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Phoenix Garden

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Contact 804-266-8100

7103 Brook Rd, Richmond, Virginia, USA, 23227

Vietnamese noodle house where all food is vegan; the only non-vegan item offered is honey for drinks. The pho is house made without added MSG. Desserts include a traditional corn and sweet rice with coconut cream topping and vegan funnel cakes. Confirmed open, June 2016.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Asian, Vietnamese

Reviews (23)

First Review by smylly

MUST TRY! - Edit

This place is so amazing. The service is excellent, the people are so kind and friendly, and the food is AMAZING. Definitely some of the best vegan food I've had yet. I ordered Pho with extra noodles (only a dollar extra) and got a whopping portion. My boyfriend, who is not vegan, ordered the Happy Family entree and loved it! We also got an order of the sweet rice/ corn dessert and it was delicious.

Pros: Excellent service, Delicious vegan options, Large portions

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Ate here twice on our vactaion to Kings Dominion. Couldn't get enough. Even my VERY picky son loved it. The combination platter is great for kids (and adults) Don't normally care for desserts but as a treat we got the funnel cake and almost wanted to cry it was so good. Can't wait to stop by again soon.

Pros: Very friendly staff, good portions, amazingly tasty

Cons: none

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Love this place - Edit

Everything on the menu is Vegan; however, they do bring you honey when you order hot tea. I love everything they have especially the pho and banh mi. They are out of this world. I also love the fact that they have funnel cake and you guessed it, it's VEGAN! I love the owners, they are such sweet people. They make you feel like you're home with family when you are there.

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love this place!! - Edit

The owner is an extremely nice woman who is both vegan and from Vietnam so you know the food is legit. The only non vegan thing is she'll offer honey with your tea. When I say nice I mean she usually offers me and sister who go there complimentary tea or some free dessert.

Everything on the menu is good, I know because I've had everything on the menu. The pho is classic but a lot of other simpler dishes are great too. The desserts are wow. The ying and yang sesame red bean balls are my favorite by and large. It's calm and quiet and right off brook road.

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Veg Vietnamese Heaven - Edit

I heart Vietnamese food, but boy is it a challenge to find legitimately cooked Vietnamese food that is vegan! The entire restaurant is vegetarian, and the menu boasts that actually ALL of the food is vegan - just ask if you're not sure, but, it seems legit!

The vegetables are fresh and crisp, complementing the noodles, rice and sauces nicely. Nothing here is heavy. I felt like I could eat 3 entire entrees. While the most happy item of them all for a veg*n to order is the pho, since you needn't ask about the broth, don't just go for the pho!

My fav is usually the non-fake meat items. The summer roll is decent, but the best items are the pan-fried rice noodles and mixed vegetable entree. So simple, but so good. The sesame red bean balls are also legit.

You can't go wrong here. The portions are generous, and the food is tasty. My only gripe is more vegetable diehes needed, like papaya salad and sautéed greens.

Pros: All vegan, Pan-fried noodles, Pho for vegans

Cons: Location requires car, Too many good items to order

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What a find! - Edit

Great stop on a road trip, just off 95. Friendly service, interesting and delicious food. We had the pan fried noodles, the brown fried rice with vegan beef, and two orders of summer rolls. The noodles were particularly delicious, with a nice browned edge to them here and there. We'll be back!

Pros: Location, Quick and delicious

Cons: Ambiance

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Great find! - Edit

We live an hour from Richmond and have been going to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden regularly for a few years but just realized recently this place was right around the corner. It was a tad pricey for us but all the food was awesome so it was worth it. I had the Bahn Mi, my wife had the mixed vegetables with brown rice and the kids had fried rice with tofu. And the kids also really enjoyed the chocolate fried banana for dessert. Everything was fabulous and the owners were very nice. We'll definitely be back!

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Far cry from Falls Church's Thanh Van & Loving Hut - Edit

My first visit here in early 2013 seemed a nice discovery. The owner was nice. The food seemed tasty.

I returned last December when in the area. A man working there seemed to take offense when I gently queried how they can have honey containers (for the tea, it seems) available to customers when claiming to be vegan. He harshly insisted "There's nothing wrong with it." Whether or not his reply affected my tastebuds (or was motivated by insufficient revenue, if that was the case), the pho this time tasted like a watery hodgepodge of vegetables and noodles. I ate and I left.

