Plant based restaurant located in South San Francisco. Opened March 2021. Menu changes frequently but always offers vegan, organic and non-GMO international dishes. Covered back patio available. Open Wed-Fri 12:00pm-9:00pm, Sat 9:00am-9:00pm, Sun 9:00am-5:00pm. Closed Mon. Closed Tue.

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First Review by Petabro


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15 Sep 2023

Very tasty!

Only eaten here once (today) but so very tasty - had the prawns, lumpia and Philippine Sisig, Laing and rice. Friend had (and loved) the beef burrito.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-15

Pros: Interesting options on menu, Big portions. , Friendly

Cons: Bit pricy but worth it I think.



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13 Sep 2023

A dream!

This place is a dream! Everything was more than delicious as you can truly taste the experience and thoughtfulness placed into each dish from preparation to execution. I recommend EVERYTHING and be sure to stop in during an after hours pop-up with Dom’s Vegan!

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27 Aug 2023

The perfect spot

Great atmosphere. Incredibly friendly staff, and amazing Sunday bunch!


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06 Aug 2023

Bland food

Nice team, great ambience and great live music, however, the food was very bland and what ppl who are not vegan frequently associate with “boring vegan diet”. Lack of spice in both Indians and Argentinian foods. The only thing that was spicy was jalapeños. Giving 1 star for jalapeños. Unfortunately, the lack of taste was overwhelming. Both indian and Argentinian plates tasted about the same. In addition, there was a hair in the samosas

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-06

Pros: Jalapeños

Cons: Argentinian plate with portobello , Indian Thalia plate, Samosas


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16 Jul 2023

Great food, excellent service

Enjoyed the Sky Cafe. Great Wet Burritos.

Pros: Wet Burrito with Carnitas was very good. , Service was excellent. , Nice environment.


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14 Jul 2023

Everything is delicious. Everything.

Creative food items, friendly service, cute venue, great portions


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07 Jul 2023

Will return for apps and music

The jalapeño poppers were great. The vegan ranch was very tasty.

Pros: Appetizers , Community vibes


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28 Jun 2023

One of my favorite restaurants

So many good things to say about this place. The food is always delicious, and the staff have always been friendly when I’ve visited. I once went 3 times in a week because i loved it so much!


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02 Jun 2023

Fair but not not a destination restaurant

I've been to Sky Cafe twice -- here's my story:

Visit 1 - Saturday morning. Greeted by the owner, front dining room was empty, so I scored a seat by the window. I ordered mimosa and french toast. My only complaint about the french toast is that it was way too sweet -- next time, I'll ask them to NOT use sugar to caramelize the bananas but it was otherwise very tasty an well worth a visit.

Visit 2 - Friday morning around 11am (not a holiday) - the place was packed, Owner was not on site, but a young woman and middle aged man were doing table service. I thought I'd keep it simple since they were busy and waited 46 minutes for a BLT sandwich that was dry and disappointing. The french fries were overcooked and the bread was "meh" -- I can't even imagine how one might screw up something as simple as a BLT. It costs $15 -- the same as Vegan Butcher's Son "Killer BLAT" -- and while I certainly didn't expect the Vegan Butcher's Son "Killer BLAT" but this was definitely NOT a $15 sandwich, and service was really poor.

Next time I go in and see the restaurant packed with very few people actually eating food (mostly waiting) -- I'll probably go elsewhere.

Pros: Vegan french toast!

Cons: Uneven customer service, Expensive sandwich that was mostly bread & flavorl


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27 May 2023

Excellent food!!

Excellent food and even better staff. Friendly and very helpful.

Pros: Staff, Food is sooo yummy!, Ambience is comfortable


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22 May 2023

Jack of all vegan food

we went here on Mother’s Day and don't know if my experience was an everyday thing. It took us almost an hr to get our order. Left feeling the place could be better managed. The ceviche and lumpia were ok but loved the spinach omelette. Even with this experience, I would still go here and maybe try more of the omelettes, pancakes and french toast..may be stick to the diner fare.

Pros: vegan omelet was good , all vegan is always the best, staff is courteous

Cons: long wait time, not everything is to write home about


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21 May 2023

Live music and great food

Came here on a Thursday night (live music night) after work with some friends and the vibe was immaculate. Not only was the food AMAZING but the music was great too. Anyone can jam with the band which I liked. And the mashed potatoes and veggies were seasoned perfectly. Overall 5 star and will be coming here again!

Pros: Amazing music , Great food


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19 May 2023

Delicious food and great music

The location looks not so great from the outside but the back patio is gorgeous. The food is very delicious. I had the Malay Satay and I loved it. Based on what I saw on the table on my friends plates, I am going to try the omelette next time. There is live jazz music on Thursday night and they are very good.

Pros: Food, Music , Back Patio


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02 May 2023

Cozy atmosphere with live music and all vegan food

I recently went for a meal at Sky Cafe with my beloved. First off, the ambiance was an A . It felt really cozy and there was even live music aka a piano player.

I had heard about Sky Cafe from my uncle who went here and he gave me an article on the Benedict that looked great. Unfortunately on the menu there was no Benedict and only after the meal did our server mention they had it yet it wasn't listed on the menu.

