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Serves meat, vegan options available. Russian piroshki restaurant and bakery in downtown Seattle since 1994. Known for cakes, piroshkis, and soups. The vegan piroshki options change frequently with a few flavors available at a time. Examples include vegan sausage and beef with cheese or rosemary, nutritional yeast, potato & sauerkraut, garlic veggie beef asado, and potato mushroom cheese. Also offers mini vegan cakes with flavors like lemon poppyseed and vegan rum cake: enjoy one with a coffee. Accepts custom orders. Currently open to preorder and pickup. Previously known as Piroshki on 3rd, relocated January 24. Open Tue-Wed 8:30am-2:30pm, Thu-Sat 8:30am-6:00pm, Sun 8:30am-2:30pm. Closed Mon.

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First Review by treyb


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31 Jul 2023

Nice variety of options. Slightly high prices.

Title more or less says it all. I enjoyed my piroshki, but it was pretty expensive. Worth a visit if you are in the area.


14 Jan 2024

I think the vegan piroshkies here are not only a great value but also exceptionally delicious, particularly with the loyalty program. For locals, getting 10% back on purchases is a significant benefit.

The rewards system, offering complimentary vegan piroshki and coffee, adds to the overall appeal. What truly sets this place apart is their unique and incredibly tasty range of vegan piroshkies, dishes, and desserts. Each vegan item is a culinary delight, and their vegan piroshkies are the only ones in the area that taste this good.

Size-wise, these vegan piroshkies are much larger compared to a $10 burger from nearby restaurants. Considering the generous portions, loyalty rewards, and the exceptional taste of their vegan offerings, this spot isn't just affordable, it's a gastronomic treasure.

It’s definitely a must-visit for anyone in the vicinity, especially for those seeking delicious vegan options!



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07 Jun 2023

Really good cinnamon rolls

Stopped by for a treat and discovered really nice cinnamon rolls. Large enough for 2 people.

Pros: Vegan savory and sweet options


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09 Mar 2023

Savory and sweet vegan pastries!

I was really happy with the couple of lunches I had at Piroshki on 3rd when I had jury duty. I tried a few different things and everything was delicious! I appreciated how clearly the vegan options were labeled and how many different ones there were!

Pros: Several vegan options- both savory and sweet , Cute indoor space with a good bit of seating


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17 Oct 2022

Great vegan piroshki and cake!

I got the vegan "beef and cheese" piroshki and the vegan "honey cake", both were fantastic! The people there were very nice and helpful. One of the people at the counter also let me know that they will be adding a vegan breakfast scramble to the menu soon.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-17

Pros: Great vegan food!

Cons: They close early (for now at least)


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30 Sep 2022

Awesome vegan Piroshki

The beef and cheese vegan piroshki was unbelievable tasty. It’s a huge portion and it tastes so good. My non vegan friend tried mine and said it’s way tastier than the regular beef piroshki. Try it out, it’s worth it!

Pros: Many vegan options , Super tasty

Cons: Quite expensive


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15 Aug 2022

Lots of options!

Because we were here on vacation, we splurged and ordered one of everything vegan: potato rosemary, beef/cheeze, tofu, jackfruit BBQ, and the Seattle dog. For dessert we had a piece of sweet honey cake and sticky bun.

It was worth every pound of weight gain.

Please note, there is another Piroshski bakery in Pike Place. They only have 2-3 vegan options BUT their pastry is way flakier.


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12 May 2022

Quick, easy, and cheap!

I had the mushroom and potato as well as the impossible Piroshky. Both were incredible. Highly recommend this place. The line may look long but it moves very quickly. Don’t think we stood in line fire more than five minutes.

Pros: Cheap, Delicious, Vegan clearly marked


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08 Apr 2022

First time trying vegan Russian

My friend got the impossible piroshki and I got the mushroom and potato one! It pretty tasty and filling. The pastry did flake everywhere and was kinda messy to eat but it was pretty yum so not a big deal.😄was just super happy to walk by and see they had vegan options!

Pros: Veg options, Mock meat, Large size


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29 Mar 2022


Nice and quick option available for lunch time. I ordered the vegan tofu and mushroom and the vegan cream cheese aka seattle dog. I much preferred the seattle dog (not just because I’m a native but because it was delicious. Lol) can’t go wrong stopping in here


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20 Jan 2022

Amazing!!! Lots of vegan options

I went here with my mom. I got the beef and cheese piroshky and my mom got the vegan hot dog. The beef and cheese was absolutely delicious!!! It was one of the most unique and tasty foods I've eaten. I definitely want to eat it again. The hot dog was okay though. We also got some vegan pastries to take home. They had a lot! We got honey cake, a raspberry danish, and a croissant.


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12 Jan 2022

So many yummy vegan options

Delicious vegan piroshki, pirogy, “honey” cake, and pastries. We tried the Seattle dog, beyond beef and chao cheese, tofu sisig, and potato. Be advised that all but the beef and cheese could a little too spicy for some people. The potato is not spicy but peppery.


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13 Jun 2021


There are about 4 piroshkis to choose from as of March 2021 (Seattle Dog which is a frank styled piroshki, Beef and cheese which is made with Beyond meat and chao cheese, rosemary and potato, and a Shepherd's pie as a special). Additionally there are a variety of desserts to choose from. I got the sticky buns and sent some in the mail (arrived 2 days later and they were fine and also freeze well according to my friend) to my friend and her husband and my parents and all of us *really* enjoyed the buns. They tasted better than your typical cinnamon bun (to me at least). I also got a beef and cheese piroshki and I also thought it was delicious (although the Beyond meat didn't have any seasonings - or minimal, so you may wanna go with a veggie based piroshki if you're not a fan of the meat taste). The dough had a slight hint of sweetness and the texture was interesting with the crunchy leaf on top. Will visit again and will have to send some more rolls the next time I'm in the area!

