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Small vegetarian Indian restaurant in Montreal near Namur metro station. Note that its other outlet at Dollard had closed/replaced by Punjab Delight. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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07 Jan 2024

Best Indian vegetarian Home Meal

They have simply and an authentic vegetarian meal



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03 Jul 2023

Un restaurant qui perdure

J'ai connu ce restaurant dans les années 80 grâce à mon ami Vijay. Ce n'est pas par hasard qu'il traverse le temps. Le service est inégal mais la nourriture est plus qu'honnête. La sélection et la saveur des desserts sont impressionnantes. Une adresse sur laquelle on peut compter année après année.

Pros: Végétarien, Desserts, Authentique

Cons: Le site, Le service impersonnel, On y parle français?


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27 Jun 2023

Cheap Eats, Hole in the Wall Vibes

If you’re travellers on a budget, desiring cheap eats in Montreal, look no further than Pushap.

Our journey began on Montreal’s coveted Metro. Disembarking at Namur station, we commenced our short stroll towards the eating establishment.

Once inside, we sat down at our table and were presented with two bottles of water. Unsure whether the waters would inflate the price of the bill, we nevertheless caved and eventually drank them. The chef took our orders, “two regular Thali’s please and can you make them vegan?” We opted for one chickpea and one lentil curry and asked the chef to decide on the choice of bread that would accompany our meal.

The food, arriving on a steel dish with separated compartments, was authentic, tasty and delicately spiced. The curries, salad and rice complimented each other nicely to produce a symphony of the tastebuds. The whole meal Indian bread allowed me to mop up every inch of sauce. It was a fairly satisfactory amount of food. Up there, though not quite the dizzying heights of my best Indian eating experiences.

I did have some concerns about the sanitary standards of the eatery. However the restaurant nevertheless gave off wholesome vibes, in no small part due to the friendliness of the chef.

All in all, we paid $20 cash for the dining experience ($10 CAD a head) a price point at which you are prepared to look past the less than immaculate eating conditions. Would eat there again.

Pros: Cheap as f***, Tasty, Plenty of vegan options

Cons: Cash only (which idm tbh), Not the cleanest


27 Jun 2023


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15 Feb 2023

Satisfying and cheap

Their thalis are amazing! Of course, don't forget to order samosas.

They only take cash, though.


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08 Feb 2023

Amazing food, lovely people.

I’ve been coming here for almost 30 years. That says it all, the family are very sweet. The food will knock your socks off!

Pros: Fresh and tasty , Amazing desserts , Great price for the quality


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04 Sep 2022

the best

the greatest of all time. quality has decreased a bit since pandemic but still the best in the city


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24 Sep 2021

under $10/fill up your belly

Super restaurant that has been there for eons, literally!
Around the corner from Sokkai Gakku International (SGI on Buchan street), it's a fav destination after a practice.

The family is so compassionate about their menu from desserts to full family meals. They really are there to serve you.

They often cater their sweets to big festive events such as weddings and parties.

Updated from previous review on 2020-10-21

Pros: Located near the metro/subway STN NAMUR and buses., 1street East of Decarie Expressway

Cons: Parking is very hard to find. , Cannot service a large group over 8 people., Long line-ups on weekends... that's how good it is


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02 Jul 2021

Amazing Indian food

Pushap is a great traditional indian family own restaurant. The menu is huge. There are many vegan options and they are all clearly labeled. You can take a few meals to create a bigger meal. I took the chana, the okras and the onion naan bread all this for 13$!!! So cheap!!! I didn’t even eat everything, because I was too full. Everything was delicious, fresh and the right temperature.

Pros: Cheap, Huge menu, Vegan options clearly labeled

Cons: Styrofoam containers


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29 Sep 2020

Delicious and inexpensive

Incredibly good food for a reasonable price. Vegans beware, sometimes they give you extra food that may or may not be vegan.

Pros: Delicious, Authentic, Inexpensive


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13 Nov 2019

Cheap vegetarian eats, lots of vegan options

The restaurant is vegetarian but has tons of vegan options. Their vegan options are clearly indicated on their website. I had the combination meal C that I only had to replace one cheese dish to make vegan. The food was dirt cheap but sooo delicious and filling. I love how flavorful Indian cuisine is and how many spices it incorporates into the dishes! 🍛 Note that this place only accepts cash.

