Serves meat, vegan options available. Restaurant serving vegan nachos, tofu fajitas, pizza, veggie burgers and more. Open Mon-Sun 12:30-21:30.

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First Review by KerstinL


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22 Jan 2024


As an American, I saw this place and started laughing. It truly was a hoot to see such a Tex-Mex place in Ireland. The vegan nachos were pretty good, but wasn't as into the dessert. Despite it being American themed, no, there are no free refills on drinks. :P



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18 Oct 2023

Homemade burger

I appreciate the homemade vegan burger. Contains chickpeas and kidney beans. Maybe a bit soft/smushy, but it's a homemade attempt in the context of a 'Texan Grill". The whole vegan section is very pleasant to have. After hiking 80 kilometers in nature, this food is very comforting.

Pros: Menu option: burger + pint for €20, Gluten free options (bun, batter etc.)

Cons: Country music is very present, but no surprise!


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06 Sep 2023

Very tasty and well located

Located in the middle of Killarney town, it has few but delicious vegan options.
I tried the burger. It is the same, but changing the sauce. Spectacular! And housemade :)
For dessert I had sticky toffee pudding. The first time I try it vegan and was amazing!
Staff was super nice! There are some latin people and you know we are really nice :)
The blonde tall girl was great too!

Pros: Tasty food, Nice staff, Good location


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22 Jul 2023

So good !!!

Such good vegan junk food options , including milkshakes nachos burgers and more , quite affordable too! Not anything very fancy but yummy and staff are always helpful

Pros: Lots of choice, Casual, Nice staff

Cons: Tacky decor lol, Can be v busy


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25 Jun 2023


I got the vegan pizza, which was overcooked on the bottom, quite difficult to chew. Rather tasteless on the whole. Cost: 15 euro

Another got the vegan burger, or rather falafel ish bean thing. Tasted earthy, not very enjoyable. Cost: 21 euro for beer, burger and chips.

Worst part was probably asking for tap water three times, got given glasses for it, but they never brought water, but rather asked a few times do we want a "bottle" of water. No thanks.

Killarney has few options, but I'd rather the Lana Asian food chain than this. Even McDonald's would have a better vegan burger.

Nice to have a vegan menu, but need some value for money here

Cons: Lots


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24 Mar 2023

Surprisingly Good

Decent portion sizing and not super expensive with a combo, food wasn't too bland but could do better than a bean burger...


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07 Mar 2023

Tasty vegan menu, good portions, good value

We had the vegan nachos and the vegan Kansas barbecue burger. Both were excellent.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-07

Pros: 19€ for a burger + fries + pint of our choice


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27 Oct 2022


I really enjoyed the food there. The stuff was friendly and helpful. Didn’t expected so many vegan options and open minded people in such an restaurant. The burger tasted good but was nothing special. The place is quite expensive in general.

Cons: very expensive


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22 Sep 2022

Tasty vegan pizza

I had a very enjoyable vegan pizza here, which they very kindly made on my request. I had been here 3 years ago as a newly converted vegan and had been very impressed with it at the time. It's a pity it has been taken off the menu since. However there are still several vegan options on the menu. I had the vegan sticky toffee pudding and ice cream for dessert, which was only ok - too sticky and a cake instead of an actual pudding but I appreciate the thought. They had nice seating outside. You might think a cowboy themed fast food restaurant wouldn't have any vegan options so it's great to see them pushing the envelope on this.

Pros: Tasty vegan pizza made on request off-menu, Several vegan options, Outside seating

Cons: Vegan pizza no longer on menu (was 3 years ago), Playing country music


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19 Sep 2022

Burger & Nachos

You wouldn't expect that many vegan options in a place like this.

As a starter, we had the loaded Nachos which were pretty good. They had different toppings (guacamole, salsa, cheese, kidney beans, chickpeas) and were far from being boring.

The Vegan Tennessee Burger was really impressive from the outside but we missed some taste. The sauce was delicious but the patty was rather flat. As it was made of oats and beans the burger was pretty doughy.

Pros: Many vegan options

Cons: Flat burger


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31 Aug 2022

Really bad food experience

Unfortunately this was the worst vegan food I have ever had. The vegan kansas burger and enchiladas(with fries) tasted really bland and weren't worth their price of 17€ each. Really disappointing experience.

Cons: Expensive, Vegan food tastes bland (burger + enchiladas)


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25 Aug 2021

Blobs ranch

The Food was good and there were plenty of options . The vegan nachos and garlic bread tasted great but the let down was the pizza. The vegan cheese was not the best on it. Other than that, I thought it was great

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Helpful staff , Good value

Cons: Vegan cheese was odd


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19 Jun 2021

Great vegan options

Surprised and delighted to find a kitsch western style place in tourist mecca Killarney including a bunch of vegan options.

