Serves meat, vegan options available. Small gyoza (dumplings) shop near the Sakura hotel in Ikebukuro. Operated by a Taiwanese woman who speaks some English and understands vegetarian requirements. Offers 2 vegetarian lunch sets and 1 vegetarian dinner course, plus other vegetarian-suitable a la carte dinner items. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by MidnightSun112


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15 Dec 2023

Great dumplings

Friendly woman working and she was very accommodating towards us and another group of vegans that came in. They tasted great and were a good price. Highly recommended.



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12 Dec 2023

small restaurant great food

lovely chef, she automatically in english asked if we were vegan/vego etc. great food, although hard to tell what each flavour was (no menu or explanation).

note: tables are for two, there isn’t room for extra seats so larger parties will sit separately.


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10 Dec 2023

Incredible, must visit

Went with a large group (6 people) the owner set up a table for us outside because the inside was too small! She even poured soy sauce on our dumplings and was so nice.

I would describe the host as invincible. 100% invincible.

If you are in the area, even if you’re not, you gotta come to this place.

Very reasonable pricing too!

Be aware for large groups, it is a small space.

It is also cash only.

Pros: Invincible host, Amazing food, Great pricing


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16 Nov 2023

Quick and easy

The Tawainese owner was friendly and asked us if we were vegan, vegetarian or ate meat. Small hole in the wall restaurant. She brought out a selection of handmade fried vegan gyoza which we enjoyed! No other drinks except water available and no toilet.


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20 Sep 2023

Good Taiwanese dumplings!

This small place is run by a nice Taiwanese lady who speaks English and understands what vegan means. I ordered the dumpling set which was so colorful and yummy! The interior is nothing special but it’s good for a quick bite.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-20

Pros: Authentic Taiwanese food, Nice and accommodating staff

Cons: Modest interior


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17 Sep 2023

Great vegan dumplings

Very nice lady runs this place. It is a small place but the vegan gyoza plate was great. Would give 5 stars

Pros: Tasty, Friendly, Good value for money


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15 Mar 2023

Great handmade taiwanese gyozas

Nothing much to say, solid food.


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15 Jan 2023

Yummy vegan gyozas

The vegan gyozas were quite good although my partner didn’t enjoy the meat gyozas. The owner was very sweet #Veganuary


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02 Nov 2022

Delicious & friendly

Super friendly owner in a cute little shop.
The vegan gyoza was good but the vegan ham and vegan fried rice were the winners

Definitely get the vegan ham


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21 Sep 2022

Vegan Taiwanese Gyoza

Really excellent Taiwanese gyoza. We stopped by at a very odd time, and we weren't even sure if the shop was open or not, but the very friendly lady working there welcomed us and got to work making our gyoza immediately. It was just a bit oily for my personal taste, but very delicious nevertheless!


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20 Aug 2022

Great take-out option

Finally got to try the vegan dumplings here! The women who work here were very easy to talk to and order from, 750 yen for takeout dumplings to fill 1 person. Very satisfied and fast service!

Updated from previous review on 2020-06-21

Pros: Take-out, Fast, Affordable


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Mostly Veg
15 May 2022

unlucky day

sometimes with less ingredients and colours depending on availability and the season...
6 pieces for 748 yen, 10 pieces for 1320 yen, which sounds rather expensive, but each dumpling is so much bigger than a typical Japanese gyoza


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21 Aug 2021

The most hole in the wall place

So you know it’s good. Run by one little old lady with a tiny kitchen attached to a glorified hallway for seating, you can get a huge number of gyoza for a really good price. If you’re a foreigner and you walk in she’ll know you’re there for the vegan gyoza, so no worries to anyone who doesn’t speak Japanese, but if you do she’s super chatty and entertaining. There are also lots of interesting gyoza flavors that seem to be accidentally vegan (spinach, beet etc) but I haven’t tried yet because I have always been excited to get more of the original flavor.


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05 Apr 2020

Yummy Gyoza!

I had the homemade gyoza for takeout. Nice flavors and texture, I would recommend!


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02 Feb 2020

First question: vegetarian? vegan?

I am often mildly concerned about finding the vegetarian or especially vegan options in a place where I may not have enough words in the right language to talk about ingredients. This time, I didn’t have to worry, it could not have been easier! I am vegetarian but will choose vegan options if available, my companion was more interested in meat. The lovely woman in the kitchen greeted us and asked in nearly flawless English if we were looking for vegetarian or vegan dumplings, followed that with how hungry we were to determine the number of dumplings, if we preferred fried or boiled, and asked about what we’d like to drink. We each had a plate of six dumplings (will certainly get more next time!) and I don’t actually know exactly what flavors they were, but there were at least three different kinds and since I can be confident that they were all vegan, I don’t really care what was inside. They were delicious. The shop is TINY, seats six and no two chairs next to each other, takeout OK. Looking forward to going back.


