Serves meat, vegan options available. Offers eggplant turnovers, veggie chorizo, several soy meat substitutions for menu items, falafel, tempeh BLTs, etc. Menu denotes vegan items, and mentions vegetarian versions where applicable. Has Wi-Fi. NOTE: Hours are reported to be unreliable, check ahead. Open Mon-Fri 10:30am-2:00am, Sat-Sun 10:00am-2:00am.

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First Review by LinGer


Points +46

05 Nov 2023

Soooo good.

Delicious food, fun atmosphere. Plenty of options for vegans. Great service, can't wait to be back. Drinks are bomb too!

Pros: Plenty of options for vegans, Delicious food , Excellent service



Points +2004

21 Oct 2023

Cool venue - food lacking

Nice place - friendly staff - good music. Lots of interesting vegan sounding options but the ones I tried were sadly not great. Lack of flavor / texture/ just not that great - and not particularly cheap for bar food.

They’d also run out of tofu when I was there - but other vegan options like jackfruit (which wasn’t particularly good).

Would come back again to try other options in the hope those are better / this was just a bad day for them - I want to like this place!


Points +1015

30 Aug 2023

Great daytime diner feel

I’ve gone at night and during the day; I prefer lunchtime here for the chill beats, indie wall artwork and and awesome sandwich with potato shapes shared with friends.

I’ve found evenings can be quite loud and challenging to share the experience.

The food is easy to navigate with vegan options of just about everything all well labeled.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-30

Pros: Easy menu to navigate, Great art and music, Queer friendly

Cons: Not fully vegan, Too loud at night


Points +1157

16 Apr 2023

Many options!

Bar / diner atmosphere. Great vegan options that are clearly marked.

Pros: Vegan options clearly marked , Staff is knowledgeable


Points +48

19 Feb 2023

Loud but yummy

Expensive, but the sandwich and fries I got were delicious. They also have a good selection of vegan sauces and non alcoholic drinks to choose from.

I didn't realize how loud the music would be until we walked in, so that was a surprise.


Points +1169

22 Jul 2022

Best tofu of my life!

Eaten here a handful of times. Cheap beer, awesome vibes, fantastic food! We’ve had the Cubano, cauliflower tempura, banh mi, jackfruit tacos & the soul bowl. We’ve enjoyed each and everything dish. However the soul bowl is the absolute best! I’ve never had tofu that good in my life!

Pros: Many vegan options


Points +16

02 Jul 2022


Too loud. Can't hear myself think


Points +328

30 May 2022


I think this place relies on its customers being too inebriated to notice the mediocrity of the food.

I would recommend this place if you’re looking for a fun bar, but not for eating.

The mac & cheese was tasteless, but the kale salad was nice (though extremely garlicky). Falafel wrap was also ok, but the fries it came with were soggy.

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-30

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Friendly staff

Cons: Awful cocktails, Very loud music


Points +26

21 Mar 2022

Busy Signal

My husband and I drove almost an hour last night to try Sputnik since it was late and most other places were closed. We tried calling them the whole way down there and it was a continuous busy signal. I figured we could just place the order when we got there. When I went in I was told there had been an emergency and they shut the kitchen down. She gave me a little attitude and referenced a sign on the door that I didn’t see when I walked in. The emergency is of course understandable but I guess they left the phone off the hook as they couldn’t be bothered to answer. If they had it would’ve definitely saved me time and gas.


Points +56

27 Dec 2021

Great food & atmosphere

The food is so good, and it's a fun place to hangout. Has a bit of a 90's grunge vibe. Everything I've tried has been great. My only complaint is that they removed their vegan fried pickles from their menu and I miss them. They also change up their menu somewhat regularly, including the vegan options.

Pros: Tons of vegan options, Add new vegan items to menu regularly


Points +168

24 Oct 2021

Great Pub Style Food

We had the Soul Bowl and the White BBQ Tofu. Both were wonderful. The service was excellent. Definitely a place to check out for vegan/non-vegan options.

Pros: Menu and Server clear and knowledgeable of food

Cons: Pro/Con. Pub environment


Points +112

02 Oct 2021

Amazing Vegan Food!

Up in Denver for the day and read Sputnik was a Top 10 Vegan restaurant, and it really was!!!! The vegan Corn Dog was the best I’ve ever tried, but the Cubano was the fam favorite of the day! Jackfruit tacos 👍👍 and the Mac-cheese kept our kiddo smiling. This place did not disappoint. Family of 4 with 5 amazing items for under $60.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Lots of choices, Made fresh!

Cons: Limited gluten free


Points +105

18 Sep 2021

Don’t bother

Mega disappointing. This place used to be great years ago. However, now it is trash. Don’t bother to go in there. Unless you enjoy mega bland food and being ignored by servers.

Are used to work in the service industry and I am a palled at how aloof and uncaring the servers were. This woman ignored so many people that a bunch of people just left since they weren’t even greeted.

