Side-of-the-road 20-seat eatery run by mother and son team serving mainly vegan food using fruits and vegetables hand-picked from their organic garden. Does not use cooking oil or add sugar. Everything is vegan except for egg in noodle dish. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Nathan


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16 Aug 2023

Best organic salad on island

My favorite place on the island. You must try Mix green organic salad with homemade coconut dressing. All the veggie are so fresh and yummy as she uses organic vegetables from her garden. You can taste the difference. Good size portion as well! I could eat her salad everyday for lunch. Hmm

Updated from previous review on 2018-07-23

Pros: Everything from her own organic garden, No oil, no sugar, good portion , Made with love



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06 Apr 2023

Tasty food without the nasties

Tasted a lot healthier than other curries we had (less intense/salty), which was nice. It did also advertise no MSG/sugar. Great flavors, good portions and friendly service. Could have done with some more tofu and spice but otherwise perfect and would definitely go again

Pros: Felt very healthy compared to some, Friendly staff, Quick service


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27 Feb 2023

Good organic food - overpriced

This restaurant serves delicious Thai food. Authentic and she told me she does every paste herself. I had a spicy red curry which was well prepared and delicious- maybe a bit too watery.
I asked for spicy and got a medium spicy but good
I like the taste and the used veggies, some of I have never seen or eaten before. Some nice tofu with it as well
The price is too high 250thb for a simple curry without rice. It’s still of side road dining not a fancy restaurant…
She does offer healing sessions if anyone is into that. Apparently for all kind of treatments

Pros: Vegan and organic , House made and fresh

Cons: Very expensive so not again, Simple style


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13 Jan 2023


Incredible Vegan Food. Every ingredience is from her garden. the kitchen is so lovely

Pros: absolut amazing food🌱♥️, tasty, friendly

Cons: nothing


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30 Dec 2022

Real sustainable business

Healthy, zero waste, local & organic. Soy free, oil free, sugar free. If you are vegetarian, eggs are also locally sourced. She used separate cooking equipment for vegan & vegetarian. There is herbal soup not listed in the menu.

Pros: Real sustainable organic ingredients., All cooking areas are chemical free.

Cons: Limited menus


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06 Dec 2022


Es war der Hammer , eine kleine süße Oma , kocht dort und zaubert ein unglaubliches Gericht nach dem anderen ..

Pros: Geschmack


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14 Aug 2022


Dishes are 200 THB, we had some turmeric noodles, they were - sorry- not good at all.
Three stars only for the hospitality.

Pros: We got a fruit shake for free, The person was really nice

Cons: Pricy for meals that taste like someone cooked, The first time, flavors not balanced at all, Way to turmericy


27 Feb 2023


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11 Sep 2020

Local organic garden

Small menu of delicious dishes with all ingredients grown organically and locally. Everything vegan apart from one noodle dish containing an egg.

Pros: Organic home grown ingredients , Interesting take on local food, Wonderful host

Cons: A little expensive for local food


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07 Mar 2020

Try Mrs. Pong's exquisite organic food!

Mrs. Pong is a lovely lady, 55-years young and really knows how to cook quality organic and vegan food.

She makes one of the best Papaya Salads I have eaten so far, even though she does not use fish sauce (like in the original recipe) to make it vegan. The taste is unique and healthy and you can taste all the vegetables are grown on the farm she and her brother have.

Also try the Noni juice. Noni is a fruit that is native to Thailand and is said to support detox and to clean your blood. Evven if you don't believe in the healing energies of this plant: research shows that the fruit is extremely high in antioxidants, comparable to the Brazilian Acai and it's worth a try if you fancy healthy food.

Bonus: for me it felt like visiting my mum at home as she tells you loads of funny stories from her life and is very curious about other people. She also gave me some herbal tonic when I was feeling off one day and takes a lot of care of her guests.

Support the locals, support Mrs.Pobg and her delicious food!

Pros: Delicious Papaya Salad (Som Tam), Noni Juice


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30 Nov 2019


The best organic vegan place I’ve ever been to!!
I tried cooked and raw food here, all is wonderful!
Salad is my favorite- it’s just HEAVENLY DELICIOUS!!
No way to describe , just come and try!
And the woman who creates all this wonderful healthy food is amazing!)
Shining, beautiful person , always happy to see you, speaking good English and putting lots of love to everything she makes!
Love her and her creation !
Happy and grateful !!


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10 Oct 2019

Heavily overpriced simple Thai vegan food

I really don't understand the 11 5-star reviews before me. It's just simple vegan Thai food for 2x the price you get somewhere else. It tasted boring, vegetables fresh, but tofu not well prepared.

Cons: 200 thb for a simple tofu Curry. I can get the


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24 May 2019

Nice food delicous. Restaurant in front of the Ms pong Hause. N

Nice food delicous. Restaurant in front of the Ms pong Hause. Not sure is really organic.