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30 Dec 2019

Super nice vegan Dumplings.

Two friendly ladies with great English serve colorful and super tasty dumplings. Wanna come back again (been here 2x now)!

Pros: Lots of veggie dumplings. , Great staff, Charming place - not fancy, but authentic.

Cons: They also serve shark fin dumplings? Hm..


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14 Aug 2019


The woman is very nice and speaks amazing English. The dumplings were also very nice. She asked if we were vegan or vegetarian and if we wanted 8 or 10 each. But it cost around 1900 yen for 16 dumplings (8 each).
I wouldn’t mind paying this but it was just unexpected, as there are only 6 seats and it’s very small. Doesn’t seem like the type of place that would charge that much.

Pros: Yummy dumplings, Friendly English speaking lady

Cons: Expensive for what you get


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01 Aug 2019

Fantastic food

Would rate 5 stars but Happy Cow doesn’t allow me. Very friendly owners great food


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07 Jul 2019

Pricey but unique

I don’t know that I’ll end up going back here, but it was an interesting experience! There are only six seats, as other reviews said. The chef is really nice and welcoming. The gyoza were good and unique with the way she colors the shells with ground natural ingredients like spinach, etc.

But these were just ok for me. But my husband and I each got 8 gyoza a piece and the total was 1900 yen. So as other reviews say, either order the 6 piece up front or as for prices ahead of time.

Pros: Unique gyoza

Cons: Expensive, Cramped and small


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09 Jun 2019

Great filling gyoza, limited choice

While the vegan gyoza were filling and tasty, the lady who runs the place refused to serve us anything else from the menu (we wanted at least one vegetable plate) because she says she was too busy... The place is quite small and unwelcoming decor wise, there is 3 tiny tables which can accommodate 2 people each. Don’t go there with a group.


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20 Mar 2019

Tasty and affordable gyoza

If you're bad at Japanese they also speak a little bit of English which is good (the owner is Taiwanese).
They have some vegetarian and also vegan options availiable and would kindly ask which one are you interested in.
The price is quite affordable and the gyoza taste so good (I had a set of 10 vegan gyoza). The service is really good.
The only cons I find is that the restaurant is pretty small so you can't go with a large group of people, but for going alone or with one friend is totally nice and recommendable.

Pros: Tasty, good variety of flavours, affordable

Cons: The place is a little bit small


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08 Feb 2019

Nice Gyoza, but space could be more comfortable

The Gyoza were all vegan and nice. As others said, she asks you whether you are vegan and how hungry you are. Then she recommended us a plate with 20 mixed gyoza (we were 2 ppl). Each of us also got a tea and a soup, and we payed 2200¥ in total, which is OK I guess.
Only minus, the place is really small, only three tables in a row with 2 available seats each, so if you come with more then 2 people you won't be able to sit at the same table. The lightning is really bright, not so cozy, and the chairs are not so comfortable.
In my opinion not a place to spend several hours eating, drinking and chatting with friends. But having some nice gyoza alone or with one friend, it's worth a visit.

Pros: delicious vegan gyoza, friendly old lady

Cons: not so cozy to hang out for a longer time, really small shop, only bring maximum 1 friend!


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19 Oct 2018

Very delicious

Very nice dumplings, veg options clearly marked and English speaking to help visitors


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07 Sep 2018

Really great Gyoza

We enjoyed eating in this place a lot! The food is great and the variety of Gyoza is super interesting. They taste just amazing and the owner is super friendly! Only negative point is that it's quite small, but therefore it has a bit of a living room atmosphere.

Pros: big variety, tastes amazing, quite cheap menu

Cons: a bit small


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11 Aug 2018

Pork gyoza mixed in a vegan plate.

We had eaten here a couple times before and enjoyed the food, but on our last visit there must have been a break down in communication between the owner and kitchen staff as they served us a plate including pork gyoza (despite presenting it as vegan as they placed it in front of us. We had no reason not to trust the staff and ended up biting into what was unmistakably meat. At first he owner thought we must have mistaken fake meat for the real thing but after trying it for herself she realized the mix up. She offered to make a fresh batch but we were already feeling a little sick to our stomachs at this point and so excused ourselves and left. Both staff members were certainly apologetic but it really soured our impression of this place.

Pros: Actual vegan gyoza is good value

Cons: Mix up could have been even worse with allergies.


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14 Jul 2018

Excellent Gyoza

This small restaurant had incredible Gyoza. You simply walk in, let the owner know that you would like vegetarian gyoza and how much you want to eat. You’ll be then cooked up a fantastic meal full of different types of vegetarian gyoza depending on the season. The food was incredible and the owner was incredibly friendly. I highly recommend this spot.


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Mostly Veg
06 Jul 2018


Very sweet lady who operates this place - she is super nice! The selection of veg dumplings offered were a mix of black bean and some other vegetable that was very tasty. The black bean aren’t my favourite type of gyoza, but definitely a good meal to try.

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