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Serves meat, vegan options available. Franchise chain of salad bar restaurants founded in Louisiana and operating outlets in the South. Concept is build-your-own salad bowl by choosing fillings, toppings, and dressings. A hot bar offers baked potatoes. Beverages are fruit flavored frescas. Open Mon-Sat 10:00am-7:30pm.

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First Review by wennysan


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09 Mar 2019

Salad bar, not buffet.

They charge by weight, so I made sure to avoid heavier items like fruit. It's about $7/ pound, which is pretty reasonable for a salad bar. My local Whole Foods charges $9/pound. They have dozens of vegan options for salad toppings. I started with mixed greens, then added: broccoli, hummus, beets, carrots, artichokes, olives, sesame seeds, garbanzo beans, roasted corn, dried tomatoes, half an avocado, and probably more stuff that I don't remember. Everything (including the avocado) was fresh and perfectly ripe.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Customizable

Cons: Can get expensive if unwary, Industrial "eat-and-scoot" ambience , Serves meat



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06 Feb 2019


If you love a large healthy salad with lots of fruit....make sure you have a healthy pocket! I didn’t know by piling my salad full of pineapples and strawberries that my price per pound would have skyrocketed! Fruit is full of water, which may have added to the weight! This was the most expensive salad I have ever eaten. My mother paid $16 and mines was a whopping $24! They need a sliding bar that weighs your salad as you go! I definitely thought I would spend under $10. The food was fresh but they need a variety of hot meats to choose from. The furniture was not comfortable at all. The seating was hard and very awkward.They tables needed elegant decor for the price of a salad. Padded furniture and comfortable seating would have been nice.They even weigh your salad dressing. Surely after I paid, I lost my appetite. Drinks should come with the pricey meal, I did not purchase one, it would have really been foolish to. I got a water from the gas station afterwards. I guess I was a little irritated because I had the same salad at home, but nooo... my family wanted to check out the Salad Station. The staff even stared when you got the complimentary crackers... they almost looked as if they wanted to say take 1 pack of crackers please. The staff was whispering to the owner in front of customers which is rude. A physician and her colleagues heard me commenting that this meal was pricey. She turned to my sister and jokingly said that common salad costs is shocking and that she was lost for words . I told her after the owner found out it was my first time , (once I repeated the price back to the owner after paying), the owner even stated that the first visit is always the most expensive. I guess that was a nice way of saying next time be conscious that fruit is heavy. I suppose eating healthy costs more, which should be the other way around. I would have gotten a salad from Tophers or Wendy’s...had I known about the heavy fruit that caused the weigh in troubles. Overall the salad was okay but definitely not worth 24$ and some change in that atmosphere, which is not private, you can hear every conversation had in building! I hope the future holds a more reasonable price, comfortable seating, and fresh looking, warm, welcoming decor.

Pros: Food was fresh

Cons: Uncomfortable seating, Cold and Eerie setting, Rude Staff


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11 Oct 2018

No salad buffet here

I didn't know what to expect only that you pay by the pound... big mistake for people like me who can eat a TON of salad LOL... my salad was 2.75 lbs and at $7 something per pound, my salad was well over $18! Hubby's wasn't that much but our overall meal was $40! We definitely learned our lesson tonight... that being said, it was DELISH! I got pretty much everything and then some... didn't hit the hot bar but I will more than likely go back... The staff was friendly but it's not the comfiest place and the tables are tiny.

Pros: Wide array of veggies & toppings, Friendly staff

Cons: Pricey, Food mixes easily (i.e. cheese in tomatoes, etc), Small tables, not comfortable seating

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