Awesome it is all vegan here. We ordered family style including the Argentina Chimichurri and Indian Thali Platter. Both were good yet not great and a bit pricey. Perhaps we ordered the wrong thing. We both agreed to returning trying the Benedict and perhaps something else on the menu. Maybe we ordered the wrong thing.

In any event it was an enjoyable meal and love the ambiance. Live music happens here a few times a week which is a nice touch.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-02

Pros: All vegan, Live music, Nice ambiance

Cons: A little costly aka expensive, Benedict should have been on the menu


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24 Apr 2023

My mission is complete

Since going vegan 8 years ago I have missed a few things but really trying everywhere for vegan Eggs Benedict and I can finally say I found them! They were AMAZING.

Pros: Everything is made w/ compassion & delicious , Nice people and environment

Cons: A little expensive


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01 Apr 2023

Great Ambience, Great Music

This is a really nice place and it had live music. The food was a bit pricey and I honestly wasn’t too impressed with the Indian thali I’d ordered.

4 stars for being all-vegan and for the great live jazz! I would definitely come back here and try other items on the menu


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19 Mar 2023

Live music, global cuisine, kid friendly

Beautiful restaurant which often hosts musicians. The ambiance is really nice but also kid friendly which is rare to find as a combination. Love this place it’s a great asset to the community

Update: now the only restaurant in the Bay Area to serve Yo! Egg, a new vegan egg

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-19


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13 Mar 2023

My favorite place in the city

I just recently visited this place for the second time and have decided it now takes the top spot in the city for me. It is slightly out of the way and parking can be a challenge (though I have always managed to find something fairly quickly), but I think it is worth it. The first time I had the pad gra prow (requested not spicy) and a banana dessert that was the special and the second time a spam eggs benedict. Everything was phenomenal, and came at the recommendation of my server (I recommend asking for recommendations). I am still trying to figure out how they made such a convincing poached egg texture, though there was a bit more hollandaise than i would normally prefer.
They also have a cute patio area.

Pros: Amazing food, Cute atmosphere

Cons: Somewhat pricey, Can take a while for the food to come


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19 Jan 2023


While the spring rolls were good they were not worth what I paid. Menu is actually cheaper on GrubHub and in store and the menu was the same as the website except more expensive Spring rolls were $9 on their website but $13 in store.

Cons: Expensive


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14 Jan 2023

Delicious flavors

Delicious vegan flavors we can’t get anywhere in sf. Very yummy!


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12 Jan 2023

Banh mi is bomb

The banh mi here is incredible. Whatever sauce they use is delicious. And there are so many dishes to try!

Pros: So flavorful


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12 Dec 2022


The jalapeño kind! Saw that on the menu and I instantly knew I wanted to eat here. The food was really good. My partner, who is not veg by any means was blown away by the cauliflower wings and ranch sauce. Someone left a review about parking being terrible, I can see it being an issue on a busy weekend since it’s a cute walkable strip with lots of other restaurants, but we came on a Rainy Sunday afternoon and found multiple spots including in front of Sky Cafe. The service was spectacular, everyone was so friendly and accommodating. They have a cute covered patio with heat lamps in the back.


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13 Nov 2022


*wet burrito with carnitas (amazing, 10/10)
They even had live music there when I was there on Sunday for lunch


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11 Nov 2022

Stop! Before you come here

Ask yourself how hungry you are and whether you want to deal with a HORRIBLE and stressful lack of parking. If you can walk here or be dropped off by a taxi then by all means- come here. Otherwise be prepared to spend an hour looking for parking and stuck behind a hundred other cars looking for parking.

The food is EXCEPTIONAL! It’s very innovative and delicious. The spicy shrimp was made from konjac beans and the best. The jalapeños popper was ok but quite messy. The sweet/sour pork was ok.

I hope to return again one day and try the many other offerings

Pros: Fast service , Very innovative , Cozy

Cons: Terrible lack of parking , Restaurant is all hard surfaces so noisy


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09 Oct 2022

The Best Vegan Eggs Benedict I’ve Ever Had!

My husband and I were visiting from LA and saw this spot was fairly close to the airport. Did not disappoint! The Eggs Benedict were incredible!

Pros: Great food, Friendly staff


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30 Sep 2022

Delicious food, nice atmosphere

The food was delicious. I started with a Carnitas taco, that was Yummy. Then I got the special which was BBQ with a cold macaroni salad and this delicious warm buttery grilled veggies (squash, onion, broccoli) omg! Ended with a peach pastry with ice cream and the ice cream had these chocolate chunks it was awesome! 🤩
The only con was that I got this cider beer in a can, and I think it had gathered dust in the back of the fridge because when I poured it in my glass I saw some debris float at the top. But I told him and he got me another beer and that was fine(:

Food was amazing 🤩

Pros: Homemade “meat” from wheat gluten , Delicious, Variety

Cons: Eh costly, but it’s usually like that for vegan


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22 Sep 2022

100% great!

Delicious world-cuisine-inspired food. Very friendly stuff.

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