Vegan restaurant est. 2018 in Jiyugaoka. Offers Japanese vegan cuisine with focus on vegetables and mushrooms. Choices include individual dishes of katsu, soba/noodles, curry, vegan eel and as well as bento sets. Serves vegan sake and wine, pancakes, ice cream, and cheezecakes. Has menu in English. Last orders 2pm for lunch and 10pm for dinner. Open Mon-Tue 12:00pm-3:00pm, 6:00pm-9:00pm, Thu-Sun 12:00pm-3:00pm, 6:00pm-9:00pm. Closed Wed. Last orders 7:30pm.

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First Review by Humus_Erectus


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05 Feb 2024

Must go!

5 stars for the food which was very unique and delicious as expected. But I had to give 4 bc I think the restaurants atmosphere/interior doesn’t match the food/price. At a closer look the place is very messy/dirty especially the kitchen.
Also, we had a reservation at 18:00, but showed up like 5 minutes early and as we opened the door we were sent out with a harsh “we open at six!” 😕



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21 Jan 2024


Saido surpassed all expectations. Opting for the 9-course menu, every dish was not only inventive but also exceptionally delicious. The 'egg' stood out as a particular highlight for me! Having been a vegan for 7 years, I've never encountered vegan cuisine of this caliber. The staff was incredibly friendly, adding to the overall positive experience. I highly recommend it and only wish they had a presence in the UK. Additionally, the value was outstanding – the cost of the food was only half of what I would anticipate for fine dining of such high quality.


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05 Jan 2024

The most amazing meal in Japan

This restaurant is a hidden gem with a lovely atmosphere, super friendly staff and the most delicious food!!

We ordered most of the things on the menu but the Karaage was a highlight. I don't think there was anything we didn't like however, everything was full of flavour, innovative looking and just fun!

I highly recommend!!

Pros: Delicious , Lovely staff , Lots of choices

Cons: A bit pricey but you get good quality!


20 Jan 2024

Hi, do you need a reservation or can just walk in (for dinner). Thx


20 Jan 2024

I seem to remember we had to book because it's quite popular and it's also not the biggest restaurant. You might get lucky with a walk in but since it's also a bit out of the way, if you can book ahead I would recommend doing that just in case!


20 Jan 2024

Thx. I tried the booking website but next Saturday is already full.


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19 Oct 2023


Saido è un ristorante di altissima qualità. I piatti sono curati e lo chef è fenomenale. L'accoglienza è stata stupenda.
Peccato vivere in Italia.


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15 Oct 2023

The best vegan food we've ever had.

Saido was incredible. We had the 9 course menu and everything was so amazing, inventive and delicious. The 'egg' was a highlight for me! I've been vegan for 7 years and never had better vegan food. Such friendly staff too, cannot recommend enough and only wish they had one in the UK! Also amazing value, food was half the price I'd expect for fine dining this standard.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-15


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02 Oct 2023

Very good restaurant

I really liked our visit at Saido.
We were there for dinner.
I would recommend getting one of the two more expensive set meal options. The set meal for 3.500¥ is not that filling and you might need to order extra (It's three relatively small dishes with no rice or noodles).
But the dinner was really lovely, I highly recommend it.
The cheese they have is awesome and the people are really nice.


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09 Sep 2023

Amazing vegan Japanese food! 🌱

Amazing from start to finish! Lovely service, cosy venue and amaaazing food 😭We had the 8-course set. We even got a little suvenir with us (a t-shirt)! All the dishes were so beautiful and tasty, and the two employees were really amazing ✨ Jiyugaoka is also a super cosy area to explore, and Saido gave us a good reason to 🌱

Pros: Amazing and beautiful food , Lovely atmosphere , Extremely friendly staff


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03 Sep 2023

A must visit for every vegan in Tokyo

What I ate:
- kastuju
- yakitori
- vegan cheese salad w/ genovese sauce
- edamame
- fried vegan cheese with yam wrapped in tofu skin
- raspberry mousse
- white wine
- kombucha

Even the edamame were amazing. Perfectly salted and fried in their skin. Gave them a toasty flavor.