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28 Apr 2019

Large portions, fancy prices

Mrs. Pong is very friendly and makes her own special take on traditional Thai dishes. Her cooking is almost entirely vegan (one noodle dish can be ordered with eggs, honey is sweetener in smoothies) and quite tasty.

Her Som Tum is creamy, almost like there is mayonnaise on it, more like a southern US salad than anything I've had in Thailand. Similarly her 'pad Thai' is tasty noodles with tons of veggies including taro...

Prices are in line with the other vegan restaurants on the island, the portions are large and the smoothies are amazing!

Pros: Almost entirely vegan , Very friendly, Creative takes on traditional dishes

Cons: Pricer than regular Thai food


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26 Feb 2019

Super Food. Noni Juice! Secret Tip!

Mrs Pong is a super friendly host. The food is amazing and all organic, mostly/all self grown. SELF MADE TOFU! The salad creations are superb. There is even more to eat which is not in the list. It will be prepared around midday (2pm). Just ask for it and Mrs Pong will help you out!

Pros: Super delicious!, All vegan!, Good smoothies!


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27 Nov 2018


Mrs.Pong is the simply the best! I have spent a month in Thailand and she by far produces the most delicious and nutritious food in Thailand ! EVERYTHING IS ORGANIC AND HOME GROWN FROM HER GARDEN NEED I SAY MORE ! There are a lot places that claim organic but here you can truly taste and feel the difference ! I ate here every day while I was in Koh Pha-ngan to fuel my long days ! My favorites were all the Curry’s and the mix salad also there is a delicious dish OFF THE MENUE CALL THE MIXED FAMILY A MUST TRY,but everything is AMAZING ! The salad is the most unique I have ever had in my life and probably the best in the world to be honest ! Mrs pong is the sweetest lady I have ever met and will treat you like family the second she meets you, please give her restaurant a try!

Pros: Homegrown organic !, Every dish made to order with love !, Unique world class flavors !


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25 Nov 2018

Uniquely amazing

I had the green and fruit smoothie, the paneng Curry and the mixed salad, everything was amazing. You can taste the quality of Mrs. Pongs produce. She will also have a nice chat with you and tell you her story.


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25 Mar 2018

One of a kind

This little restaurant is owned by Mrs. Pong.
Her food is real, vibrant and healthy. She is conscious about her produce and serves only clean and organic vegetables and fruits from her own garden - freshly prepared when ordered. I love love love her green coconut salad. Try it out! Pong is amazing, lovely and beautiful and I've also seen her help people if they have been in scooter accidents, using natural healing herbs and sometimes noni juice. For the quality of the produce, the taste of the food and the warm energy from Pong I recommend this place to everyone, and will be back. Miss you Pong!

Updated from previous review on 2018-02-22

Pros: 100% organic, Amazing flavours, Freshly prepared


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01 Mar 2018

10 Stars!

This place is the heaven on earth! When you drive trough you probably miss this place, so make shure it is your destination.

I spent 2 hours here. At first with a really really great lunch and afterwards with a really nice chat with Pong (the owner and cook).

Everything is vegan and organic from her own garden (except from one egg posibility). You order and she goes in the kitchen to cook. It is all natural and god, you taste it!

Her backgroundstory is also really interesting and i bet she will love to talk to you.

Pros: Healthy, organic, Friendly


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20 Feb 2018

Food. Simple, organic and delicious!

Among my favourite spots on this island!
Visit wonderful Mrs. Pong and try her salad (I haven't tried the hot dishes - except for Nimnum Pudding). Everything is homegrown and ORGANIC and food is prepared and served with passion and love.
Mrs. Pong knows food and she knows her produce. This food is life, it is medicine and it is tasty!
Top ratings from a grateful (and returning) customer.

Pros: Everything is organic, Fair priced , Wonderful owner


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31 Jan 2018

Wonderful - truly organic-vegan Thai food!

A very positive surprise and has become my favorite eatery on the island next to Karma Cafe. The vegetables and fruits are actually organic - an absolute rarity here on the island - and the dishes are unpretentious, plentiful and really tasty, at very fair prices. The owner lady is an absolute sweetheart as well. Check out the Singkapo noodles, Numnim pudding, kaikon and papaya salad especially. This place is an absolute gem and I wish for it to thrive!

Pros: Pretty much completely vegan, and actually organic, Dishes can be 'customized' and are prepared prompt, Quiet and peaceful road-side location

Cons: Menu offers just seven dishes (with variations)


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26 Dec 2017

Best organic quality on Koh Pha-ngan

My partner and I have eaten here many times (along with most of the other vegan “organic” restaurants on the island) and Mrs. Pong’s is by far the healthiest, best quality option on the island. All her fruit and vegetables come from her backyard garden or her brothers garden from Surat Thani, and you can taste the quality. She doesn’t use oil or sugar or any jarred sauces. It’s a small, basic eatery but worth the visit if you are seeking healthy Thai.
Prices are moderate-expensive but you pay for what you get. All vegan except for egg option.

Pros: Organic, Healthy

Cons: Location

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