Pros: variety of options, can preorder a week before


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16 Nov 2019

Vegan Piroshki

Excellent Piroshki with at least 4 vegan options. Casual dining-order at counter and served on paper plates. Not the place for a sit down with atmosphere but good on-the-go food!


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20 Oct 2019

Tasty piroshki!

When we went they only had one type (potato) of piroshki, but they were very delicious. We each bought one and then went back for another one! Yum!

Pros: very tasty, quick, friendly


Points +269

17 Jun 2019

Excellent Vegan Piroshkis

This is a wonderful vegan-friendly option downtown. The vegan Piroshkis are awesome. I highly recommend the rosemary & potato one if they have it (might have been a special). The field roast one is also an excellent choice. They also had multiple vegan desserts which were clearly labeled in their bakery area. The restaurant itself is not vegan, serves meat, but I thought they did a really good job on the vegan options and the staff were really nice. I'll mention that it's more "work cafe" style seating and wouldn't be ideal for a quiet conversation but if you want a quick vegan lunch this place is fantastic. Updated note: They have steadily been increasing the number of vegan options and some of the newer ones are wonderful. Rosemary & Potato is still my number one recommendation but if you like spicy food the jalapeno one is also excellent.

Pros: Vegan Piroshkis, Vegan items are very clearly labelled, Friendly staff.


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05 Jun 2019

Delicious and rotating menu items

Every item I've had there is delicious, with new options all the time. I'm now a frequent customer!

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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24 Apr 2019

Tasty, quite a few options

Good, quick and friendly service. Really tasty food


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16 Apr 2019


Couldn’t decide so we got one of each. Sauerkraut and Fieldroast, sauerkraut and potato, rosemary potato and potato and chap cheese and mushroom.

Pros: Clearly marked: four vegan options, Genuine Piroshki. Just like old country


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11 Apr 2019

Nice option for breakfast.

I had a coffee and potato, Rosemary, and nooch piroshki.

Pros: Several vegan options , Friendly staff


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25 Jan 2019

So Good!

I love the vegan options! The Potato Rosemary and nutritional yeast is my favorite. Probably the least fake ingredients, except maybe for the sauerkraut one. But I don't like Kraut, so... The Asada and the Beef and Cheese have great flavor. I'm not a huge fan of the fieldroast dog. A little spicy for me, and not very special. The rest are unique and not something you're going to make at home. Someone there loves vegans, that's for sure!


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04 Jan 2019

Best Vegetarian Piroshki In Seattle!

Piroshki on 3rd, not to be confused with non-vegan Piroshky Piroshky on 3rd Avenue, has an array of about 6 or 7 vegan piroshky, all of which are better than the vegetarian options at Piroshky Piroshky in my opinion, as well as a rotating selection of vegan desserts such as rum cake, sticky buns, and more. All are clearly marked. Many of the Piroshki are delicious, especially the "meat" and "cheese" options -- I would suspect they use Chao or FYH, but my favorite is the Sauerkraut and Potato, which is tart, pickly, and comforting. They also have good coffee with milk alternatives to have alongside your sweets and do wedding cake tastings. For locals, this location is convenient to all of the government buildings. For out-of-towners, Piroshki are a must-try food in Seattle, and this is the only place where you'll get a vegan one. I think it's a nice cafe to sit in for a long while, it's not bougey but no one will bother you if you want to sit and enjoy.

Pros: Lots of sweet and savory options, Really celebrates their support of vegans, Good coffee


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25 Sep 2018

Some better than others

The vegan options are well labeled. There were about 5 savory options and 2 deserts. They had a carrot cupcake and a rum cake, a little on the pricey side, but it is impossible to find vegan cake so I'll take it. I liked the beef and cheese the best (with ketchup). Not the biggest fan of the other flavors, but wasn't the biggest fan of these when I was pescatarian, either. The beef asado flavor smelled like cat food. $6 for lunch downtown is pretty cheap. Their location in the Columbia tower food court does not carry vegan options.

Pros: vegan options, cheap

Cons: flavors are off


25 Jan 2019

I agree on the Beef and Cheese! Just a note, the Piroshki place in Columbia tower isn't the same business, as far as I know. 'Piroshki Piroshki' is Columbia tower, 'Piroshki on 3rd', is the one on 3rd with the yummy vegan options :)


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10 Sep 2018

SIX different vegan Piroshkis!!

I ordered them all, from Nick at the counter. They are all DELICIOUS!! And sometimes they have vegan desserts. Apparently one of the chefs is vegan!


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28 Aug 2018

Fresh Bountiful Vegan Options

Piroshki is delicious. There are at least 4 varieties of vegan piroshki every time I’ve gone. They run around $7 each. They offer some purely potato/vegetable buns and some faux meat tastes. The staff are always really friendly and helpful. Definitely check them out! They also have a frequent buyer card and a phone number based rewards.

Pros: lots of variety, knowledgeable staff

Cons: does serve meat : (


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12 Aug 2018


Casual but delicious! They have 6 or 7 vegan piroshki options and a couple of vegan desserts. They heat the piroshkis upon order which I was afraid would make them not taste fresh but they totally do. I’m going back again!

Pros: Lots of options , Inexpensive


Points +34

13 Jul 2018


So happy to have vegan options in this area of downtown! So delicious, and lots of variety. Really friendly staff and lots of seating.

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