One time I got some bomb cauliflower wings from there! But every other time they’ve been bland and almost unpalatable. I will smother them in my own Buffalo sauce since they didn’t season or use Buffalo sauce for the Buffalo wings AT ALL.

Pros: Vegan option exist here, Open later

Cons: Terrible service, Bland food, Always close kitchen early


Points +20

20 Aug 2021

Rude Owner

Had an employee order lunch for our team and she was treated very rudely on the phone by owner Matt for not having every detail from 6 different people locked in. The call took only 4 minutes and Matt told her to look at the menu next time because he was busy. There was only 1 person in the whole restaurant 25 minutes later for pick up. When picking up the order, also from Matt, she calmly commented that we liked the food here but maybe he could be more polite on the phone. Matt doubled down and told her "Don't tell me how to do my [censored] job.". An entire order was also missing when we got back to the office but no one wants to deal with Matt again. I certainly won't ever be eating there in the future because of this, even though I am vegan and try to support all restaurants with vegan options.

Cons: Rude Owner


Points +42

10 Jun 2021

Good food

I loved the vegan Cuban sandwich. Cool place to hang out with non vegan friends

Pros: Separate vegan menu


Points +1075

02 Jun 2021

Greasy food at its best

Great cheap food, everything is clearly labeled and there are plenty of options. Always a great spot


Points +370

11 Apr 2021

Great bar food for vegans and non vegans

Nonvegan husband and I visited on our way into Denver based on suggestions and reviews from Happy Cow. Didn’t disappoint! I got the vegan corn dog, Mac and cheese, and kale Caesar. I normally don’t get a Caesar at a restaurant bc I make my own at home, but this one was really filling and flavorful - hit the spot! Vegan corn dog I think was a Lightlife sausage or similar. Fine, but wish it was more of a hot dog taste. (Breading was really good!)

Quirky hipster dive bar vibe! We sat outside — there were a few tables and cool “cabanas” constructed we’re assuming for Covid outdoor dining.

My husband was really happy with his non-vegan chicken fingers and fries.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Not too expensive


Points +48

Mostly Veg
27 Jan 2021

Mac and Cheese 🤤

Whenever I am craving Mac and Cheese this is our spot! This last time I tried the corn dog mac and cheese, and it was amazing! I love the vegan options and the cool atmosphere.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff


Points +363

25 Jan 2021

Food for the soul

As a visitor from Chicago I was excited to have my first vegan corndog! It did not disappoint; I would definitely get it again! I also tried the vegan mac. It was super tasty as well. I had tried to make vegan mac myself at home and it turned out pretty terribly so I was happily surprised that this tasted like real mac!

Due to the pandemic, take out was the only thing available so I don't have much to say about the service or atmosphere.


Points +70

20 Dec 2020

Awesome vegan options!!

My favorite thing from here ever are the vegan corn dogs, and their tacos!!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Good music usually


Points +13

26 Aug 2020

Sub par food

Service and food were of low quality


Points +112

07 Jun 2020

Vegan menu!

This bar is cool with a good atmosphere, I love the pickle chips and tofu bahn mi.

Pros: Vegan menu, good location/atmosphere

Cons: Street parking only


Points +36

04 Mar 2019

A favorite for vegan bar food and drinks

Awesome trendy little dive bar that’s been a personal favorite for years. Yes there is brunch here, it’s delicious and no one knows about it so it’s usually not crazy busy. They serve Pablo’s coffee, have great custom cocktails, and their appetizers and meals are all such good greasy comfort food. The challenge is not going too much.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, So many good vegan sauces, Low key brunch available

Cons: Loud at night, Serves meat, Very greasy


Points +218

05 Feb 2019


Checked out this funky little dive on a Friday night and they had live music going and the atmosphere was great. Got to try many of the vegan options; the Mac and cheese, field roast corn dog & sweet potato fries. I took my non-vegan friends and they even loved it! They have options for everyone. Definitely recommend!

Pros: Great atmosphere , Delicious and fresh, Tons of options


Points +313

15 Dec 2018


The corndog is made fresh right after to order and moments before you take a bite. It’s the most delicious vegan junk food you’ll ever eat. Made with a field roast sausage and homemade batter. The Brussels sprouts are charred to perfection.

Pros: CORNDOG, Corndog, C.O.R.N.D.O.G.


Points +24

30 Jun 2018

Great vegan options

Yummy vegan options in a chill environment. Definitely have to go a few times to try everything.

Pros: Great veganizer.

Cons: Booths/Chairs need to be refurbished big time.


Points +628

08 Jan 2018

Above & Beyond

Don't let the amount of meat on this menu fool you. The staff at this place (especially Alexis our bartender) go above and beyond to accommodate vegans. Not to mention the vegan Cuban was wound delicious.

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