The owner did not seem to be present when I had my late lunch/early dinner there on that weeknight. Maybe she helps with quality control when there.

My understanding is that the same owners previously ran a meat-serving Asian restaurant at the same location and at some point made the switch to vegetarian. Good for them for the switch. I am rooting for this restaurant to ditch the honey containers and to be a destination that will truly warm a vegan's heart, spirit and stomach.

Pros: Vegan except for honey containers., Nice owner., Switched to vegetarian from meat-serving

Cons: Honey containers available to customers., The pho was a non-plus

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I95 road trip - great vegan food. - Edit

Wow! Heading north on the I95, couldn't face subway for dinner again, and found this place just 2 mins off the highway. Delicious, vegan, healthy food. Better veg-asian than anything we've had in DC. Friendly owner and reasonable prices. What a find.

Pros: Many kid friendly options., Quick service, Easy parking

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100% vegan delicious Vietnamese food - Edit

Really yummy family run vegan Vietnamese restaurant. My husband and I had the lunch special that what a delicious Pho for 8$! I would definitively recommend that place to everybody. The whole menu looks good.

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Vegan in Richmond - Edit

Last night I had an amazing vegan meal at Phoenix Garden. It was a bit slow so I also had an opportunity to share with the owners. If you are in the area do yourself a big, healthy favor and visit with them. Phoenix has so many delicious offerings on the menu. I am looking forward to my next visit to the Richmond area.

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Perfect in every way - Edit

Loved this place, and found it thanks to all your great reviews. Had the sautéed eggplant, Pho, spring rolls, Banh Mi, and Vietnamese beer. The service was amazing, and even helped navigate a nut allergy with ease. The owners were very friendly, and even asked us why we weren't finishing all of our food. The portions are big and we ordered a lot! So we ate it all, sort of like eating with my grandmother. Lovely! All ingredients were fresh, fresh, fresh.

Cons: A little salty

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Adorable and delicious! - Edit

The owners were the sweetest, nicest people I've met in a long time. They seemed to truly care about each customer and valued their business.
The food was delicious, and I'd recommend it to everyone who lives in or visits Richmond!

Pros: Friendly Staff, Large Portions, Delicious Food

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Love this place! - Edit

If you're vegan, vegetarian, or even a carnivore, this place is awesome! All menu items are vegan but my meat eating relatives were also very impressed! We loved the couple that runs the place... they were incredibly generous. It was my siblings' birthday when we went and they gave us complimentary treats for them! They are so sweet there and the food is to die for! I got the veg pho and the summer rolls and I was in HEAVEN :) If you live in Richmond or just passing through, this is a great place to eat. Please check this place out! You won't regret it.

Pros: great food, very nice service, located right in Lakeside

Cons: menu was a little limited, but delicious

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I adore this place! - Edit

This place excels both in terms of amazing service and excellent food. I adore the couple who runs it--they are so friendly, gracious and attentive. The food was truly delicious. I loved the cabbage salad and Banh Mi so much, and the pho was excellent. We had the yin and yang dessert as well. Everything was super fresh, high quality, delectable, and served with a smile. We will definitely go back to this place anytime we pass through Richmond. It's also really easy to find and close to 95, so it's great for people passing through.

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The best Vegan Restaurant in Virginia - Edit

Some of the most delicious vegan food in the entire VA area. The restaurant carries a very diverse selection of unique vegan dishes and every meal is prepared with fresh ingredients and great perplexity. The service is undeniably hospitable and the homey atmosphere is welcoming and charming. I recommend this restaurant highly, whether you're vegan or not. It's one of Richmond's most appetizing gems.

Pros: Incredible dishes, Hospitable service, homey atmosphere

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Will Travel for Vegan Food - Edit

I drove 20 minutes to check this place out. The restaurant caters to weddings and other celebrations. At first glance it seems like a normal restaurant, but you walk in, and it is very nicely decorated for celebrations. It felt weird sitting down at a table, but that feeling was quickly taken away. The owners of this business are awesome. The food was fresh, hot, and so pleasing to a vegan. They brought hot finger appetizers to the kids. It was perfect. The Vegetarian Pho made my day, I took half of it home for dinner. The menu was extremely affordable. Really good food, and really warm atmosphere. Oh, and vegan funnel cake. Gotta get that next time when I am not so full!!!