The nachos were superb and would keep any omnivore happy too. They use Violife cheese which I have grown tired of, particularly when it's heated and overwhelms everything else. But to be fair to Rob's, there are very few options in Ireland. Big market gap there.

The burger was less successful. As others have said, the patty is the problem. It's a old school beany one and was really just sludge. Even if it was deep fried to give a crispy outer, it would have been a lot better. The bun and fixings and sauce were excellent tho. Same Violife criticism.

As I've said elsewhere, everyone doing vegan burgers in Kerry should do a deal with Denny for their patties. Whilst they are not quite at Impossible or Beyond level, they are very good.

Overall big thumbs up tho.

Pros: Multiple vegan options

Cons: Burger patty should be better


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30 Jan 2021

Really nice for casual meal out

Loads of vegan options, yet to try so.ething I haven't been impressed with. The staff uniforms are v funny. All at a reasonable price too.

Pros: Loads of delicious options


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14 Dec 2020


my mom loves the country vibe here. nice pizza and garlic bread!


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17 Sep 2020

Vegan cheese, Nice junk food, bad music

American country Western plays at all times in this place. They do take out though. I enjoyed my vegan cheese pizza. Gave it 3 stars in order to dock them 1 star (since they can't qualify for 5)


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28 Aug 2020

A brilliant vegan and veg menu great selections!

Robs Ranch House has a full veggie menu with the options which are vegan clearly marked including a range of starters and mains such as nachos, garlic bread, pizza, and burgers as well as vegan cider! The staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. There was also a very good selection on gluten free options clearly marked within the veggie menu.

Pros: Good variety , Clearly marked vegan options , Helpful staff


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27 Jul 2020

Good vegan pizza

We were in 4 people and ordered vegan burgers and pizzas. The vegan pizza was fair enough, but the rice and beans burgers were not tasty and need some improvement. We also had the garlic bread and it was delicious though.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Lots of Gluten free options

Cons: Vegan Burger options need improvement


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07 Sep 2019

Great vegan options

Really good but a little pricey


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01 Sep 2019

Good if you fancy take away style food!

It’s grand, chilled food.. nothing too exciting. Wouldn’t be rushing back.. but this isn’t the type of food I love either so others will probably enjoy it more!

Pros: Full separate vegan menu


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24 Aug 2019

vegan taco fries!!!!

Loved having a variety of options, the vegan taco fries were DELICIOUS

Pros: Full vegan menu

Cons: A bit odd in terms of atmosphere


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21 Aug 2019


Ordered nachos w guacamole for starters, there was lots of guacamole, I was surprised because usually restaurants dont put that much haha
For main course ordered vegan burguer, comes with fries and guacamole as well, very tasty!

Pros: Some vegan options , Nice place


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13 Aug 2019

Super lekker!!!

Super lekker gegeten, de vegan taco fries with vegan cheese 😍. Wel een caloriebom, maar echt een aanrader!
Meerdere vegan / vega options!
Leuke sfeer! Prijs kwaliteit = prima!

Pros: Veel vegan options


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04 Aug 2019

Good for a treat

Plenty starters and mains. They're always adding new things to the vegan menu. Usually get the nachos to start and the burger. They added a lasagne recently too so must try that. Nice for a treat. It does the job especially if you're with any carnivores

Pros: Plenty options

Cons: Not exactly healthy but good option to have


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31 Jul 2019

Vegan burger & chips

Delicious! Generous size burger, with a nice portion of chips.

Pros: Good choice of options


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30 Jul 2019

Ganz nettes amerikanisches Restaurant

Der vegane Burger war sehr gut und die Nachos auch


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14 Jul 2019

Food is ok, but underwhelming experience

Quick search on Happy Cow brought us here. Happened to be close and we were super hungry. Rather than meandering around for another place we popped in to this establishment. It had a Honky Tonk Native American Indian theme. The server was outfitted a gun holster as pat of the uniform. Being from the USA this all seemed very cheese to us.
The menus were a bit “used” and don’t appear to have been cleaned in some time. Kind of gross considering the amount of finger food available. There were a number of vegan options and GF vegan available as well.
For a starter, we had guacamole with corn chips. It was ok. The guacamole was mixed too thin; it had more of a purée texture. I had the bean burger (no bun) and skipped the fries. It was very tasty. My spouse has the vegan pizza and said “it was ok”.

Pros: Good amount of vegan and GF options, Quick service, Affordable

Cons: Atmosphere , Food = ok, nothing impressive , Service was sparse

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