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The food served in the cafe is all vegan suitable. The market, however, is not strictly vegan. Open Wed-Fri 9:00am-3:00pm, 4:30pm-8:30pm, Sat 9:00am-8:30pm, Sun 9:00am-5:00pm.

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First Review by evelinemater


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26 Aug 2023

So good & great service

Mac & cheese (gluten free) was sooo good & Rueben is to die for! Family run & lovely people 💓



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01 Jul 2023

Lunch visit

I had the Rueben. It was well seasoned and very flavorful. I look forward to being able to visit again.


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09 May 2023

Pretty chill cafe like place for a weekday dinner

Had a special chicken Parm sandwich which turned out really good. Definitely enjoy the decor.

Pros: Relaxed vibe, Nice staff


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04 Mar 2023


Late breakfast on Saturday morning, 2nd time. Both were fantastic. Go there and try it. Fresh home cooked and delicious.

Pros: Fresh and good quality , Wonderful flavors in breakfast tacos and wrap , Great unique vibe.

Cons: Not fancy, Parking can be tough


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26 Feb 2023

Lots of options, but expensive

Fully vegan, so great options. Lots of good fake meat.

Very expensive. Like 1.5x the comparable places nearby. Worth it every once in a while though.

I liked the chicken nuggets, as well as the Ruben, and other sandwiches.

Pros: Fully vegan , Great fake meat options

Cons: Expensive


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22 Jan 2023

The Jersey City Vegan Hub

I’ve been vegan for 8 years and lived in Jersey City for 1 year. This is by far the most well put together location for vegans to congregate and indulge in their vegan desires. I can’t think of even one other place in downtown Jersey City that is 100% fully vegan. Only Subia’s is a place you could be 100% guilt free and the food tastes amazing! Try the vegan breakfast platter, which has vegan sausage, vegan bacon and tofu scramble. Their coffee is top notch, fresh and would out Starbucks out of business! I algo to Subia’s 2-3X a week and they already know what I want: a vegan beef patty, a cookie and a juice to go. Their lunch sandwiches are amazing too. Subia is such a sweet heart and you could see she and her team put love in every plate.

Pros: All vegan; only fully vegan location downtown JC, Great friendly staff, Massively varied options

Cons: Varied hours; check google for daily schedule, Sometimes long wait times when they’re busy


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31 Dec 2022

One of my faves

The veggie wrap was so fresh and tasty! Made quick, perfect for on the go or sit down #Veganuary

Pros: Lots of vegan options, So fresh quality ingredients , Lots of vegan desserts

Cons: Ambiance


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12 Apr 2022

Delicious breakfast

Wonderful and extensive vegan menu. Had a delicious cooked breakfast along with a good coffee. Staff were very friendly too! Will return on my next visit to Jersey City. Thank you.

Pros: All vegan, Menu, Breakfast


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24 Oct 2021

Everything is vegan

Yummy yummy😄amazing raw options and there are even gluten free options , thank you :)


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03 Oct 2021

Ok food, very pricey

Tasty food but portion is small for such hefty prices.
Service is also quite slow.

The side blue tortillas with the burgers is unnecessary, I’d rather French fries.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-07

Pros: Tasty , Friendly staff

Cons: Expensive , Slow service


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18 Sep 2021

A real one.

An unpretentious, all-vegan café with lots of delicious pastries, sandwiches, and more.

Pros: Outdoor seating, Kind staff, Down-to-earth, community feel


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25 Jul 2020

Mixed feelings

I got a chorizo wrap which was very flavorful, textured with well balanced ingredients and of course typical of all vegan spots in NJ the prices are insane compared to what you get. My biggest issue though were the cannolis that were soggy and not at all crispy. Price was very unjustified for items that were far less than fresh.

Pros: Very flavorful vegan option

Cons: Pricey for what you get


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25 Jul 2020

Best Vegan in JC

Everything on the menu is amazing, healthy, delicious, and not drenched in oil like a lot of other places. Staff is friendly and helpful, and quick with orders. Can’t wait to go back.

