Cafe vegan baked sweets, coffee, smoothies, as well savories for breakfast and lunch. Est. 2017. Full menu served Friday-Sunday. Monday bakery items, drinks and grab n go only- no made to order menu.. Full breakfast and lunch menu served on Fri-Sun. Reported fully vegan May 2022. Space is small and very busy in the mornings, if planning to order take-out it's recommend to order ahead online. Open Mon 10:00am-3:00pm, Thu-Fri 10:00am-3:00pm, Sun 10:00am-3:00pm.

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First Review by elenidragon


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03 Aug 2023

Amazing food

Visiting our non-vegan friend who said they had the best cinnamon rolls in town. Tried the maple glazed donut and breakfast of champions (wow!). Took home 2 frozen Mac N’ Trees ‘n Peas (unbelievably good!) and 2 Sweet Potato Enchiladas (a bit too spicy for the wife, but I thought delicious). They are closing the cafe Aug 14, 2023 for new baby (congrats!). No reopening date yet. I hope they reopen soon. Vegan food this good is not easy to find.

Pros: Super friendly , Cozy ambiance



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31 Jul 2023

Praise well deserved

I go to this place with my friend for breakfast anytime I’m in town and it’s always such a joy. Beautiful atmosphere indoors and out, such pleasant staff, wonderful selection of vegan foods, pastries, coffees, smoothies, and other drinks. I’m jealous I don’t have anything like this near me. I’m always sure to order something to take home for my dad. Just go. You won’t regret trying sweet alchemy.


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09 Jul 2023

Good food lovely ambience

We got the breakfast burrito, mac&trees, a maple donut and a salted chocolate cookie plus drinks. The food was good and satisfying, the donut both light and dense (somehow!). I think the baked goods were a little on the sweet side for me taste but overall everything was delicious and the outdoor seating was plentiful and peaceful.

Pros: Gender neutral bathrooms, Lots of beverage options, A whole case of gluten free baked goods

Cons: More trees in my mac&trees!


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06 Nov 2022

So much vegan !!!

The pastries and smoothies are soooo gooooooood — and all vegan!

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-06


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04 Nov 2022

Best brunch near BTV

I love the Mac 'n Trees and breakfast burrito, but everything I've had here is SO GOOD. It's a small restaurant with only a few tables but they do a good takeout business and also have a fridge of prepared foods you can eat take with you. Check Facebook for updates about closures or low-staff days and order ahead online for takeout.

Pros: 100% vegan


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24 Sep 2022

best spot around

I went here with a friend last weekend. the maple lattes were amazing (both hot and iced). the location of this spot was so relaxing. it was nice to get out of burly and sit here and enjoy some amazing food. I got the scramble and my friend got the mac. they were both really yummy! I was also so excited to find out that they had cider donuts!!

Pros: great comfort food, cute location, yummy coffee & pastries


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12 Jun 2022

Wanted to love it but a little disappointed

My husband and I went out of our way to try this place because I eat vegan, he does not. The menu had many items listed V/GF, which the key indicated meant "option available". While I understood this place to be all vegan, this seemed to indicate otherwise so I asked if that meant that the scramble could be made with eggs (for my husband). The server responded no, everything is vegan, in a rather huffy tone. I responded that was fine and that the menu was confusing. They said nothing. I ordered a chai latte, the basic scramble, and my husband just got a donut. They asked if I wanted maple syrup in the chai and I said no. This was a mistake because it wasn't sweet at all (unlike every chai latte I've ever had) and I was unable to drink it. When my food came, the server didn't bring a napkin or utensils and when I saw them putting some on the outside rack I went to grab some and they huffily let me know that those were for takeaway only and I had to go inside to the other side of the counter to get some for eat in. Sigh...really???The scramble was filling but really begged for some acid and color...it was chunks of tofu (not the crumbles typically associated with a scramble), potatoes and black beans with the cashew cream sauce on top. All very brown, black, yellow and not very pretty to look at. The flavors were good, just needed some brightening. The toast was very tasty, although being offered some sort of jam would have been nice. My husband really enjoyed the donut, so that was good. I would try this place again if in the area to see if another item was better and if, on another day, the staff were friendlier, but I currently wouldn't go out of my way to go there or recommend it.