Main meal:
Aloo Gobi (potato and cauliflower curry)
Bharatha (roasted eggplant w onion, tomato, and spices)
Dal Tarka (lentils w spices and fried onion)
Cabbage salad
Basmati rice
Bathura (fried flatbread)

Also came with 2 pakoras, 1 samosa, and a non-dairy dessert (which was a compact brown square, but oddly quite good)

Pros: Vegetarian restaurant, Lots of vegan options, Dirt-cheap but still incredibly tasty

Cons: Only accepts cash


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12 Feb 2019

Not the best but fast and filling

Small place that reminded me a bit of a school canteen. My food was good and filling, but my friend had to wait for a long time so when they got their food the rest of the company had already finished theirs.

Pros: Vegan options , Not too expensive, Got my food fast

Cons: Small and a bit dirty , My friend had to wait a long time for their food, Toilets not cleaned


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18 Nov 2018

Best naan bread

I use to work close to this restaurant so it was always a good vegetarian option. Extremely cheap with great options looks like nothing from outside but very warm service.


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21 Aug 2018


Rapide quand tu prends le menu du jour.

Pas cher.

Pakoras excellents.

Facile demander vegan.

Updated from previous review on 2018-03-27

Pros: Prix, Rapidité, Proximité


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Mostly Veg
06 Jun 2018

love the thalis

So much flavors and choices . Cheap cheap price !


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14 Aug 2014

Great Indian food at very small prices

Pushap restaurants are among the best Indian restaurants in Montréal: pure vegetarian with prices close to the ones in India, but in Montréal! For 5 euros, you will have a full menu with a dessert. The food is good and similar to the one in India (oily and spicy) and can be made vegan on request. Try the thalis. The place could have been more coloured but remains pleasant.

Pros: authentic Indian food, inexpensive, friendly staff

Cons: basic decoration


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17 Jan 2012

Authentic Indian Restaurant

There are very few authentic Indian restaurants in Montreal and that too vegetarian. Pushap is one of them. It is a no frills, simple, inexpensive place that serves traditional, authentic home stule food at down to earth prices. The only down side is that the spicing tends to be on the mild side, but if you ask, they will spice it up. But Indian food cannot be spiced properly by just adding spices to cooked food. It has to be part of the cooking. I have rarely come across such succulent paneer (melt in the mouth) and such thick, soft and fluffy bhatura (the way it is meant to be). Unfortunately the chana to go with the bhatura was very tame. Pushap is more famous for its samosas, and rightly so. Up and down the East Coast of North America, it is now impossible to find real samosas made with cut potatoes and peas instead of mashed potatoes. Well, at Pushap you will find it. I took a few home to NY with me!

Pros: Value, Authenticity

Cons: Mild

Jennifer June

Points +26

13 Oct 2011

Pushap Namur

The staff are super sweet, the food is AMAZING and very reasonably priced. Easily one of the best Indian restaurants in Montreal.


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09 Jan 2011

A favourite

I haven't tried much on their menu, but what I have tried was delicious. In addition to the food, the quality of the service and the prices could not be beat.

Pros: great food, great prices, good service

Cons: location

Meera Trivedi

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20 May 2010

Good delicious food

mouth waterning food


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12 Apr 2010

best food for the buck in Montreal

I have been a customer for many many years and keep going back for the great food, kindly service and low prices. Pushap cannot be be beaten for the very high value received per dollar spent. I'll be there soon, again.

Pros: excellent food, good service, great prices


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06 Feb 2010

One of my favourites

It is always a pleasure to dine here, and I don't come often enough. The owner and staff are very friendly and remember faces. I usually have the thali, which costs around $5, if I recall correctly. Their prices are very reasonable, and several times I've been given rice or a dessert for free. They are happy to accommodate vegans.

Service can be slow, so prepare to take your time when you come in.

Great atmosphere, lovely music.

Pros: cheap, friendly staff, vegan desserts

Cons: slow service


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Mostly Veg
18 Oct 2007

Difficult to argue

Difficult to argue against this restaurant. 2 people ate a full course entree, main, dessert and the bill ended up 15$ all included. Food is good. Not super organic, not super fair trade, not super pure, i.e. pretty oily and oniony and cream cheesy at times. But difficult to argue for this kind of price which feels like it has ignored inflation for the past 50 years.

All in all, good indian food at groundbreaking prices make this ghetto not so beautifully decorated annoyingly-radio-playing restaurant a must try.

Above all, vegetarian. And service is variable. If the owner is there, it's great. If he's not, well, the other family members are a little less skilled. :)

Pros: Price.

Cons: Oily.

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