. Mexican restaurant with a vegetarian/vegan menu section. Vegan dishes include tacos, enchiladas, burritos and salads. Open Mon-Sun 11:30am-10:00pm.

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First Review by Piperpapa


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09 Jul 2023

I’ve Missed Mexican Food

Mexican food is typically very dairy heavy, so vegan options are few and far between.

I got the French fry burrito (without queso) and it was absolutely amazing. Piggy backing on another reviewer, the kitchen knows what “vegan” means and they knew to forego the cheese sauce.

Pros: Intuitive kitchen staff, Several good vegetarian/vegan options, Just a really good restaurant in general



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17 May 2023

Vegan options

Clearly labeled vegan options. Kitchen knows how to make dishes vegan. Food was good, not great. But I appreciate vegan options, as there aren't a ton around in this town.


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17 Jun 2022

Pretty bland, small portions

We just had lunch here and it was pretty disappointing. We made sure we mentioned 'vegan' and 'no dairy/milk products' twice when ordering. We got the Popeye Enchiladas and Azteko Takos. Everything arrived smothered in crema and queso fresco. We said we ordered it vegan, they remade everything - and then the tacos still had queso fresco (they did not take anything off of our check). I also think the dairy is what must add flavor to the dishes because it was so bland, I was almost glad the portions were small. I wish they had vegan ground, or at least tofu for some substance. The rice for both of us was a big, mushy clump. The beans were really good, though, and the margaritas were great. Recommend coming here for the huge tequila selection and other drinks, but don't come here for food.

Pros: You can veganize some things

Cons: Expensive, Small portions, Vegan options are pretty bland


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08 Feb 2022

Love the Popcorn Enchiladas

They have ONE great vegan item on the menu that I keep coming back for😄 #Veganuary

Pros: Great atmosphere , Summer balcony overlooking Main Street , Fresh cocktail to top it off


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11 Jan 2022

Screams “vegan food at a restaurant that doesn’t specialize in vegan food”

I appreciate that they at least make somewhat of an effort to offer vegan options. There is a vegetarian and vegan menus section which specifies what dishes can be made vegan, which left about 4 options. My partner and I got the Takos Azteka and the Popeyes enchiladas. The side of rice that came with it was way over cooked and basically a solid block of rice mush, but it tasted ok and I liked the black beans. We left feeling hungry though, the portions were too small for the price. Our waitress was sweet but she seemed to have no idea what vegan meant and kept asking us if cheese was ok. All in all it wasn’t horrible and I appreciate just having options (being from New Mexico it’s hard to find places where you can even eat the beans and rice) but it was definitely nothing special, the vegan food was clearly an after thought.

Pros: There are options

Cons: Nothing special , Small portions


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10 Aug 2021

Nothing special

This is one of the most “blah” Mexican food experiences we’ve had in a long time. I’d give it a B- as a grade. Pleasant enough atmosphere inside, and it’s a spacious restaurant. The outdoor tables are really cute, and we started outside, however we were swarmed with bees and had to come inside.

Husband ordered chips and salsa which were not complimentary as in most places. Tiny dish of two salsas, me red and one that was more of a sauce - not convinced it was vegan even though we were told that it was.

The servers were pleasant and courteous. The menu has vegetarian items that can be made vegan. The veggie burritos were almost cold - no joke. Barely lukewarm. When I mentioned it to our sweet server, she said, “oh yes, people complain about that all the time!” (What the….???!?!!!!) Decent flavor but a cold-ish burrito, more like a cold wrap sandwich than a warm burrito.

Be cautious if you are vegan. We mentioned several times that we are vegan and to remove all dairy, we are not convinced that the green sauce that came with the chips, and also on the side of the burrito, are truly vegan. It looked and tasted suspicious as though there may have been a little dairy in there.

We definitely will not return. There are SO many other Mexican places that are better.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-10

Pros: Fun to be on Main Street, The servers are courteous, adorable and friendly

Cons: Burritos served cold , apparently regularly!, Not sure if green sauce was truly vegan , Swarm of bees when seated outside


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15 Jun 2021

Great Vegan Options

I ordered the bean enchiladas with green chili. They were so good! Very happy with the experience there. Server was familiar with making it vegan as most are labeled vegetarian that can be made vegan. Great atmosphere as well.


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19 Jul 2020

Could use improvement

I was thrilled to see multiple vegan options on the menu. However, they need some more training on what is vegan and what that means. We ordered chips and salsa which I guess was two salsa flavors, one was not vegan. We had our server ask the kitchen and she confirmed not vegan. Then when I ordered food, nobody knew what sauces were vegan. However, all sauces were options in the vegan/vegetarian menu. That is a little concerning. Then my food came out with a side of the non vegan salsa? It was a little irritating. The service was good, the food was ok. Worth trying, but definitely confirm everything you’re eating is vegan.

Edited to add: the menu said it came with rice and beans, I did not get rice and beans.


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18 Jul 2020

Terrific Atmosphere

Fantastic food and quick courteous service! There are many items listed on the menu that either are vegan or can be made that way! A wonderful setting, whether you want a romantic night out or celebrate with a large group!


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03 Jan 2020

Creative veg options

I appreciate that their non meat options were more creative than just rice and beans. Had the bean enchiladas, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The waitress had knowledge of what was vegan (green sauce is) and what is not.

Pros: Knowledgeable staff, Good veg options , Good for big groups

Cons: Loud


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12 Nov 2019


I had the vegan enchiladas with green sauce. My non vegan husband tried it and thought it was delicious too! The food, atmosphere and service was terrific!

Pros: Great food, Plenty of gf/v options, Friendly staff/ clean restaurant

Cons: Kinda pricey


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05 Oct 2019

Delish burritos!

So our experience was a little different, but on our visit they did not have enchilada sauce (mole, green, red) that was vegan or vegeterian. so that really limited our menu definitely. but the waitress was so apologetic and gave us on the house guac and chips. I ordered a vegan burrito, and they filled the inside up nicely with guac which i always appreciate! the food is a little pricier, but it's also Park City, so you can expect that. The quantities are a good amount!


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28 Sep 2019

Trekila Mexican restaurant.

Food was good. Nice and spicy. Vegan. Very expensive.

Pros: Vegan options, Great setting

Cons: Expensive


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27 Jul 2019

Wonderful service and food!

Waitress was very nice and attentive! I got the veggie gordo burrito veganized and it was DELICIOUS! Food was a little pricey but so worth it!

Pros: Has balcony with beautiful view, Gluten free options

Cons: A little pricey


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23 Jul 2019


Great tasting food but wish the quantity was more. Guac was $4 extra which is kinda ridiculous. They have a lot of options and most veggie dishes can be made vegan. Also wish chips were on the house 😊

Pros: 4-5 vegan options, Nopales!

Cons: Expensive


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28 Mar 2019


Veg/vegan section of menu was nice. Mike verde had great flavor. Kids had build your own burritos and adults tried tacos and enchiladas. Pricey but that’s park city. House margaritas were $8 and yummy.

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