Pros: All vegan, Cute area

Cons: Staff a little rude, Menu confusing


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01 May 2022

Amazing bakery

Love their tasty treats that are freshly made everyday. Hot dishes are all quite tasty too. I especially enjoyed Mac n trees, while my friend liked the harvest bowl. Cozy joyful atmosphere, very friendly staff!

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-01

Pros: Many vegan options, Tasty fresh baked goods, Beautiful interior


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11 Nov 2021

Amazing breakfast

We went out of our way to have breakfast here. Wow...so many choices. The maple oat latte was great, and the breakfast burrito was the best I've had outside of my own home. The portions were huge, rendering lunch moot. I'm sorry I don't live near this restaurant; I'd be a regular.

Pros: Lots of options, All plant-based


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02 Sep 2021

Delicious baked goods

I was seriously impressed with the baked goods here. We got several things (pb choc chip cookies, donut, Whoopi pie), all delicious, and I am very particular about my baked goods (my mom is a professional baker). What’s even more impressive is that many of the items are gluten free. I don’t usually care for GF desserts because they’re often oily or grainy, but these were neither. Just super light, fluffy, and delicious. The breakfast burrito was just OK, but the baked goods alone make it worth a visit. And I’d try more savory food too next time I’m in town.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Delicious baked goods

Cons: Meals aren’t cheap


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30 Jul 2021

Lots to love about this place!

I love their breakfast burrito, my son loves their Mac and cheese, and there are lots of tasty dessert options, many of them gluten free!


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27 Jan 2021

Good eats and treats!

Lots of options, many gluten free as well! They have sandwiches, salads, donuts, cakes, and more! There’s a big open field in the back where you can sit at a picnic table and enjoy the sunshine while munching.

Pros: Lots of gluten free options


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23 Sep 2020

Nice little cafe

Everything about this cafe is perfect, including the location. I highly recommend driving as far as you need to in order to get to this litle gem in the middle of nowhere. We had the mac & cheeze, the bean burrito (with saucy, seasoned rice...mmmmmmm...), a fesh respberry lemonade, and all the desserts. They were out of doughnuts and bundt cake the day we went, which was sad, but the coffee cake, blueberry scone, and raspberry bars made up for that. Everything was delicious and i cannot recommend this cafe enough. I loved it. 100% vegan, 100% rico.

Updated from previous review on 2020-09-23

Pros: healthy, cute, nice atmosphere

Cons: in the middle of nowhere, were out of doughnuts on the day we went


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16 Jul 2019


The food here is great, the vegan cheese sauce is super good. The deserts and coffee are excellent as well.

Pros: Great food, desert, and coffee, Dog friendly outdoor seating


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22 Mar 2019

Sweet Alchemy, a spectacular food delight!

From the tacos to the salads and Reuben sandwich, Sweet Alchemy is delish! Their baked goods are so satisfying, too! Fantastic people and service! They serve my favorite coffee Gold Ladder!!!


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23 Oct 2018

Decent but not a standout for us

This was a bit of a drive for us but I was looking forward to trying the breakfast here. The restaurant is located in the Barns at Lang Farms (in case you miss it as we did).

The atmosphere was welcoming when we first walked in. You order at the counter and are served at your table. We were lucky to arrive right before a rush. The dishes we chose (rainbow roots, thanks to Celelu's inspiring review!) arrived fairly quickly but upon tasting, didn't seem as warm as they should be. The food looked nice and was flavorful but the pancake part was not quite as we expected (it was more of a hash texture to me and my boyfriend used the word stringy). It mainly seemed to be beets with the sauce and some greens. The scrambled tofu was good and added interest.

For what the dish was and the portion, I felt it was a bit overpriced at $11.

I tried one of their steamer drinks with maple and almond milk and it was really nice - better than expected.

There were other things on the menu that seemed interesting and that I might try if we were closer: breakfast burrito, all American (which I didn't notice earlier because I was so focused on the rainbow!), masala dosa, mac n' trees...

The place itself isn't huge but isn't tiny either. A nice size, particularly if it isn't too busy. I found the ceiling a bit distracting and the bathroom had some funny aspects to it as well (I seem to remember some things on shelves that could have been stored elsewhere).

While this restaurant was decent and worth a try, it didn't leave a strong impression on either of us for some reason.