Pros: tasty food, friendly staff, VEGAN

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I love this restaurant! - Edit

I discovered this amazing restaurant when I was browsing for new vegan-friendly locations. My fiancee and I have visited for lunch twice in the past week! I can already say it's become a favorite.

The pho broth is absolutely phenomenal. As others have stated, it's 100% vegan and MSG-free and easily twice as flavorful. I've had my fair share of vegan meats - and the ones included in the pho truly stand out, both in texture and taste. I actually appreciated the smaller serving size. In past experiences at other restaurants, I've been overwhelmed by the amount served - largely consisting of too many rice noodles that end up swollen with liquid.

The Vietnamese Sandwich is generally served with orange slices on the side, but when we visited they were out - and we received two complimentary desserts in place of the oranges. The couple that owns the restaurant is incredibly friendly! Great food and great service make this the perfect location for me!

My only worry is that some may have a hard time finding the restaurant, because it is a little out of the way.

Pros: Amazing Vegan Food, Fantastic Service, Perfect Portion Size

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Love it! - Edit

I was having a really hard time finding vegan food in Richmond (the fast food capital of the US). We found this on Happy Cow. As we approached the restaurant, I was a little scared because it's a little "crappy" looking from the outside, and when we went in it look closed (there was nobody in there). However, once we were seated, and ordered, I was so happy. The staff was wonderful (I believe the chef's husband was our server). The food was even better. I had the rice stick noodle plate, and it was delicious. Others at my table had the vegetarian Pho (they said the vegetable broth was cooked for 6 hours, and they don't use msg), and the sandwich ( i can't remember what it's called). Everything was delicious, and some of my meat eating guests said they couldn't even tell they weren't eating meat. I'm so happy I found this, and if you are in Richmond you should definitely check it out. P.S., there was a really cute 5 year old girl that announced each customer that entered the restaurant :-)

Pros: vegan, great food, friendly staff

Cons: outside appearance

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Delicious food! - Edit

I love this place because it's family owned, the service is great, and the restaurant is clean. The husband waits tables and the wife cooks. They're very sweet and friendly.
I've had the pho, the sandwich, corn fritters, drum sticks and the appetizer patter. It was all delicious! We also got the funnel cake which is good if you're looking for a really greasy and sugary dessert. Their other desserts are more traditional Asian desserts which I am not a fan of. Bring on the chocolate cake!
The lemonade was supposed to be homemade but it was way too sweet and tasted like a mix.

It's also all vegan.
Updated from previous review on Saturday March 24, 2012

Pros: Great food, Great service, Clean

Cons: the homemade lemonade is not homemade, The food could be less greasy, too many mariscino cherries

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Yummy unique food - Edit

Never had veg/an Vietamese before and was so happy we stopped while traveling through Richmond (thanks Happy Cow App). The food was great. Had the special which was veggie meat skewers with veggies and a side of brown rice and marinated tofu. Also, the Pho was great - not too sweet at all. The spring role appetizer was perfect as was the rice, black eyed pea and coconut milk desert. Wish they were in our area. If this is what good veg Vietnamese is about, I don't need to eat Chinese anymore.

Pros: great food, nice owners, easy parking

Cons: shabby, out of the way

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Limited Menu but Perfect - Edit

The Pho was fantastic not a fan of mock meats but this was tasty. Would recommend this highly. Also tried the spring rolls those were perfect with the hot sauce they brought out. Sampled a mock chickn nugget and the Happy Family on the menu. For desert they recommend the Funnel cake. The owners say everything there is Vegan so that is big plus for me. Menu is limited only a couple things on it.
For two people expect to spend around $35

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Price, limited menu

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A New Vegan Option! - Edit

Tasty homemade broth in the vegetable pho makes for a fresh and comforting soup. The fried brown rice is also tasty with fresh broccoli and mushrooms. The corn and sweet rice with coconut cream topping (a traditional Vietnamese dessert) is definitely worth a try. Phoenix Garden is a really nice addition to the vegetarian scene in Richmond!

Pros: food is fresh and healty, service is warm and inviting, only vegetarian pho in Richmond

Cons: hope they do ok with their location, doesn't look like much from outside, need announcement bell on door

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