The fried cheese came with organic basil sauce and salt lemon pepper to dip. Filled with vegan molted cheese and spinach. What can I say. Everything is better deep-fried. And this creamy, salty snack is no exception.

The cheese in the vegan cheese salad was so creamy and smokey. I've never had vegan cheese like this before. Just give me a whole block of this please. The genovese sauce seemed to be a pesto which went well with the cheese.
It also had grapes, tomatoes, figs, small white flowers (jasmine?) in it. Beautiful presentation and absolutely delicious.

The Yakitori were sweet, crispy, salty goodness. No sauce needed, I could just eat ten of these. If this is how the original tastes, I get why they are popular street food. Served over a fancy small grill w/ charcoal in it and a little tasty surprise I don't want to spoil for you.

The kastuju came in a black wooden box with a lid on. The waitress told me to film the opening. And damn she was right. It looked beautiful. It was served with an amazing Umami miso soup with shiitake mushrooms and some pickled veggies.

The kastuju itself was a dream. Crispy and salty with the meatiest texture a vegan dish ever had for me. On top was a sweet sauce with hints of ginger.
It was on top of rice that honestly was a little bit disappointing after all the amazing dishes. It looked fancy but just tasted like plain unsalted rice. Maybe a hint of sweetness and seeweed.

For dessert I chose the raspberry mousse, which was served in the cutest way possible. Like a little bonzai tree in a little pot. The leaves was a matcha cake. The the tree trunk a pretzel stick and the dirt was nut chunks. Under the nuts was a amazing sweet and creamy raspberry mousse. This was probably my favorite dessert ever. And I usually hate dessert.

This might seem pricey but it's three sides, edamame, 2 Drinks and a main dish. And it's definitely worth it for the experience alone. I can honestly not say anything bad about this place except that the rice under the kastuju was a bit too plain for my taste. Only downside is that it's hard to get a table. So try to reserve early.

Pros: Amazing food, Charming Staff, Beautiful presentation

Cons: A bit pricey


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22 Aug 2023

Best find in Japan! 5 ⭐️

Incredible experience at Saido Tokyo. The best restaurant in Japan so far. 💚😋

The chef and the waitress were really nice and helpful with us. They have an English menu.

This place was rated the #1 vegan restaurant at Happy Cow Worldwide and at the moment of writing this review it’s the #2 in the World.

We didn’t get to try the lunch set menu, as it was sold out so we tried 2 types of ramen, a vegan meat dish and two desserts. All of it was amazing! The presentation, the flavors and the chef’s culinary creativity overall.

You can watch a little video of out experience at our instagram

We truly loved it. 100% recommended!! We’ll definitely go back! 💚⭐️


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12 Aug 2023

A great experience

I got the ¥3300 set meal (i think it was the cheapest) and it was delicious. The quality of food was incredible for this price. The waitress was very friendly. The chef and waitress gave me a souvenir to take back to the states, which was incredibly nice of them.

Pros: Gracious waitstaff, Delicious food

Cons: A tiny bit of clutter in the corner of the room


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13 Jul 2023

Todo delicioso!

La comida esta tan buena como dicen todos los comentarios - delicioso todo! Una muy buena experiencia, seas o no vegetariano/vegano. Y los empleados muy simpáticos todos!

Pros: Buen precio, Empleados muy simpáticos, Comida deliciosa


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Mostly Veg
28 Jun 2023

Great Japanese restaurant

A wonderful expereince with great food!


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06 Jun 2023

Beautiful magical amazing

My favorite restaurant in Tokyo. You can see why this was voted best restaurant in the world on happy cow a few years ago. It’s incredible. The service is lovely. The food is *beautiful*. It’s like eating art. The ramen was incredible and the vegan egg was the closest thing to egg I’ve ever had. It’s hard to get a reso, make sure you make one in advance by emailing them. If you have the chance to come here, do it. You won’t regret it!!