Pros: Quick service

Cons: Smaller portion , Food not as warm as it could be


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19 Oct 2018

A delightful little gem

We arrived at the cafe for a late lunch on a crisp fall day. So many options for vegans that we were almost giddy. My husband had the dosa wrap and I had the seitan Reuben. My husband really enjoyed his dosa. The wrap was perfectly crispy and the contents were seasoned to perfection. My Reuban sandwich was toasted just right, the seitan was delightfully savory, and there was just the right amount of thousand island dressing.

How could we pass up any vegan dessert?! My husband had a cookie dough brownie that was like a slice of heaven. I had a less sweet scone that was perfect with a cup of black tea.

Finally, the atmosphere was perfect. So many times restaurants have music playing too loudly. But at Sweet Alchemy there was just the right amount of music to be charming and still allow conversation.

All in all, one of the most delightful dining experiences we have ever had. We will definitely return!

Pros: Lots of vegan options both sweet and savory


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31 Jul 2018

A pot of gold nuggets

We were looking for the store in a massive rain storm, and couldn't find it -- what, why would there be a vegan bakery so far out of town? And then the sun came out, a rainbow appeared, and the big red barn was just there at the end. Hey, true story, the guy who greeted us even looked like a leprechaun (a little). I was then inspired to try the mysterious "Rainbow root omelette", and wow was it tasty. Everything we tried was outstanding and original, even for people like us who try every vegan restaurant everywhere we go. Excellent food, good prices, friendly staff, charming scenery, what's not to like?! It's a long drive from where we live, but we will definitely keep it in mind and find pretexts to come again... and again.

Pros: Outstanding food at a great price, Friendly atmosphere, Not too close to my house, otherwise I'd get fat


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12 Feb 2018


I love all the options and the space is cute. I wish they didn’t serve dairy milk for their coffee though.


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24 Oct 2017


I love this place. It's about 20 minutes away but worth the drive. I'm crazy about the treats and this breakfast she makes called Rainbow roots. The seating is nice and it's kind in a flower farm which is fantastic on a nice day. My daughter loves it. What's not to like?!

Pros: all of the food, atmosphere

Cons: it's not next to my house


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11 Sep 2017

99.9% vegan & 98% GF!

Lots of gluten-free, soy free, nut free options. Everything is vegan except they do have dairy milk available for those who choose to use and lattes. Gluten-free waffle was delicious, as was all American plate and breakfast burrito. Independently owned; only location! The baked goods are completely amazing. Go! It's the best vegan place in VT. 💜👏🏼💯


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04 Sep 2017


This place is so worth the 15 minute drive out of town for breakfast, lunch, or even just for the sweets. Their cinnamon roll was AMAZING.

Pros: Delicious , friendly , all vegan

Cons: out of town


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01 Aug 2017

best vegan in vt

Nuff said just go!!!! Ok ok more specifics needed? Best cinnamon rolls, pop tarts and maple coffee cake ever. Amazing rainbow roots omelette!!!!


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27 Jul 2017

The alchemy is sweet

Loved the food and baked goods. Everything sampled was great, only problem was I couldn't sample everything. Will be looking forward to many repeat visits. A unique cuisine that is hard to duplicate elsewhere. Peaceful quiet location and charming personnel.


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26 Jul 2017

Amazing Cafe and great service

Amazing Cafe with delicious treats, great service and excellent location.

Pros: Fresh and Delicious & Healthy treats, Outstanding service , Clean and open concept

Cons: Makes it hard to decide what not to have , Watching your calories


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26 Jul 2017

Sweet alchemy amazing eats

The baked goods are all outstanding here with always something new to try. Cinnamon buns are a favorite. All the lunch and breakfast items on the menu are incredible, breakfast burrito is a killer. All ingredients organic and fresh. Very creative meals with a variety. They really care about the art of cooking and baking here. Very reasonable prices as well.

Pros: Creative, Friendly, Awesome environment


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26 Jul 2017


The food at sweet alchemy is out of this world unique with fun colors and flavors. The coffee is also great! The baked goods are all vegan and there are a lot of gf options. They are so so good and I love walking in there in the morning when everything is fresh out of the oven :) The ambiance and scenery is amazing also, with a great patio. Great for students, families, meetings, and hanging out with friends.

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