Pros: Reasonable prices, Good amount of food per dish, Healthy, tasty food


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08 Jan 2020

Really good food, very satisfying!!

This is a great spot! Excellent menu, delicious sandwiches and smoothies. Great portions, always leave me feeling really satisfied. Used to live nearby and it was always a treat eating here. They also carried some vegan groceries, vitamins and health products.

Pros: Delicious sandwiches, Great smoothies, Filling portions


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19 Dec 2019

great food

been about three times. kind of expensive and sometimes the staff takes a while. but the food is rocking. i didn't know they had empanadas and they are the best hands down. they also have a small market which is good and you can get vegan marshmallows .


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28 Sep 2019

Very nice cafe and small market.

I've been to Subia's a few times and enjoyed it. I've had the Seitan taco special and breakfast wrap which were both really good. I'd add a little spice but that may just be me. I've also tried the Mac & Cheese which wasn't my favorite, but I'm super picky when it comes to Mac & Cheese. I'll definitely go back to and try some more items on the menu.

Updated from previous review on 2019-09-28


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22 Sep 2019

Cute, Casual Vegan Cafe in JC

Delicious sandwich options and fresh to order juices. Service was slightly slow, but this also assured the food was made fresh for us! Haven't tried any of the baked goods, but they look yummy.


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29 Aug 2019

Pretty sure i had something on a biscuit

...which was amazing! It’s hard to find a vegan biscuit and this one was legit great. It was some kind of breakfast sausage sandwich. Can’t recall much now bc it’s been a while, but that’s how you know this place was tasty—it’s still on my tongue brain!


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30 Jul 2019

So good

My father ordered for me so I’m not sure of what is exactly on the full menu but the food was really good! You should definitely try you won’t be disappointed!


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26 May 2019

Great vast menu

This is a lovely spot in downtown jersey city. I suggest the chorizo wrap and a cannoli dessert!

Pros: Great dessert , Good flavor


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02 Jun 2018

Great lunches... vegan donuts!

I come to Subia’s when I am in town. The breakfast biscuit sandwich is addicting. The reuben is fantastic. Also, I hadn’t had a Boston cream donut in years but they have them and they are amazing.

Pros: Great all vegan menu, Did I mention donuts?, Friendly proprietor family

Cons: A little pricey but high quality, Not a big fan of the coffee but it’s OK


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01 Sep 2017


Since they were still serving breakfast at 11 I ordered the breakfast biscuit sausage melt for right away and the subia burger for later. Also picked up a slice of mango cheesecake as it was my birthday. The biscuit melt was out of this world. The burger was fantastic heated up in the oven hours later. The cheesecake wasn't my favorite ever but it was good and the mango and whipped cream topping was delicious.
If you are vegan in jersey city you have to go to subias!!


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23 Jul 2017

Jersey city gem

Great place to grab a quick bite. Lots of options. And your sweet tooth will not go wanting.

Pros: totally vegan menu

Cons: no ice

US Kiwi

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13 Jul 2017

awesome place with awesome food

We couldn't help it, we tried 5 different things on the menu and everyone of them was awesome. My favorite was the Spicy Buffalo Strips closely followed by the Reuben.

The place had a great back story and a local feel.

We will return for sure.


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11 Jul 2017


A great selection of all kinds of vegan and Gluten-free foods. Arrived with our two teens and all four of us had the burgers. Full of delicious goodness! Chicken nuggets were very close to the " normal nuggets". This is going to be our go to spot while we are visiting.


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07 Jun 2017

delicious food and juice

I took the California dreaming burger and a flu fighter juice: both delicious! Nice quiet ambiente... will come back again!

Pros: A lot of juice and sandwich choice


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14 Jul 2016

they have the best sandwiches!

Highly recommended the zen garden tempeh sandwich and BBQ riblette sandwich but we always get them in wraps because it's easier to eat.

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