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29 May 2023


If you eat anywhere in Japan please eat here. Everything we had was so amazing and had really cute presentation. I would highly recommend the yakitori (with edible “charcoal” potatoes), eel, and tonkatsu. I don’t know how they are able to make it taste so authentic. We also had delicious handmade melon sodas and raspberry mousse made to look like a pot of dirt with a tree growing in it! Definitely make a reservation in advance online. The owner and waitress were so nice too and gave us little custom made stickers!

Pros: Phenomenal taste, Creative and appealing presentation, Friendly staff


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13 May 2023

Outstandingly great Japanese food

Came here for Sunday lunch with my friend. We genuinely enjoyed all the dishes from a salad to a dessert. No wonder why it was ranked 1st on HappyCow’s best vegan restaurant ranking list. It was fully booked so reservations are highly recommended.

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25 Apr 2023

Awesome experience

Good place to try veganized versions of classic Japanese dishes. Reservation required and recommended to come in a group so you can try what the rest of your party orders. The chef came out and chatted with us for a bit and gave us fun stickers! The good is very grammable as well, if you care about that kind of thing!

Pros: Great options you won't find elsewhere, Staff happy to chat with tourists, Photogenic food

Cons: Bit far from tourist hotspots, but worth it, Reservation required


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01 Apr 2023

Amazingly Delicious

We dined at Saido a few days ago and were blown away by the delicious dinner we had. The dishes were beautifully presented and delicately flavored leaving us savoring the many flavors in each of the Japanese vegan dishes. Service was friendly & prompt even though we were a large group. Special kudos to Chef Kusumoto on his creations.


20 Apr 2023

How far in advance did you need to make a reservation? Thanks for your help!!


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26 Mar 2023

Unique and Nice

Definitely recommend this place. Friendly staff, nice food and very unique dish decoration.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-26

Pros: Unique Dishes Decoration, Nice and Tasty Food, Friendly Staff


20 Apr 2023

Hello! Do you recommend advance reservations for SAIDO?


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15 Mar 2023

Special dining experience with creative and delicate food

100% get the yakitori, I would eat it every day. How did they get it to taste so…fatty?
Bonus points for the fake egg in the noodles, the “yolk” and “white” were 2 separate components, first time I’ve seen an attempt at recreating a boiled egg and it was pretty cool.


15 Mar 2023


20 Apr 2023

How far in advance did you need to make a reservation? Thanks for your help!!


21 Apr 2023

I actually just called an hour before I wanted to go and asked if they had a table! I think online if you want to reserve, you should do it a few weeks in advance. But try calling if it’s last-minute!


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04 Mar 2023

Lives up to its reputation

Very original dishes: yakitori on charcoal blocks that you can eat (they are potato fries), mouse that looks like a plant in a pot. But these are not just gimmicks. Food tastes really good too. All the 5 star reviews on Happy Cow are not a mistake. If you are vegan and visiting Tokyo, you need to eat at Saido at least once. Fantastic restaurant. Can’t believe it doesn’t have at least a couple of Michelin stars.

Pros: Super, original food, Very friendly chef and staff, Great choice of wines, beer, sake etc

Cons: None


20 Apr 2023

How far in advance did you need to make a reservation? Thanks for your help!!


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24 Feb 2023

#1 Vegan Restaurant

I'd like to dedicate this review to my late brother on his birthday today. Happy 31st, bro! It took me a few years to follow you and go plant based but you remain a big reason why I'm still alive, healthy, and here today. I love you.

While Tokyo still has a lot to catch up to become a better vegan-friendly destination, restaurants like Saido give me so much hope and promise. I made reservations online for lunch here and after nearly missing it, am so glad that I got to experience my now favorite vegan restaurant in Japan.

