A kooky doughnut shop that usually offers a few vegan doughnuts - call ahead to check the day's flavors. Tuesday's is vegan Tuesday and there is a larger selection of vegan options on the day. Also offers soy and almond milk for drinks. Open Thu-Sun 8:00am-3:00pm.

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15 Oct 2023

Great donuts but got to reach early

Love the very unique vibe of this place as well as their creations. I had the espresso chocolate donut and loved it. So far as I know, their vegan donuts all have the same vanilla base.. just different frosting. I went here late morning on a Saturday and most donut trays were empty. Actually got the last 2 espresso chocolate donuts.

Pros: Good vegan donuts

Cons: Website is not very helpful on the donut options



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07 Jan 2023

vegan donuts

i got the unicorn donut with vanilla cake and raspberry frosting, it tasted really good! there were 3 vegan options (the other two were espresso and pumpkin) and the lady working there said they have 8 vegan flavors on tuesdays. the donut was great but it was extremely expensive, $4.50 each (for the vegan ones at least) before tax.


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17 Dec 2022

Fun but lacking in vegan

They have good donuts and unique ones too, but most aren't vegan. I suppose I will visit on their vegan-focused Tuesdays and see if I will need to modify this review.

Pros: Has a day for more vegan options (Tuesday), Fun and unique donuts, Quirky

Cons: Most of the donuts are not vegan, The vegan donuts tend to be the less exciting ones


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31 Mar 2020

Worth a try

They didn’t live up to their hype for us. They were okay but not worth the calories, in my opinion.

Pros: A few vegan options , Interesting flavors

Cons: Pretty pricy , Strange flavors , Vegan flavors sell pit quickly


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23 Oct 2019

Good Vegan Cake Donuts

Make sure to visit on Tuesday aka VEGAN TUESDAY where they have a much larger selection. We went on a Tuesday and there were 13 vegan donut options as opposed to 4-5.

*Our favorite Vegan Donuts: Drunkin' Punkin', Espresso Yo' Self, Black Forest and Raspberry Road-Rash!

*Favorite Drink: Dirty Jack with Soy Milk (It's Pumpkin Chai)

*We were told by a staff member that all of the whipped toppings for coffee and icing for donuts are vegan (made with almond milk) bc they have a longer shelf life. She also said it was a recipe they used in the past, were using it again and are fairly certain they will keep it. Make sure to confirm.

**On a Sunday the staff member was very rude and acted as though it was a bother that we were there. We specifically ordered soy milk, extra hot for the Dirty Jack after we ordered vegan donuts. After she made our drink we walked out and tasted it and thought it tasted off. Thank goodness we went back in and asked and she admitted she did not use soy milk. She remade it but not extra hot. We were the only ones in there except one guy at the time. Make sure to confirm your order

We were staying nearby and decided to give them a try.

We don't normally like cake donuts but we were pleasantly surprised by how good these were.
The prices are reasonable and the coffee was amazing.

$3.00 Kooky for Cocoa Vegan Cake Donut: This was okay. It had a bit too many toppings for us. It was a good deal for the price. I think if you like this type of donut you'll really enjoy it.

$3.00 Espresso Yo' Self Vegan Cake Donut: We really enjoyed this cake donut. It was moist, the icing was delicious and the donut in general was fresh and tasty.
*We got this one again. Still a favorite.

$4.75 Medium Dirty Jack: Spiced Pumpkin Chai Latte (soy milk) : OMG amazing. Great fall drink!
* We got this with almond milk bc they ran out of soy and it wasn't as good, however we don't generally like almond milk.

$4.25 Small Pumpkin Spice Latte with Soy milk: good but we still prefer the dirty Jack.

$3.50 Black Forest: So delicious. The chocolate Donut has a glaze so it's slightly crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. The butter cream frosting, crocolate chips and the chocolate covered cherry were amazing.

$3.25 Raspberry Road-Rash: Delicious Vegan Donut. The Raspberry Chocolate combo is a winner. Really nice icing too.

$1.95 Michael Jackson: We weren't huge fans of this donut. It is a very reasonable price. We noticed we really enjoy the crunchy glaze outside and moist inside. Since this is a powdered sugar donuts, it's moist throughout. We really thought we were going to like it more.

$2.25 Hey Pumpkin: Vegan Cake Donut πŸŽƒ: I'm guessing a little bit on the price, but I think this is correct. We thought this tasted more like banana bread as opposed to pumpkin bread. They might have subbed banana for the egg to make it vegan. I think its possible to similarly sub with pumpkin puree for the egg. It was overall a very fresh and moist donut. I however don't like pumpkin bread so I'll pass on this next time.

$2.25 Pumpkin Spazz Bread: Pretty good. It had a nice pumpkin spice flavor and a sugary outside.

$3.00 Drunkin' Punkin': This is our new favorite! OMG it's so good. The vegan cream cheese icing and the maple drizzle go so well with the pumpkin spice cake.

The soy milk is vanilla.

They don't have public restrooms and no seating.

Staff was knowledgeable about veganism.

The staff member advised all of the smoothies are made without dairy.

We wish they would label their vegan donuts or have them all in one case and label the case vegan.

The staff is knowledgeable and there hasn't been a wait when we visited but bc they aren't labeled we have to wait for the staff to tell us which is vegan before deciding. Not a huge deal but labels would be appreciated.

Pros: Four vegan options regularly, Good price, Excellent Coffee , Vegan Tuesdays extra vegan options

Cons: No restrooms, Vegan not labeled


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06 Mar 2019

Vegan donuts, say no more

They always have a selection of vegan donuts, probably 4 or 5 to choose from. They sometimes have a small selection or run out of them by the end of the day. All of them have fun names and usually have pretty good flavor combinations. The raspberry ones haven’t been my favorite, but all other flavors have been pretty good.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Sometimes limited selection


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24 Sep 2016

Good vegan donuts - Santa Clara location

Went to the new Santa Clara location.

Vegan donuts were good.

They had 7 vegan options.

Blueberry Cheesecake was the best.

Donuts were cake like but surprisingly light.


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06 Feb 2015

Fun, vegan donuts

When I'm in the mood for donuts, I go here. They have some really good varieties. They always seem to have at least 4 vegan flavors every day.

Be prepared for these donuts, they're giant, sugary, and delicious. You may want to share one if you're not keen on such a huge sugar rush.

Pros: vegan donuts, awesome taste, good value

Cons: sugary, filling


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14 Oct 2014

Awesome Donuts!

We had 4 different vegan donuts and they were amazing. The best donuts that I've had since going vegan! The Key Lime Pie and Oreo donuts were my favorite.


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06 Oct 2014


Dropped in today and was delighted to find they had about 5 different types of vegan cake donuts. I chose the keylime. Very light and moist, not too dense. Delicious.
Also happy that they have non-dairy option for coffee (soy milk).
Quirky atmosphere and friendly service.


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30 Jul 2014

nothing Special

Not bad but nothing to write home about. Mostly just weird names for the same old flavors with a few unique combinations. A couple of vegan donuts and soy milk avail for the coffee. Cute decor although it's changed since they first opened.

Cons: Parking

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