This cafe started in 2018 by Chef Katsumi Kusumoto and should be on everyone's must-try list, especially if they are curious or wanting to experience veganized Japanese cuisine. It's tucked away on a not-so busy street so it really feels like you're being swept away for a wonderful experience.

Lunch sets set us back ¥2970, which included soup, salad, main entree, dessert, and two drinks (including wine and beer). The journey began right away with soup and salad, where its presentation matched that of fine dining restaurants. For our mains, I tried the Unaju (braised eel rice bowl) and my partner's Katsuju (fried cutlet)...

H O L Y. P L A N T.

This was the BEST vegan unagi-don I have had yet in Japan! The texture, taste, and composition resembled eel like I had remembered it in my past life. Smoky, teriyaki flavors infused the eel and it was exactly what I hoped it would be. The katsu was also incredibly crispy, juicy, and tender. This is no simple soy-meat that's been deep fried, it was on another level.

The experience concluded with another glass of wine with our sweet dessert - the blueberry cheesecake that's tucked away in a small pot that you eat with a mini shovel, and their seasonal sorbet which was creamy and refreshing.

Without a doubt, they have made their mark on the vegan food scene and we are not 'missing out' on anything when food is simply this good and good for you.

Reservations are HIGHLY recommended. I made a reservation through tabe-log as well as messaged the business on Facebook. The manager Hitomi-san was super friendly and fun to chat with about the business, and it left a wonderful impression on me to return in the future.

I cannot stop raving about my experience at Saido. Thank you Chef Kusumoto, Hitomi-san, and your entire team for this amazing lunch. I will do my best to come back every time I plan a trip to

Pros: Excellent lunch deal, Cute ambience, Wonderful service


20 Apr 2023

How far in advance did you need to make a reservation? Thanks for your help!!


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15 Feb 2023

A great experience at a humble restaurant

This is the first place after I landed and it did give me a very good kick-off of my holiday.

I have ordered the Vegan Cheese Salad, Vegan yakitori, vegan eel don and raspberry mousse. I went with an empty tummy just so I can try more food. Everything was so good. The service was great and the restaurant manager was very willing to explain the dish to me.

The chef was very observant and attentive too. He would always makes sure the food arrive at just the right temperature and he would adjust his pace according to my eating speed. This is something that is often forgotten on food business.

Highly recommend this restaurant and I would go again!

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-15

Pros: Good food, Attentive services, Authentic recipes


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07 Feb 2023

Absolutely intricate and Devine!

Thank you very much for having us! From the cheese platter to the kawaii raspberry mouse, it was spectacular! The service was exceptional and sustainably sourced. Definitely recommended for those who want a hole-in-the-wall atmosphere and exceptional quality and detail.

Pros: All vegan , Many options , Set menu


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02 Feb 2023

Must visit!

Phenomenally authentic Japanese style food. Lovely wait staff, interesting options, and reasonably priced for the experience. In a very cute location as well - inside an adorably eclectic nursery. Only a short trip from Shibuya on the Toyoko line. Very glad I came!


20 Apr 2023

How far in advance did you need to make a reservation? Thanks for your help!!


24 Apr 2023

I didn't have to make a reservation, I just walked in! Too easy! Though I was by myself so I think it was easy to fit me in :))


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30 Jan 2023

wonderful and creative

the food was delicious and creative. you feel like you're being served inside of their home...very comforting. i don't have Facebook so i walked over to make a reservation. here is their email for anyone in a similar predicament: enjoy!

Pros: service , innovative, delicious


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15 Dec 2022

Must go, best meal I had in Japan

Title says it all. By far the best meal I had in Japan, amazing food, wonderful and welcome atmosphere, I’ve never felt more comfortable eating through the setting and the food itself. A true gem of a restaurant, I would eat here every day if I lived here, wow


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11 Dec 2022

A must go if you are in Tokyo!

Friendly staff, amazing tasting food! Well deserved "best restaurant 2020 till today" by HappyCow!

Pros: Simply the best vegan food! , Good selection of vegan bio wine, beer and other., Not crazy priced.

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